For them, the ancient emperor was a lofty title, but it was a symbol of the enemy’s era, and the world was the only one in the world.
And naturally, it’s even more striking to hook up the miracle and feather fairy mountain, that is, the feather god heard that the feather emperor disappeared in the past year, and that’s where the last trace was revealed.
"The three religions of Baixiaomen, the Pavilion of Secrets, and the World of mortals Xuan led the joint efforts of the four great emperors to work out the date together, and in January, when the heroes gathered together, all the kings would show up."
Now that the news of Feather Fairy Mountain has been broadcast, and the date is known, many monks are eager to go.
In fact, these are all intentionally spread by major forces, because they also need manpower to explore and verify that nature is reluctant to lose their brothers, so these ordinary monks and petty factions take the lead
People die of wealth, birds eat and birds eat, which means jumping in. There are many monks.
At the same time, Gu Hua ancestor worship day has passed for ten days, and the sunset shines all over the place. It can be seen that there is a figure sitting on the top plate of Nandou Hall, and the company commander is full of gas.
"How did you prepare for the impact of the quadrupole secret territory for so long? Dao Ye has been waiting for several days."
Fang Duande lay on his back for a long time without a grave. He always felt that there was something missing in his life when he dug and studied.
When he learned that Li Yu was going to rush to the secret territory of the four poles, he rushed here with great interest, saying that he was too idle to help protect the dharma, but he always had to find something to do.
Gradually, the clouds are thin and thin, as if driven by something, and even the setting sun disappears completely, and the night falls with stars.
The night breeze blew and drove Li Yu’s forehead hair to wake him up and look up to the sky.
"After sitting for ten days, I realized that Gu Hua’s general trend has reached its peak. It’s time to rush."
He looks like a frozen body that has been dormant for a long time, fluctuating and ups and downs, just like mountains and drums, and waves of earthquakes and waves have turned into colorful chains intertwined outside the body.
At this time, the night falls, the sky and the earth are getting dark, and a round of silver moon emerges, which is not very bright and soft.
Knock! Li Yu’s body suddenly moved, and in an instant, the five great gods were all singing out of the avenue, and the sound of heaven and earth resounded like a yellow bell and a great Lu.
As soon as Fang Duan De woke up with a start, he looked up instantly.
"The wave palace dzogchen someone to rush quadrupole secret territory? !”
"Qi Qi is like a man, and the king is a little uncle!"
"Little master Du Jie? Do you want it so soon? "
A series of figures in the palace were alarmed, and hundreds of them jumped up and looked at each other.
They didn’t expect Li Yu to choose this time to break through and set foot in the quadrupole secret. Is this breakthrough different?
"It’s a sign of perfection before Daogong’s practice. It’s strange that his background is so bold and can be reversed."
Gu Changqing was surprised outside the hall. Just releasing Qi Qi at this time was very strong. It is hard to imagine what it would be like after he broke into the quadrupole secret territory.
Not only he, but also the elders of all ethnic groups are attracted to witness this rush.
Li Yu’s hands are printed with hazy floating light. At this moment, his treasure is as solemn as a king of the furious, which makes people want to pay homage.
A series of red gold gods, the sunrise, rushed out of the dragon’s breath from the palace. It was like a drum rolling and rumbling from the second secret land to the third secret land to exercise the four poles of human limbs.
"The transformation brought about by Gu Hua’s ruler mark is not that simple."
Throne Gu Hua Emperor whispered that he was telling the old emperor about the changes in the imperial tomb, and he saw Li Yuchong rushing to leap into the four poles
A hundred feet of divine light washed away every inch of his flesh and blood, shining like glass, glittering and translucent, sometimes with a dark gold luster, and the purple gas was pure without any impurities
At the same time, the divine voice of the other body avenue is more grand, and the rotation of the five elements is endless, blessing the divine voice, if all five worlds follow the changes.
"get up!"
Li Yu drank a lot, and the whole body boiled, and the essence condensed, and a cluster suddenly went up into the sky, which broke through the clouds and crossed the sea like a big dragon.
