Those captain creatures looked at him and immediately chased him. They got into their warships and drove them to Lin.
In that case …
It seems easy to escape.
After all, they have no weapons and the speed of warships on both sides is similar, which means that they will never be able to chase them.
Unless … they have reinforcements.
They do seem to have reinforcements. Lin flew for a while and then saw more small warships in front.
They also have no weapons, so they intend to use encirclement tactics to try to surround Lin.
Lin also adopted similar tactics to surround the opposite side.
Because they don’t have reinforcements, Lin also has … Many reinforcements.
A large number of fish warships flew into the battlefield, and they directly collided with all the warships here, while the warships with Walsh took the opportunity to fly away in the distance.
Chapter two thousand three hundred and seventy-four Workshop?
Flight … Escape … Finally leave.
It is not very difficult to complete the first two steps.
Maybe it’s because they don’t have any long-range attack methods to chase after.
However, it is still difficult to complete the last step.
Because there seems to be no way … to get out of here.
"We searched all anomalies", "We found 117 anomalies and handled 122", "What handled more than discovery?" "Because more was found during the processing"
This is a’ bar’
Captain’s biological bar
The vast buildings are full of floating captain creatures, and there are many solidified creatures around them to transport food to them.
Lin Veronica is floating here and communicating with these captain creatures … They seem to … and found no abnormality in Veronica’s body.
Lin mixed all the’ Walsh consciousness substances’ found in the heads of the former Walsh people and stuffed them into Veronica. At the same time, Lin transformed Veronica’s skin into an’ isolation layer’ substance.
This can prevent captain-like creatures from monitoring Veronica’s body with Walsh substance.
Lin Qian is not completely sure that it will work, but now it is completely sure that even if captain creatures are everywhere, they will not respond in the bar.
And Lynn found that these captain creatures … didn’t know Veronica.
Of course, the captain creatures here have not pursued Veronica’s group.
Lin felt that the captain creatures who attacked Veronica didn’t have a wide range of wanted for Lin Veronica.
Lin will not be attacked if she wants to escape from them and meet other captain creatures.
Lin’s main reason for coming here is to ask them how to get out of here.
Now when Lin sends messages to these captain creatures, they will respond to Lin with some messages.
These messages mainly describe their handling of abnormal things everywhere in this virtual reality. It seems that there are many abnormal events happening everywhere, and they are trying to deal with them.
Of course, none of them will answer how to get away from here. They are all responding to Lin’s recent actions.
However, Lin found that several captain-like creatures had something interesting. They recently found an anomaly that was something special.
This anomaly is a place that can be called’ Comet Worker’
According to the captain’s creature, it said that the working creature suddenly died and had abnormal activities.
Lynn thinks … she wants to go there and have a look.
Comet worker’ is a … it can be said to be a device created by them from comet data.
It is the’ thinking effect’ of spreading comets.
That is to say, make this virtual part resemble a comet, so that its scenery will be directly displayed in biological thinking.
I don’t know if there will be more effects besides that.
But Lynn thought she might be able to get out with this thing.
Thinking of Lin left this’ bar’
Outside the bar is a spacious platform, and outside the platform is a building composed of various solidified substances … These objects constitute a complex environment here.
Although Lin came by warship, Lin now feels that she doesn’t need to go there by warship.
Lynn wants Veronica to walk slowly over there in these solidified architectural environments and observe the scenery along the way.
But the main reason for not taking warships is that warships are easy to find.
Actually, when Qianlin escaped on a fish warship, she was always chased by those captain biological warships.
It was not until Lynn let Veronica run alone that she escaped their pursuit.
Because the fish battleship is a part of the death battleship, it seems that they can directly capture its position.

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