In this way, I walked on for two days and finally came to the peak of Jiaolong Mountain. Liu Xuan looked up and cast a glance. It was really worthy of the transformation of Jiaolong. It was said that the mountains here were steep, the peaks, the rocks, the jagged pines and cypresses were distributed in patches. From a distance, they looked like scales of mountain peaks, not to mention other places. It was very strange to say that there was a strange pine tree at the foot of their mountain, which was covered by a strange pine tree with a thick layer of pine needles, as if the whole area had been absorbed by him.
They rest here. According to Avril Lavigne, this place is very strange. Without it, there are no plants or even insects and rats, but it is a good place to rest and camp.
Liu Xuan didn’t speak, but he didn’t quite agree with the old saying that something strange must happen. It’s not unreasonable. He felt that this pine tree was very strange. Because he grew up in the mountains when he was a child, he often rested on pine trees. Generally, pine trees gave Liu Xuan a comfortable feeling, but this tree felt a little lazy when it rested.
But I can’t say what’s wrong with him. Maybe it’s because I feel wrong, or maybe after all, Uncle Jiang didn’t find anything wrong with his spiritual practice.
"It’s already late. Let’s rest here for one night. The abode of fairies and immortals is just around the corner. Let’s go into the cave to get the treasure again tomorrow." Listen to Avril Lavigne, and she has already decided that there is treasure in the abode of fairies and immortals, which means what Avril Lavigne has discovered when she entered.
Of course, everyone has no opinion. Although Liu Xuan has doubts in his heart, he didn’t insist on lighting a bonfire next to the big tree because of uncertainty. It’s not bad luck that Gong Qi and Liu Xuan killed a deer and two rabbits together. These two days, it may have been the territory of the monster beast. It’s hard to see what wild animals have been eating for two days, and finally they can adjust one.
Liu Xuan, a former hunter, is very good at dealing with these game. First, the deer will be peeled, dirty and washed, and the clean branches will be propped up into a big font, and then a long pole will run through the head and tail, and then the fire will be slowly roasted. This kind of thing is time-consuming. It is not like just setting up a fire in the eyes, but if the fire is too urgent, it looks burnt outside, but the roots are still bloodshot. This is a root that can’t be eaten. Do you want to bake it?
First, slowly bake it with a small fire until it’s half cooked, and then season it with salt. Unexpectedly, Gong Qi is also very good at enjoying other things. There is barbecue seasoning in his bag. Liu Xuan decided to wait until he got back to Beixuan to get some himself.
41. Time of publication
It’s not so troublesome for two hares to peel and wash the branches directly. A string of slow-fire roasting can be a busy job. When everyone finishes eating, it’s already dark. On the other side, a small fire is lit to put out the barbecue fire. Four people will rest in the fire position. Although it’s early summer, it’s hard to find some yin and cold in the mountains, and the ground is slowly heated to keep out the cold.
Although all five of them are spiritual practices, it is also too careless to maintain sufficient physical strength in this deep mountain. Every time camping, five people take turns to keep vigil. Today, the first shift happened to be Liu Xuan, watching four people fall asleep peacefully. Liu Xuan realized that the branches in his hand were fiddling with the bonfire, and the ware was being placed. Although Liu Xuan had a bag at hand, Liu Xuan was still used to keeping this fighting form at any time during the vigil.
Although it is at the foot of the mountain, there are still many strange rocks around the big tree, and the position of the big tree is also relatively leeward. With the deepening of the night, a thin layer of fog gradually flooded and soon flooded the whole foot of the mountain.
At first, the fog was very thin, which didn’t have a great impact on the line of sight. Liu Xuan didn’t mean anything, but as time went on, the fog became thicker and thicker. Liu Xuan finally faced up to this situation, which was too abnormal. Liu Xuan hurriedly added a few pieces of dry wood to the bonfire, and with the gradual fire, the line of sight became slightly longer. Liu Xuan got up and found that the fog actually came from all directions, as if her five positions were in the center of the vortex.
The fog slowly rotates, and Liu Xuan finally finds out that the huge pine tree actually absorbs the fog. Is this a tree demon that can absorb the aura of heaven and earth by itself?
Liuxuan immediately pounced on the crowd and shook four people violently, but how did he shake four people? They were half asleep and half awake, but they refused to wake up.
This is even more wrong. They are spiritualists. They can’t be so sleepy. They must have been sleeping. They inhaled something to suppress their mind.
This tree must be destroyed, otherwise I’m afraid that all four of them can’t wake up. Liu Xuan looked at the rune ware in his hand. He didn’t look very good at chopping his eyes. A bow and sword was being placed beside him. Gong Qiyou was as used to it as himself. He picked it up before Liu Xuan and slowly came to the demon tree and raised it high. The sword in his hand was really a knife.
Listen to when a crisp chopping combating Dao was bounced up high, Liu Xuan was close to the tree and saw that there was a shallow cut mark on the tree, which was comparable to the spirit sword combating Dao, and even the pine bark was not cut.
Want to also don’t want to Liu Xuan grabbed his own rune ware, loaded a steel bullet with a bang, and so on. When Liu Xuan looked near, it was comparable to the gas coagulation level spiritual strength, and the steel bullet actually scored an inch. Even if Liu Xuan was a gas coagulation level spiritual effort, he might be able to slowly grind this giant pine, but now Liu Xuan is absolutely able to destroy him on his own.
As soon as Liu Xuan turned his head, a piece of fire shadow appeared in front of his eyes. Trees are not afraid of fire. Liu Xuan came to the bonfire and grabbed the thick branches of his arms. After being lit, he came to the giant pine tree. It should have been very easy to light the pine tree. Even Liu Xuan’s flame technique could not be lit.
