Li Yan replied, "It’s enough to trap these monsters for a while. It’s already a great thing. Do the two brothers still have the strength to shoot arrows?"
"Little teacher younger brother, you can rest assured that the three-headed monster will be handed over to us." Bo Songyang said, trying to stare at the confused monster and then raising my hand is an arrow.
For a moment, the monster screamed and a whole head exploded and died on the spot.
Blind and silent to the snow all over the sky is an arrow, which also accurately hit a magic object by mistake and then followed it to death
Yuan Xiang looked at Li Yan and nodded his head. The meteor crossbow also released an arrow.
Three-headed moving star realm level monsters are easily shot by crossbows. This is the advantage of a small number of enemies. Because a small number of people can cast their illusions, they will have no effect if there are many people. This is the first reason why they can’t beat these monsters just now.
"Ahem!" Li Yan coughed up a little blood and left it out along the corners of his mouth. Before the flesh was penetrated, it was injured by several monsters at the level of moving stars. Now it is already hollow and weak, and it was also supported by the power of life stars just now.
However, the power of life star is always too overbearing, which adds snow and frost to his injury.
"Solved? Very well, let’s continue to fly forward and believe that we can break through. "Li Yan growled with a burning heart and continued to come forward. She didn’t know how long this state could last. What he had to do was to rush out in the shortest time.
"Hey, are you all right?" Embroidered bamboo noticed a trace of blood on Li Yan’s mouth, and irregular cracks appeared on her skin, just like the earth was about to crack.
Li Yan said, "It’s not out of the way. It’s just that we’ve got some injuries. Now, we’ve killed the ten magical creatures. I believe there’s nothing worse to deal with in the later period. Now we must seize the opportunity to rush out. If the second batch of magical creatures comes to support me, I’ll have no fighting power. It’s hard to protect you from harm."
Embroidered bamboo is sour when she listens to her nose. She has not been protected since she was a child, and she is willing to live and die.
Yuan Xiang was also very moved. She silently looked at the flight ahead. Li Lang also had thousands of words to highlight in his heart, but he couldn’t say anything when it was time to go.
"There seem to be fewer and fewer monsters in the sky." Li Yan suddenly looked around and found that the monsters around seemed to be dense. He guessed, "Have I rushed out of these monsters?"
Although the chance is not great, it is possible. After all, once upon a time, it has already flown far enough. Seriously, this distance can’t be surrounded by monsters. Otherwise, the number of these monsters is amazing.
Going forward, the number of magic things is getting rarer and rarer. Before the end, the vast sea density and the haze in the sky have receded, and the charming sunshine has fallen to look at a desert scenery in the distance. Isn’t this the desert of death to the east after millions of mountains? I think Li Yan came to this desert when he was a monk practicing the atmosphere. At that time, he was with Wang Xinmei, and I still remember it deeply.
"This … this rushed out?" Pharmacist Li is in a trance. I can’t imagine it
Bo Songyang looked at the dull desert. I didn’t know that the picture in front of me was full of vitality and limited hope. Even the heat in the desert became much more lovely.
"There can be no mistake. We have rushed out of the range of millions of mountains. Now it should be in the middle of a desert to the east. The map is recorded, and there are monsters around here that we can’t see."
"Great, I’m finally alive." Take a long breath and think back to the situation just now. It really makes people feel numb.
Li Yan made sure that it was really safe around him, and then a force rushed to his heart. His eyes flashed and the whole person picked it off.
"Li Lang!" Yuan Xiang was frightened and rushed to hug her in her arms. "Li Lang, what’s wrong with you?"
Pharmacist Li’s face changed slightly and flew past. "I’m a doctor’s wife. Let me see." He grabbed Li Yan’s hand and carefully explored the situation of Li Yan.
