Seemed to see the jade Duxiu’s eyes, so a bit confused, Lunar Fairy sighed slightly. "I don’t want to tell you the truth, but it is also the enemy’s home. There is no lack of evidence in that enemy’s home. The sun star of the immortal generation is full of fire, which means that it can destroy all the secrets. Even if a vision is born, it will not be so fast broadcast and perceived by the enemy until the vision really breaks through the shackles of the sun star. I am afraid that at that time, it will be immortal." Lunar Fairy slowly said.
"I would also like to thank Xianxin for leaving me here rather than telling me about the truth." Jade Duxiu smiled bitterly and knew that it was even more impossible to turn around and wait for the truth here.
Taiyinxian smiled. "It’s not that I trust you, but that your strength is not a threat to me. Even if you have all kinds of treasures to protect yourself, it’s just a waste of hands and feet if I want to kill you."
It’s the first time that Jade Duxiu has heard words being despised by people and being despised by a beautiful woman, and it won’t be too easy for anyone.
"Well, if you want to protect the body, you can prove the path of a monk’s life only once. If you miss it, it is difficult to make up for it. This sun, the true fire elves, and hundreds of millions of people have a unique one. If this path fails, even if it can make up for the foundation again, it is difficult to find the path."
Speaking of which, the lunar fairy blinked in black and white and looked at Yu Duxiu. "Do you know how important this testimony is to the seat?"
"Don’t worry, brother, I will try my best not to disturb the immortal testimony." Jade Duxiu said.
"I have a hunch that this way of proving will not be so easy to prove, and there will inevitably be doom to hinder me. Even if I hide from the sun, it is hard to say that I am about to prove it." Lunar fairy is about to prove it at this time, but there is a slight flaw in her heart. No one will not be excited to prove it, but it is something that every monk dreams of. If she can still control her emotions in the face of this sacred moment, only the dead will be there.
Looking at Taiyin Xianyu Duxiu, I smiled gently. "Fairy will think so much about the road, but it is also a kind of doom. Now, it is a disaster to prove that the road is immortal, but it has lost courage and belief for no reason."
"You’re right, but it’s a heart-warming move. Now that the opportunity has come to our eyes, even if there is a daoshanhuohai seat in front, we must go to the past to level the daoshanhuohai which leads to the fairy road." A moment later, the palm of the hand flashed a firm color in Taiyin Fairy’s eyes, only to see that the sun’s true fire elf had been sucked into the heart by the time, and only the swinging grid floated in vain.
"My dharma protector harmonizes the yin and yang, and the cathode generates yang, which can prove the immortal way." Taiyin Fairy said a word to Jade Duxiu, then closed his mouth and pinched the dharma tactic in his hand to refine the true fire spirit of the sun.
Jade Duxiu stretched out her palm and slowly put away the floating grid, and then slowly turned her eyes to the perfect face. At this time, the moon’s fairy face was full of ice and cold, and it seemed that the power of the sun’s true fire elves slowly unsealed with a faint blush. If the frost face emerged, it was very attractive, and it was simply a combination of ice and fire, holiness and pride.
"Anode gives birth to yin and cathode gives birth to yang" Yu Duxiu said to himself slowly.
"Ga ga Ga Taiyin didn’t expect you to have it today. In those days, you hit the source of the seat and made the road to practice further. Today is the time for you to resolve the cause and effect and cut off the grievances."
Jade Duxiu thought about the yin and yang of heaven and earth, but she heard a quack from the sun.
There was a flash in Jade Duxiu’s eyes, and a jade disc flashed in the eyes of Leng Liguang. "A bold man dares to make a false seat here, and if he realizes this, he will not retreat quickly."
False distortion only to see a vague light flickering in the virtual sun, the outer star must have revealed its shape
This man is dressed in black clothes and gloomy all over. At first glance, practice is devious.
At this time, the man was dressed in black, and the whole body was filled with black gas. He looked at the blazing sun outside the star, and looked at the true fire of the sun. In the true fire, he decided to close his eyes and meditate. The gloomy face of the lunar fairy man was a bit more disdainful. "I don’t want to provoke such a strong enemy as Taiping Road. This is a lunar fairy resentment. If you are smart, you will retreat. If you are not smart …"
Speaking of which, the monk’s body is slowly brewing with murder
"If you don’t know where you are, how can you be?" Jade Duxiu light way
"If you don’t know enough, you will be killed by the Taiping ancestor, but it is also impossible to kill you. You have no place to find a reason." The man showed his white teeth and looked at the jade show.
Jade Duxiu smell speech smiled gently. "Now that you know my name, you should also know that being original has suppressed quasi-immortals. If the predecessors recede, if they don’t recede, they can let the old Wei family die of old age in vain."
"Young players, you want to die, bodhi old zu. I am an ancient strong man who has gone through three reincarnations. It’s not what you think, and it’s not as good as an ordinary congenital strong man. Even if it’s slightly different from the ancestor, it may not be afraid of him." The old man’s face is even more gloomy.
