Then she will be Chi Mi’s wife, and she will also be Su Ran’s pupil.
And the media is getting married.
But she doesn’t know who is in charge of going back to Su Dye’s pupil.
These are all questions that I don’t want to think about. Let’s wait until then.
Everything has its own destiny
She can’t have been drunk in ancient times.
Otherwise, it will smell like an explosion one day, so she is pregnant. Who will be the child after the first emperor died for so long?
Of course, everyone thinks it’s a wild man
92 Chapter 92 Perfect match (5)
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It would be a great sin to let Chi Mi be called that kind of person.
Will Chi Mie, the great sin of Yunzui, be insulted by others?
There will be another explosive story. The child is not others but Chi Mi!
Don’t these two smells add up to make people angry?
At the same time, it will become a topic of conversation in many countries.
Mochi country was humiliated, and other countries laughed at Mochi country generously.
Yunzui certainly doesn’t want that to happen.
It is not a long-term solution to get drunk in ancient times.
Yunzui is talking to Chi Mie, and his thoughts have turned a thousand times.
And Chi Mie couldn’t help but be drunk and black, which actually blacked out all the ministers’ medicinal materials.
"You haven’t told Wang exactly what he needs to do next." Otherwise, he didn’t know at all that day. Isn’t it a duck rack? !
He’ll lose face, and he’ll be drunk, won’t he?
Yunzui remembered that he had to say something to Chi Mi, otherwise he would not just say hello, but also disrespect Chi Mi.
Ike is not angry now, but who knows what Ike will think about it?
But Yunzui still thinks that Chi Mi will agree.
To ask Chi Mie to promise and cooperate with Yunzui is to calculate that there is no loss at all.
"One step is actually very simple. Your report will take out the antidote of Xijinghua in front of the people and say something so that we can earn it back."
Chi Mi can’t help being drunk. He’s a queer person.
There are so many ghosts
Yunzui stood on tiptoe slightly and whispered in Chi Mi’s ear, "What should Chi Mi do if she picks it up?"
Chi Mi nodded to show that he was white.
Later, in the Imperial Palace Hospital, Chi Muzhen took over and recruited Jianghu people to develop Xijing Huadan Medicine together.
If that’s the case, they will not lose face in the hospital, but speed up the pace to develop Xijinghua antidote Dan medicine.
Royal hospital is the busiest time now, and any princess who is ill is also sent to a little medicine boy to send her away.
But those princesses or imperial hospital people despise and deliberately neglect.
So the princess was very unhappy and threatened to find the emperor to make decisions.
But I really found Chi Xuan, but I was scolded by Chi Xuan and grounded in my palace for a month without saying anything.
The concubines couldn’t help feeling very strange when Chi Xuan was so valued by the physician.
But at the same time, I also laughed that I wanted to pick a fight, but I lost my wife and my wife.
The status of Royal Hospital has been on the rise, but Royal Hospital is really busy. Even though its status seems to be much higher, it has no time to show off.
The concubines sent something to Huifei Hall every three days to please them, but Huifei declined.
She saw through those princesses, and how could she accept their flattery and send something again?
At the same time, the concubines isolated Huifei again.
Because Huifei won’t look at them because there is Chixuan’s luck now.
They talk about Hui Fei in private.
But since YunYao died there, the concubines never dared to play there again.
Because they feel horrible there and the concubines often compare the dead Zhang Qiner with their imperial secretary to see how heartfelt Zhang Qiner is.
93 Chapter 93 Choose a party
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On the fifth day, the answer was announced, and the ministers who won the Xijing Flower were waiting for the day.
Maybe they will have a chance to lift Xijinghua today.
Therefore, there is no need to worry about what Xijing spends and what he will be crazy.
Only today do the people know why some people keep sending medicinal materials to Chi Mie Wangfu to study the antidote.
If no one knows about the antidote research
But they are all looking forward to this day, looking forward to this day to eat antidote.
After the early dynasty, all the officials gathered in the place where the news was announced, and the people were also looking forward to it.
Chi Xuan is also here, and the emperor is sitting at the head, but they know that Chi Mi will come here.
So Chi Mi is sitting on the right and Chi Xuan is sitting on the left.
Both of them are distinguished people, and the most distinguished people sit first.
Wenwu Baiguan is sitting in the side seat, and the drunken position is on one side.
Taiwan is where the people stand.
Crowded Yunzui and Chimie also came to this place.
After they sit down, they can tell behind Chi Xuan and Chi Mie that there is a medicine boy with a wooden box in his hand.
I don’t think there must be an antidote in it
In fact, Yun Zui has already asked Yun to prepare the antidote. During the five-day agreement, Gen did not let Miwangfu busy.

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