The group of poisons kept spinning around the tripod and squeaked as if eager for something.
The cold boy muttered, "Throw Xiao Yu’s waste into the past. It’s hard to catch these poisonous insects if you miss the time!"
A group of teenagers hurriedly raised Xiao Yu, regardless of Xiao Yu’s hard struggle, and threw their strength toward the center of the poisonous insects.
As soon as Nuo’s big body smashed into the sea of poisonous insects, several poisonous insects flocked to climb to the top of Xiao Yu’s body, as if he had encountered something delicious, and he was madly biting.
"Meowed “`"
Although the mouth was blocked and the limbs were tied, the severe pain still made Xiao Yu struggle like a wild animal to get rid of these poisonous insects, but they soon drowned him.
Xiao Yu black at the moment finally lost all consciousness.
"Arrest those poisonous insects before they are paralyzed by the poison of Yindu Dan!" Cold young man took the lead in jumping out from behind the boulder with a smile, bent over with a bamboo basket and picked a terrible poisonous insect from Xiao Yushen and put it into the bamboo basket.
His teenager also followed suit, grab a numb poisonous insect and put it in a bamboo basket.
"Ha, ha, ha, it’s a good thing that Brother Zhang got Tianduxiang and Yindudan from the outer door. Otherwise, it would be impossible for us to catch so many poisonous insect roots at once."
"Yes, yes, brother Zhang really deserves to be the strongest among our factotum brothers. Five people and one means are vast."
"Xiao Yu, the waste, died and deserved it. Zongmen resources have been bleeding for so many years. This is also a good thing."
A group of teenagers are very happy to talk about it. After filling those bamboo baskets, a group of people roared off, and Yu was black and swollen. Xiao Yu lay in the same place and didn’t know what to do.
Slowly spend Xiao Yu’s body motionless, lying there like a complete death, but his body has undergone amazing changes
A thin stream of warm air flowed out, and he swam around quickly, as if he had a sense of self, but wherever the warm current passed, the injury healed quickly, and the warm current accumulated more and more and walked faster and faster.
Finally, at sunset, when the western hills were motionless, Xiao Yu suddenly uttered a faint moan from his mouth, and then his eyelids struggled to lift and he was in a trance. He was weaker than "I’m not dead yet, fucking Zhang Long. Don’t you dare take me to poison you. Sooner or later, I will kill you."
He struggled to sit up, and many tiny poisonous insects were still stuck to his body. Xiao Yujiang endured the pain and picked these poisonous insects one by one.
"Damn thief god what old qualification is so bad? What old practice for so many years can’t match others for a year? What should be so unfair to the old is not! " Think about what Xiao Yu has encountered in recent years, that is, gnashing her teeth and venting her anger.
The Five Poisons Cult is different. There are no rules here. Whoever has the biggest fist is the elder brother. The younger brothers can kill each other. The top management will not stop it, but will encourage it!
It can be said that the Five Poisons Sect is a camp in the dark. There is no brotherhood here, but the law of the jungle!
Xiao Yu became the lowest monk because of his poor qualifications. He is like a pig and a dog. He has no self-esteem and status. His brother often takes him to try poison. Thanks to his fate, he would have died many times before.
After picking the last poisonous insect behind, Xiao Yu couldn’t help but breath in a gasp and yi tooth in pain. He grinned at the colorful spider Xiao Yu’s anger and filled his chest, and his palm was about to crush to death.
But at this moment, the difference suddenly became steep! ! !
A tree ran out of the spider like a black flash and disappeared into Xiao Yumei’s heart.
Chapter one thousand five hundred and twenty-three Speech interference
The violent and chaotic scene was suddenly quiet, and the wind and cloud changed, and the thunder and thunder overwhelmed the high school, and the storm swept everyone.
Yang Fengyun’s new terrible sound reverberated here for a long time, which immediately made the immortals and the imperial city feel a deep look in their hearts, and the murderous look instantly subsided.
Many innate creatures are also pinned down by thick violent breath, like several mountains pressing them down, making it difficult for them to break free.
Xiao Yu, who was waving a plaque and constantly making moves, couldn’t help but face a change, and a more terrible force suddenly surged towards his body.
His body was hit on the spot, and he fell back and smashed his virtual shawl. I don’t know how far he flew.
"Kill the old Xiao Yu, you can’t kill me. I want to kill all the emperors in heaven, kill all the blood Xiao Yu, and you accept your life!"
Suddenly, Yang Xian Emperor was covered in blood, and the bronze armor collapsed and hysterically roared, holding a sword in his hand and his face was ferocious and rushed towards Xiao Yu directly.
He was blindsided by Xiao Yu, and in the end, he had no resistance at all. He was shot dead by Xiao Yu and lost all the dignity of the immortal emperor like a fly! It’s a great shame that he can’t think of anything, and he wants to kill Xiao Yu alive!
Suddenly there came a cold hum in the emptiness, which contained all the majesty, horror and unpredictability, and was accompanied by a murderous look.
Then the virtual explosion shattered a black hand and directly pressed it to scoff at it. At the moment when Emperor Yang Xian was alive, he sealed and locked all his mana and directly pressed it from it.
"You …"
In the heart of Emperor Sun Xian, there was a sudden chill, and then the flesh and blood trembled and the soul trembled. Huo Ran woke up with cold sweat and cried, "Please show mercy!"
The big hand crushed him directly into the soil according to backwardness, like a cockroach, and he didn’t give him a face. The whole earth shook wildly and turned out the soil.
The hearts of the immortals are deeply awe-inspiring, and their eyes are full of a strong horror!
Yang Fengyun such strength is simply terrible!

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