"Three reincarnations?" Jade Duxiu suddenly gasped in his heart. What is this? The old monster should know that it is only a reincarnation once. This old guy was reincarnated three times and awakened his life memory in three times.
Although I have no bottom in my heart, I can’t miss the momentum. Jade alone is a smile. "If the Taoist refuses to retreat, just come over."
"Well, you’re a big fellow. The hard way is to waste your qualifications. Today, you will fall into the hands of the seat." The old man looked at Jade Duxiu for a moment, and a white skeleton flew out with a wave of his hand and swept towards Jade Duxiu.
The true fire of the sun is different. This flame is full of black gas. If it is said that the true fire of the sun is just full of righteousness between heaven and earth, this black flame is full of death.
Looking at the old man, an avatar is calling towards himself, facing the quasi-fairy strong jade Duxiu, who dare not be careless. For a moment, an aperture flashes in his hand, and the diamond-cut jade Duxiu’s hand rotates and emits all the suction. The skeleton has just circled in the virtual space, and its great power has not yet been emitted, and it has been absorbed by the aperture.
"This ….." Looking at his own baby being set away, the old guy was in a hurry. "What evil method can you set away the magic weapon that the old man has practiced for several generations and don’t give it to the bodhi old zu quickly?"
At this time, Jade Duxiu looked at the steel ring in his hand and lay quietly in his hand. Jade Duxiu smiled and looked like spring.
Chapter 772 Assimilation of the Upanishads Law of Heaven
Looking at the quiet lying hands, Jin Gangzhuo’s skull, which was set back by Jin Gangzhuo, has a slight frown. This kind of skeleton magic weapon is rare in the days.
Seeing that the monk looked at himself with indecision and uncertainty, he smiled coldly. "Didn’t you hear that there were almost no magic weapons that dared to fight against the throne before?"
Speaking of which, Jade Duxiu looked at the haunted skeleton and shook her head. "This treasure is haunted, but I can’t see it. It’s just here that the sun is boiling. It’s called melting this treasure in the sun’s real fire and it’s also a return to heaven and earth."
"Don’t you dare" to hear that Jade Duxiu said that the opposite monk was in a hurry for a moment, only to see that the monk’s body flashed a dark light and cut off the obstacles to Jade Duxiu’s pledge.
In the eyes of Jade Duxiu, the divine light flows. "This innate immortal light is also hauntingly dense, and I don’t know where it comes from, and the ghosts and gods dare to show off before the seat."
If it weren’t for Jade Duxiu’s three treasures at this time, it would be necessary to protect Lunar Fairy and make this old guy look good at this time.
Seeing the law of light cut to the hands of Jade Duxiu, a pre-god ray instantly condensed into a snake, twisted and roared in vain, and the sun star felt the artistic conception of the pre-god ray, and then a few sun real fires blessed the liquid sun real fire and automatically flew up, and the ray mixed together and went towards the hauntingly innate immortal light.
Thunder fire and thunder fire are just yang forces, but they are not separated from each other.
The virtual tremor, the true fire of the liquid sun, suddenly rippled slightly after this fluctuation, causing ripples like autumn water.
Jade Duxiu’s divination furnace was surrounded by a black-and-white congenital yin-yang fish to protect himself. The yin-yang flow was calm three feet away, but with what storm, it was instantly suppressed by the congenital yin-yang fish when it approached Jade Duxiu three feet around.
"Hum, the immortal god ray is not a universal sacrifice. This immortal god ghost has the bodhi old zu. I have a little immortal light in it. With the help of that innate immortal light, the ghost can shuttle through the illusory shape. Is it that you can resist a young player?" The old guy looked at Yu Duxiu with a strange smile for a moment but saw the virtual shaking. The number was struck by the immortal god, and it was so strange that he was reunited again.
"Damn it, it’s the reincarnation of the old guy III. It’s really weird. On this day, the ghost was refined into the innate immortal light, but it was difficult to deal with." Jade Duxiu muttered in his heart, but he looked at the old man with a motionless face. Jade Duxiu smiled coldly. "It can kill the undead ghost, but it can destroy your flesh and suppress your spirituality."
Said Yu Duxiu to deploy a little bit of celestial power but see his left hand slowly stretching out "dry Kun in the palm of his hand"
There was a loud noise all over the Milky Way, but there was a chaos in the palm of Jade Duxiu’s hand. There was a great force that crossed the chaos in chaos, and those who made the heavens and the earth turbid fell to the ground and those who cleared the earth ascended to heaven.
Yu Duxiu cultivated the world in the palm of his hand to create a world, but later, Yu Duxiu was afraid that the world in his palm would be destroyed, so he thought that the world in the palm of his hand was projected in the palm of his hand to the best of his ability, and formed a world between reality and reality, so he called it Gankun in the palm of his hand
Yu Duxiu experienced 33 heavens, and he dreamed of returning to the ancient times to truly see that great power. At this time, Yu Duxiu understood the magical realm of that day’s creation strategy more than the chaos of heaven and earth, and far surpassed everyone else.

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