"Physical injuries and excessive consumption of divine power, after all, are all supported by him all the way, and I have tried my best to fight hard before. Now I can persist here with a will, but it doesn’t matter if I take care of Li Xiong patiently for a while, but I’d better take care of him for a short time, but I can’t be tired again. Otherwise, this physical body is likely to collapse."
Yuan Xiang smell speech heart a loose "that’s good, that’s good, that’s fine, Li Lang, you scared me to death."
Beside the wave Songyang and blind holding hands also eased.
Chapter five hundred and twenty Irrigation or crossing?
It can be said that most of the people can break through from the dense magic, which is supported by Li Yan. In this case, it is lucky to be overworked and seriously injured.
It’s said that Li Yan’s constitution is just some flesh wounds. If it were him, Brother Nuoxing would have been already.
At this time, the benefits of a strong body are reflected. It was a wise move to plan the totem of the Three Miao people at the beginning.
"How little teacher younger brother hasn’t wake up yet?" Bo Songyang asked
At this time, everyone was resting in the middle of the desert, and many monks flew out from the direction of millions of mountains. These monks all escaped with Li Yan as a blessing.
Yuan Xiang looked at the man lying on his leg and shook his head. "I’m still in a coma. It’s estimated that I won’t wake up for a while, but it’s all right. Li Lang’s injury is rapidly becoming more and more tired and needs to rest for a few days."
"This time, thanks to the little teacher younger brother, otherwise, all of us would have to die. At that time, the little teacher younger brother woke up and there was an ambush in front of the head, but he refused to believe that the result was surrounded by the exhausted magic. Now life and death are uncertain. If they had listened to the little teacher younger brother at that time, they might not have fallen to this point today." Bo Songyang sighed.
"I don’t know what happened to the master, but I can’t rush out from there." Blind is worried.
"Master is a master of the planet, so it shouldn’t matter. Many monks have flown out in our direction one after another. I believe that master can escape, and it’s impossible for such a big sect to have no means to save lives." Bo Songyang looked at the distance and said.
"I hope so"
The sorrow of blind face has not decreased at all. He also knows that it is difficult to rush out from so many monsters. Although he and others are safe, they also take advantage because most monsters deal with a large number of younger brothers. These people are caught fish.
But even this fish escaped from the net, but it almost destroyed the demon, Brother Tai Amen, not to mention that it was too close to death.
At this time, pharmacist Li came to Yuanxiang with a stone bowl. "Mrs. Li Xiong was injured by a magic weapon and may be poisoned. Most of the magic weapons are poisonous. I made a bowl of potions and invited Mrs. Li Xiong." This bowl of antidote is not an ordinary thing. Almost all the precious medicinal materials accumulated in his family and before can be put in. He can confidently say that this thing can solve all kinds of poisons.
"Thank you for this male" Yuan Xiang took the medicine way.
Li Yao shook his hand and said, "Madam, don’t say thank you. Li Xiong has limited ability to save lives for us. He can do some small things that he can. If we repair the planet, we must fight side by side with Li Xiong and be ashamed of our lack of strength." Then he looked ashamed.
"This brother is still able to cure diseases and save salvation, unlike me, who can’t even spare a cent of his strength. Don’t say it or not, let your wife laugh."
Next to him, a monk named Lian Shan wry smile way. At the beginning, his friendship with Li Yan was not deep, so he helped a little. Unexpectedly, he got a chance to live. If this pharmacist Li is ashamed, then he is ashamed.
However, the two men said that the two brothers Bo Songyang and Blind were even more embarrassed and smiled. This brother was under pressure.
"You need to blame yourself so much. It’s natural for Li Lang friends to help each other, but saving lives is somewhat exaggerated." Yuan Xiang laughed. This left sentence, Madam, has a saying that her heart is comfortable. Although Li Lang hasn’t yet become a birthright, it’s already a matter of time.
Embroidered bamboo listened to some taste. Looking at Yuan Xiang to take care of Li Yan, it is not good to help, and it is also awkward to do nothing.

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