Wang Shi grandly Long Mai also followed the roaring and protruding road flying and dancing.
This is a scene of the earthquake, and a series of big dragons run through the heavens and the earth, brilliant and shining, and the whole emperor makes everyone stare.
Hoo ~ ~ ~
Then there was an inexplicable wind rising from the poor height of the sky, driving a large number of dark clouds to cover up the stars and the moon
People realized that something was wrong. It was a coincidence that these dark clouds appeared, which brought a heavy sense of depression!
Li Yu and Wan Long danced with their feet in the Nandou Temple, and their eyes rose to the peak, burning like two golden lamps to the vast dark clouds.
At first, the gale was like a gentle breeze and drizzle, then like a mountain stream, and finally, like a golden horse, it swept like a flood, rushing and roaring, destroying and blocking everything.
There was a bright light in it, which seemed to indicate something and generally brought a dull roar.
Li Yu’s fist, the dragon, and the red gold god, the sunrise, came out like the stars, and directly stopped the violent wind.
Strangely, after this, the wind stopped, but the dark clouds in the sky did not decrease, but increased!
It seems that the previous gale is a sign that the real change has not yet happened.
"What’s going on? How can there be such a vision of heaven and earth and dark clouds covering the stars and the moon for a long time? "
People in the imperial capital have never seen such a situation since ancient times.
Even a group of people always look at each other and can’t figure out why.
"Was it that there was a faint flash of mans in the previous gale …"
There are living fossils in the void, and one of them caught something. The look suddenly shook up.
What he needs to say is that the old man who has lived for thousands of years has read the secrets of classics carefully, and naturally he has tasted the unfinished business.
"If it’s LeiJie, it’s really amazing, and it will not pay off."
"Since ancient times, I have never heard of anyone who has broken through the secret territory of the four poles and tortured the world."
"This is also a proof of its own strength, but it’s a pity that Gu Changqing didn’t reach this level, which can be said to be good, and this thunder robbery also proves that our choice of Gu is the only right one."
Talking to several living fossils directly revealed the secret that ordinary people are difficult to know.
When some ubers break through the quadrupole secret territory, there will be an apocalypse!
This is rare, but everyone has been a great power and an ancient emperor since ancient times!
Nowadays, Li Yuchong’s apocalypse has naturally shocked the older generation and realized the meaning, which is hard to calm down.
Is this to compare with the ancient emperors when they were teenagers? To embark on a brilliant path that can be compared with them?
It’s hard for them to see clearly, but their eyes are even hotter when they look at that figure. Once they break through the robbery, it’s the crown of their generation!
"Thunder robbery!"
Li Yu, who attracted much attention, also noticed this inexplicable change and rushed to the quadrupole secret environment, which really attracted Lei Jie arrival.
This is a test and an accident; He’s got seven kills in the dark. I’m afraid this thunder robbery will be even more violent than the original one.
At this moment, the sky was covered by a dark cloud, but it was dull to the extreme, making people feel suffocated and quiet to the extreme.
After arrival, the whole emperor was quiet, and people moved stiffly and their limbs were stuck in the mud
Brother Dimai tried to talk in horror, only to find that he couldn’t do anything. This world seemed to have lost its sound and nothing happened, and everything seemed to be suppressed by dark clouds.
Until the sky exploded, it was dark, bright and white, like the sky, a ray of brilliant light came to the extreme, like a pale throwing a judgment spear through the long fall
Li Yuju’s fist thundered and killed without the slightest hesitation. Just by driving the red dragon’s spirit, it will break a handful of crushed thunder spears, and then it will be torn apart by a shock.
"There was a thunder! What happened? "
Until the first ray of Lei Guang fell, the depressing atmosphere finally eased, and it was no longer so suffocating. Some people kept exhaling all kinds of sounds in a low voice, and it was no longer dead.
Then the blazing light lit up the sky, and thunder after thunder actually turned into light and fell to tens of millions!
It’s like blowing the attack horn, and the thunder spear brushed off like a downpour.

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