No matter what people hear, they feel stressed.
Although at this moment, many people are surprised by Chongyang’s unprecedented monopoly on the two lists of heaven and earth, we can think of the magic gate two-character couplet. Not long ago, two boundary mountains stood tall and stood in ten purgatory, and the magic statue flying in the wind, no matter how much the flag questioned, the surprise was silently put to rest
"Tianque Sixth Demon God burns blood and burns children"
Since the demon race is absolutely Yunling, the sister and the brother are not in a hurry to return to the south.
They are sitting in the mountains somewhere at the moment.
In front of or behind them, or at the top of a mountainside or at the bottom of a treetop … there are countless monster beasts, and fear permeates their veins, and they worship the natural king of the demon family meekly and devoutly.
"Tears of the Fifth Emperor Wang Meng of Tianque"
For the independent emperor, the fifth place in Tianque is really nothing to be thankful for.
Because huangfuyi is dead.
In addition to the hundred cases of Liancheng strategics, the newly-appointed Jiange Pavilion owner, Yun Jian City, who is a monk in the western world, really can’t think of anyone who can squeeze him into the fifth place.
(just) as expected/anticipated
Tianque’s Four Hundred Cases of Liancheng Tactics
Emperor tears doubt more and more heavy.
That represents not only himself, but also the first hundred wizards, even the city tactic, even in the eyes of cat cabinet, can’t compare with that mysterious guy.
"The Buddha in the third western world in Tianque holds a thought of a monk."
Emperor tears frown deeply.
Lost to the hands behind his back and secretly shook his fist.
The bleak west wind lifted and swept away, and the white robe was hunting.
Who the hell is this man?
This is the question in Emperor’s tears.
It is also a question in the minds of all the people in the top ten of the new Tianque, Wang Xiaoer, a brother and sister of Liancheng, a monk and demon family.
Kunlun Jiange became a shepherd. Yun Jian City was broken and then stood on the mountain. Millions of swords once stepped into the robbery. The strength has surpassed the theory of the same age. It is the top ten who grazed Yun Jian City in their hearts.
This is an indisputable fact.
But today, those dazzling arrogance and familiar names have joined the WTO one after another with Tianque’s list, and they really can’t think of anyone who can rank second on this day!
All day long, everyone stood up and listened.
Listen to the rich voice of that day and read the mysterious celestial vacancy II.
"The second monastery in Tianque is a hundred miles long!"
Chapter one hundred and one The Andrew two methods
If the magic gate Chongyang’s monopoly on the two lists of Tianque Dixuan has attracted several questions, then the name of Baili Changfeng will have a hundred flavors to one hundred people at this moment, and it will be so painful to ten million people.
The emperor’s face is changeable in rain or shine.
He admitted that the seventy-two Qifeng green plums in Kunlun Mountain were dazzling when cooking wine. It is enough to prove that the extraordinary strength of this student, who can’t repair the realm of Yuan God, was included in the new list of Tianque by Tianjie Pavilion, which is also controversial.
But now?
Emperor tears recall almost succeeded that a cold eyes midstream shows ironic smile "pu yuan in name only! Oh, god, second? It’s just a pool of mud! "
The hospital should be in ruins.
On that day, how much blood was shed and how much people died in Nuodabu Mountain is known and never known.
If you chat with people, you won’t record every person you kill. It’s even worse. The Lord of Tiandong doesn’t mean to slaughter the courtyard. What they kill is those who block the passers-by. Otherwise, how can Jiang’s 3,000 Dahongpao lead those who are mixed in the courtyard out of danger safely?
Nowadays, students scattered all over the world have looked up at the panoramic sky at the same time when they read the name of Baili Changfeng in the new list of Tianque.
Wan Li seems to be able to see the towering bodhi tree in the sky, and the mathematics of the bodhi tree is still listening to the dean’s teachings and bathing in the splendor of the bodhi …
Although they know it’s not true
Although at this moment, there are two people in the monastery who have broken several purple bamboos with their bare hands, those mental hospitals and teachers and students set up a monument to the broken bodhi.
The monastery is a hundred miles long!
The word reverberates in the sky, and the belt is attached to everyone’s ear, as if the eternal flame was lit in the bottom of my heart.
At this moment, they realized that the hope of the hospital had never been cut off
Because there is another granduncle living in the hospital, he is as second as he is today!

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