"Hey, I don’t know when we, the foreign brothers, will make it out. For the sect, we are coolies who can practice half the time every month. If we want to get more resources, we have to work hard to get extra rewards. What’s more, the brothers and sisters who concentrate on practicing resources all day don’t say that there is nothing else but executing some oil and water!"
When the younger brother saw Xiao Fan’s summer-planting, he immediately made a speech and complained endlessly.
"oh? Wouldn’t that elite brother make you more jealous? " Xiao Fan smiled that his promotion was close at hand and his mood was relaxed a lot.
"It goes without saying that those people are all arrogant, not that we can compete with envy!" The younger brother and the pie mouth way
"Ha ha, that’s right, but no matter what, it’s not impossible for people to have perseverance and elite brothers!" Xiao Fan’s heart is full of confidence. After all, he will climb to the level of elite brother sooner or later. Even if he doesn’t get the resources given by Yu Treasure Qingyang School, he will be able to reach a higher level.
And with Xiao Fan’s appearance resources, he can practice beyond the realm of Hua Dan and enter the realm of broken walls! After all, malaria was the first step to get the treasure after Xiao Fan reached the condensed state.
"Brother, you really see it!" That brother shrugged his shoulders and said, "My name is Ma Fei, and I have been in Qingyang School for three years."
"Xiao Fan!" Xiao Fan light said
"Just follow me when I get to the mine. Although the mines are all foreign workers, it doesn’t mean there is no danger!" Ma Fei said with an old look
"What is the danger of the crystal stone mine?" Xiao Fan slightly one leng way
"This you don’t know? Crystal stone is a combination of heaven and earth. However, some small animals and plants will also have the effect of cutting hair and washing pulp by absorbing the strength of crystal stone for a long time next to the crystal stone. Every year, many foreign brothers are accidentally attacked by those monsters and die! "
"Low-order Grinch?" The luster in Xiao Fan’s eyes is invisible and flashes.
"Yes, he said that the world is really vast and mysterious. Compared with many natural genius treasures, there are all kinds of strange treasures next to them. The rarer the treasures, the stronger the strange ones will be. It is more than saying that when the Holy Devil Emperor picked a ten-thousand-year-old cheese, he met a master who was not inferior to the initial stage of conformity. With his strange talent and magical powers, the Holy Devil Emperor also wasted a lot of hands and feet to slay it!" Malaria leisurely said
"What? The early stage of the shape is strange! " Xiao Fan was shocked but soon calmed down.
"That’s a lot of care for Brother Ma!" Xiao Fan ha ha a smile
"Good talk!" Ma Fei big grins clap breast guarantee way
Just then, a man in a black robe with a fierce color on his brow slowly walked to the front of the square and took a look at all the outside brothers.
At once, the brothers outside the gate were oppressed by the imposing manner given off by this man, and they all bowed their heads and said, "Brother Yuan!"
"This is the younger brother Yuan Shuiji’s younger brother. He is in charge of this person. He has a bad temper and a small mind. He is unfathomable. Be careful not to offend him or he will not stay in the outer door!" Ma Fei will sound to the lowest Xiao Fan way
"Malaria, what do you think of this person’s strength?" Xiao Fan nodded and asked in my heart.
"In the later stage of shaping, it is also a step away from Hua Dan, and the powerful practice of body elements should be a step achievement method. If you don’t move your magic weapon, Taoism and spells, he will not be your opponent by strength alone!" Malaria hesitated a said
"No, even in this case, I can’t exert my efforts, otherwise I will show a force of one hundred and twenty yuan in the late stage of gathering gas. What is this? Genius? It’s even worse than practicing the top day order skill. If those Qingyang masters notice that I practice the magic door skill of the Seven Magic Holy Scriptures, there will definitely be big trouble again! "
Xiao Fan licked his lips and weighed in his heart.
Xiao Fan also knows that he can’t display those spells, magic weapons and magical powers when he is a Qingyang Sect, and he still has his real strength! Otherwise, it will cause unnecessary trouble, and even worse, I still have a holy magic weapon that makes the immortal world crazy, not to mention that even the holy devil emperor can play a little power wicked heart crystal than the complex!
Every man is guilty of a crime!
Blame Xiao Fan for being too weak now. If he has the strength of the earth, there is no need to have these concerns!
Strength represents everything! Otherwise, the number of people killed is fierce and brutal like a ghost monster, but they have still lived well for thousands of years! This is the lack of strength!
"You know, almost 60% of the ten thousand cultivators are practitioners’ step achievement method, and the practice step achievement method accounts for more than 30%. day order achievement method is even less than 10%, but what you practice is far beyond day order achievement method! Even if you say it’s an adventure, you can’t say it’s hard to be asked by the sect to do something else! " Malaria sigh a way
"Well, everyone is ready? I will leave for the mine soon! " Yuan Shui said with a sound and then said coldly, "But before that … there is still one thing to deal with!"
He said that his body released a cold breath. "Yuan Hong, come out and recognize someone. Which new person who doesn’t know how to live or die dares to waste your arm!"
Hearing these words, Xiao Fan has a tight heart!
Yuan Hong … Yuan Shui!
Did you teach that bald man three days ago that he had something to do with this brother Yuan Shui?
Then his right arm was bandaged and he claimed that Hong Ye was bald, and his eyes were dew and he came out.
"Eldest brother! You have to make decisions for me! " Bald at the sight of yuan shuilian busy sad face way
Chapter 32 War Yuan Shui
"What are these two people?" Xiao Fan hurriedly asked Ma Fei.
"The bald man named Yuan Hong is the younger brother of Yuan Shui, who has always dominated the position of the main manager of the outer door by virtue of this floor. Almost everyone in the same family has been exploited and oppressed by him, but because Yuan Shui can endure anger and dare not speak!" Ma Fei low tone full of nai.
Xiao Fan knew he was in trouble!
Sure enough, Xiao Fan looked up and saw Yuan Hong’s angry and sad eyes staring at himself. If his eyes can kill people, he has been killed many times!
"That’s him! That small! " Yuan Hong is pointing to Xiao Fan bold growled.
"oh? I’d like to see which guy is so bold that he dares to smash the outside door. The outside door manager simply doesn’t care about our Qingyang rules! " Yuan water canthus twitched a few hands full of cold and said
"Today I will make an example of him and punish him in front of you!"
At the moment, all the outside brothers are talking in succession. Ma Fei is even more surprised to stare big eyes at Xiao Fan. "No, brother, you really have sinned against that baldness?" Also gave him a broken arm? "
Xiao Fan shook his head with a wry smile and walked out of the crowd.
"It’s you? What’s your name? " Yuan water looked Xiao Fan a few eye brow all show contempt way
"Back to Brother Yuan, my name is Xiao Fan!"
"You have a lot of nerve. How dare you kill the head of the external door?"
"I have been merciful!" Xiao Fan said in a surprising way, "If it weren’t for the same door, not only his right arm but also his head would be destroyed!"

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