It seems that Lin is willing to talk to Lin in detail after finding out that Lin knows these things.
Although Lynn didn’t know what it was, she suddenly agreed.
It means that there has always been a secret organization in the Star Alliance called the’ Disintegration Society’
This "disunity society" has always been composed of a group of creatures who oppose the consciousness of the stars.
In fact, they have never really confirmed that the star consciousness is real, but they have always believed that this is the case.
Because almost all the members in this meeting are experts in the study of biological race, culture and history.
There are also some research experts who have doubts about the development of Star Alliance.
The history of each individual biological race group is almost full of wars, and none of them are different creatures.
What became so United after joining the Star Alliance … They have great doubts about it.
This golden creature … is one of the few members who is not a research expert.
It is actually a technology developer, which has created an automatic …’ agricultural system’
It joined the organization mainly because other members found it, and since then it has learned about the star consciousness.
It didn’t notice many problems until now. It originally wanted to devote itself to the development without asking for anything in return … just to make the Star Alliance better.
It suddenly noticed what a terrible idea it was. Normal creatures should have their own selfish desires. Why is everyone so selfish?
So after its membership, the then president gave it a way to show that they had’ saved’ the Star Alliance.
That is, the plan to build this paradise
Building a contributor’s paradise allows these private contributors to find their own desires and ideas, so that they can gradually get rid of the control of the star consciousness.
Lynn thinks they are … quite interesting.
Most creatures hate and fear war, but if they are too peaceful, some creatures like them will have some doubts about peace.
At that time, what they were most suspicious of was the’ language translator’
They think that the language translator is the most directly controlled thing by the consciousness of the stars, and it is incredible that it can translate all biological languages.
And it means that there are many other methods to explain the structure in this translator.
Lin hasn’t studied it carefully. In this case, it can be studied later.
At that time, the paradise proposal was … passed.
Because the golden creature had high hopes at that time, and no one knew it was a member of this club.
It made a suggestion to build a paradise, but it still got a lot of support, so the paradise was built.
Of course, their plan did not succeed in the end.
Because of the "miracle" of the main brain, the Star Alliance was finally blocked by this virtual gap.
Like those eye bees, it wakes up occasionally and then goes to rest again.
In fact, during this period, it doubted the past thoughts.
Because it has always been that the consciousness of the stars is … stronger than it is.

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