Followed by several star domain plane accidentally revealed lyu3 bu4 and Qing Zheyan figure to meet them is plane fracture!
The power of the sacred land is too strong. The body alone can destroy a plane!
But this scene is too rare.
The two sacred places let go of their hands and feet to fight enough for him and other low-level practitioners to learn valuable combat experience!
"Look at Lu Bu, the god of war, and the saints of Qing Zheyan have stopped fighting."
Lyu3 bu4 and Qing Zheyan reappeared, and the aliens could not help but exclaim.
Five minutes have passed since Qing Zheyan banned the operation. In these five minutes, hundreds of planes have been hit by battle waves.
Lyu3 bu4 shortness of breath, multiple injuries and weak breath.
Lyu3 bu4 hip red hare is breathing messy and depressed.
Staring at hundreds of meters away, Qing Zheyan Lyu3 bu4′ s eyes were blue and black. I didn’t expect that the Elves’ forbidden art was so strong that Qing Zheyan’s combat power was tripled!
If it weren’t for his red hare and "Overlord Ji Method", he would have increased his strength by 100% and blocked his strength by 50%.
I’m afraid he is no match for Qing Zheyan!
But this is not the real strength of Qing Zheyan after all. This forbidden art must have some fatal limitations.
Qing Zheyan’s face was as heavy as water. He looked at Lu Bu and his expression had turned to bitterness.
There are still five minutes before the ban is over.
In the past five minutes, Lyu3 bu4 Terran’s sacred land strength and triple strength have been playing for five minutes by himself!
I’m afraid I would have put this terrible Terran hand if I hadn’t forbidden it myself!
Qing Zheyan’s heart is full of horror and murder, and he is preparing to launch a oppressive and suffocating force from a broken plane.
The stone chamber with intact debris plane suddenly burst open.
Listening to a overbearing laugh, many foreigners have changed their faces.
The Elves fought back, and the ultimate goal was to wait for him!
"Hahahaha, the upright sage is out!"
A figure flew up from the cracked stone room, and the figure was arrogant and guffawing, and the voice was licentious and arrogant.
The figure slowly showed his shape, and he was full of light green power, which made people feel palpitations like a dormant beast, and the owner of that figure had a pair of light green eyes.
"It’s a righteous saint, but it’s a top saint!"
"Yanhuang will definitely be taken!"
"Although the upright saints are top saints, even if they fight at the same level, they can fight against one enemy and the other."
"And the upright sage also killed two peers with the secret method."
"Psst, so strong that the Elves will wait for the forces to be closed?"
"Nature is offended and shouldn’t offend people."
When the foreigners saw the appearance of the upright saint, their eyes flashed with schadenfreude.
The upright saint is the most powerful top saint such as the Elves, and this alien means to be arrogant and arrogant, and even has the record of slaying two top saints with the help of secret methods!
Even the first saint of Xinghai will surely win in the face of upright saints!
"Qing Zheyan, the agent of the seventy-three star domain of Qing Zhengsheng, please take these Terran invaders."
"Especially this god of war Lu Bu is the second culprit!"
I was overjoyed to see the upright sage out of Qing Zheyan.
Being persecuted by the Chinese army, Qing Zheyan never thought how humiliating it was for the alien troops to be beaten by the Terran for the top saints.
The upright sage glanced at him and surprised him. Qing Zheyan snorted with dissatisfaction. "Agent, you can’t even solve a Terran force. It’s time for you to abdicate and make way."
He didn’t notice the surroundings until the voice of the upright sage fell.
The first thousand saints in Kiyozawa lost their fighting power.
Thirty minutes have passed. They did their best.
Kizawa looked at the lip corner of the upright saint.
If you want to be honest and upright, the Chinese people will surely be wiped out.
They died a fair death when they sacrificed.
Pale green light rises, and thousands of pale green light lights up, and little fluorescence melts into the earth.
Such power fluctuation naturally attracted the attention of Zhengzheng.
This special power will return to the natural god only after the forbidden art is launched!
In particular, Qingze’s strength, the Elves, is the strongest and the longest when they die.
The heart of the righteous saint flew into a rage when he saw the surrounding appearance and the return of Qing Ze to the natural god!
"Damn Terran invaders! I will tear you to pieces! "
Kizawa has a good personal relationship with integrity, and Kizawa knows the overall situation and is liked by integrity saints.
But now, not only the number of planes of the upright sage has been damaged, but even the stone room he closed before has a fragment of solitary plane left.
Seeing this scene, the anger of the upright sage will instantly cover with joy.
His figure disappeared in a blink of an eye and he appeared in front of Lyu3 bu4.
"Saint killed you!"

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