"Interesting. Maybe it’s that boy?"
Lu Chen is thoughtful.
"Have you seen him?"
Anger looked up and was aroused.
"Yes, it seems that the principal knows him."
Lu Chen remembered the boy who shot Odin and disappeared, and he didn’t know where the other party was now.
"Remember when I told you about the devil? It means that he sent me to Doomsday for many years. I didn’t care about those guys, but they somehow captured the boy. I didn’t go to Lulu City to investigate until I learned about it."
Anger was no longer wary of glancing around when talking about the boy.
It turns out that the boy was nailed by Odin, but after he woke up, he didn’t dare to fight Odin. Instead, his best student Lu Chen killed Odin.
He denied that the other party dared to eavesdrop on the conversation.
"It’s him. That’s not so good …"
Lu Chen smiled. "Although he can be really interesting, I don’t think it’s realistic to say that he can kill Nidhogg. Odin will definitely fight hard."
It’s not that he belittled the boy. All kinds of facts prove that the boy’s head-on fight is by no means Odin’s opponent. At least it’s impossible to see the boy in that state himself.
He admits that the boy may be the enemy in his dream, but who will enter his dream when he really fights?
All of them were unwitting and caught in a trap.
"How did you finally get out?"
Anger is curious. It is said that the dream is a solution to this and energy conservation. There is no dream because of it … It doesn’t consume any energy.
Lu Chen and others are entities as strong as they dream, but the dreamer can be as strong as he wants.
It’s not surprising that he dreamed of real Gundam, Altman and even Dragon Ball Kakarot.
That is to say, he was in a state of consciousness at that time, and it was Odin’s external interference, not the dream master’s personal control, otherwise the dream spirit would not need to be promoted step by step.
There is no need for a dream. A boy’s dream is the real emperor. He does whatever he wants.
It’s not difficult to kill everyone, which is where Lu Chen feels scared.
It is a false proposition that the Nibelungen will be broken when the boy wakes up.
After Ingan Gonul pulled it out, the boy didn’t "wake up" and could control his dreams himself.
But he woke up from his dream, perhaps because he hated this Nibelungen, perhaps because he was proud of it, or perhaps because he might have had a chance to kill himself at that time.
Normally, a boy may not be strong, but if you enter his dream, it is very dangerous.
Lu Chen thought about it and didn’t hide it from the headmaster. Because Lu Fei and the boy had this thing, the headmaster passed "Lu Fei pulled out Gang Gonul and the boy woke up and Nibelungen collapsed."
"They may be twins, otherwise he doesn’t have to make a deal with me. It’s strange for me to get out of school. What good does it do him?"
Anger analyzed some think impassability.

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