Finally, Liu Xuan, who was exhausted, was so tired that he sat down and looked at the giant pine and showed horror.
Liu Xuan is almost desperate. Finally, there is no way to pick up Gong Sunjinglan and plan to leave this place first. If he can escape from this vortex, Gong Sunjinglan can wake up, and he doesn’t mind coming back to save others.
The fog in the mountains is getting thicker and thicker, and almost the scene outside the zhangs can be distinguished. Liu Xuan will walk down the route with a homemade torch on his shoulder.
I don’t know how long I’ve been gone, but a faint fire suddenly appeared in front of Liu Xuan. I was surprised that Liu Xuan approached along the light and sure enough, Liu Xuan unexpectedly returned to the giant pine again.
Liu Xuan put Gong Sunjinglan to think hard about all the skills he had learned. There was a scene in his dream, and suddenly an idea came to Liu Xuan’s mind.
I only have a good hand, but I have five elements to break the spirit. This method is extremely difficult to practice and has no power. However, when I press the key, it can always play a big role. Even calligraphy attacks can block and destroy the defense of the symbol. If he can’t solve the demon tree, Liu Xuan will be really desperate
Liu Xuanqiang pulled himself together and came near the huge pine tree. First, he carefully observed it, hoping to find its weakness from the outside. When he observed that it was full of incense, he could finally give up. So Liu Xuan raised his hand and his five fingers suddenly reappeared in white light. A pentagonal array of Liu Xuan’s hands kept changing. One end of the name finger became longer, the white light gradually turned red, and the other end of the thumb became yellow. But at this time, Liu Xuan felt that the giant pine was slightly shaken. Liu Xuan didn’t want to directly press the golden pentagonal array.
This time, there is no rebound force. A semi-transparent halo is like melting. A hole the size of a palm appears around Liuxuan’s face, and it continues to melt. It slowly rises like a burning flame. The huge pine trees gradually turn yellow like a vigorous coat, and the needles in the crown are brushed and dropped like drizzle. Some of them still fall. Liuxuan’s bare skin actually scratches Liuxuan’s skin like a sharp needle.
However, Liu Xuan has been shocked by the huge pine tree, which lost its life in an instant. Just now, it was full of trees and needles, and in a short time, it became wild. He seemed to see a life from prosperity to decline, as if he would take the road of life again in such a short time.
Spirit still has some trance Liuxuan suddenly woke up and directly grabbed the fallen bow and started combating Dao and chopped it at the giant pine with one knife. This knife didn’t mean to pour its own strength, but it was like a devastating one. I felt that this knife root didn’t encounter any obstacles. With a wave of my hand, one person hugged the giant tree and fell to the ground.
It was not until the giant wood fell to the ground that Liu Xuancai woke up and looked at the combat knife in his hand and looked at the giant wood in front of him. He couldn’t believe that this knife turned out to be his own swing.
As the giant pine was cut off by Liu Xuan, the fog quickly dispersed around, and the night was dark again, but Liu Xuan finally sat down for a moment as if all his strength had been cut out, and his eyes sank and he fell asleep unconsciously.
As Liu Xuan fell asleep, the dream came to a battlefield again. It was a huge battle, and even a cavalry Liu Xuan appeared. A machete appeared in his own hands. This is a cutlass for the Hu people. Compared with the Qin people, the Hu people prefer the cutlass. This round-shaped cutlass is more suitable for dense charge. When all the people in the battlefield gather together, spears and long knives will be put to use. It is more suitable for waving. Sometimes the cavalry needs to hold the cutlass horizontally and rely on the speed of the cutlass to drive the cutlass blade to scratch the opponent.
But this time, their opponent is not the enemy cavalry, but a huge silver-backed bear. This silver-backed bear is bigger than that seen by Liu Xuan a few days ago. The assault cavalry is less than half his height in front of him. Liu Xuan mixed with the cavalry torrent and saw the front cavalry striker silver-backed bear collide with each other. Suddenly, the silver-backed bear found out that his left paw waved his head in front of him and the cavalry fell down
The giant bear’s claws seem to harvest the sickle of life and wave Liu Xuan several times in a row. The cavalry has fallen for several times in front of him, and a long horn sounded. In the Mercedes-Benz, the cavalry brushes have always been divided into two groups, and the cavalry jumped forward like a sharp arrow.
The giant bear seemed to realize that his opponent was powerful, and his two front paws kept slapping toward the ground, and the road shook violently like an earthquake.
With a wave of his hand, the captain of the cavalry took up the charge spear. The spear was shining with terrible cold light and ran into the bear. When the bear saw that the vibration method was not very effective, his front paws were closed and he waved his claws like an ordinary knight.
Seeing the giant bear’s claws row, all the cavalry beat the horse’s back, and more than a dozen war horses stood up. Just after the giant bear’s claws were collected, more than a dozen spears were sent forward. When the giant bear screamed, it was still alive and kicking, and the giant bear was tied into a hedgehog.
But fortunately, these spears are still a little smaller than the giant bear. Although the giant bear was tied into a hedgehog, it was not fatal. At this time, the cavalry captain suddenly pulled out his own combat knife when he was angry.
This combating Dao is different from the machete in Liu Xuan’s hand, and it is more like a bow and sword. Liu Xuan is still thinking about what the cavalry captain will do when he wields a combating Dao, and the cavalry captain flicks it at the giant bear.
At this moment, it seemed that the whole world was quiet. Liu Xuan once again saw the huge pine trees getting old. Time seemed to reappear in front of his eyes. The combat knives were powerless, just like all the phantoms were broken at this moment. When everything was reorganized, the giant bear had fallen in front of the cavalry captain in two and a half.

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