Several children in the family have gradually become accustomed to this scene, and they are not in a hurry or clingy. They can also send people away and immediately twist their heads to play with some selflessness.
By the fifteenth day of the month, the corn in the field can be harvested again. At this time, before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chen, a relative of her family, didn’t worry about the boss and the third daughter-in-law, so she prepared something for Yue-e Li. It’s been a good few years for Chen’s family to put their own hand-made moon cakes and some persimmons in it. Did you take them away? Or did you send them to Yuan for her birthday before?
Li Yuee went to visit her relatives.
Most of them went to learn.
Yuanyuan’s family began to cry. The first batch of rabbits she raised died two times.
Chen began to coax her. The rabbit could have lived for at least five or six years. How could it have died? Let Yuanyuan be sad. She has never seen crying so sad since she was born.
"Come on, don’t cry. Grandma buried them for generations and made rabbits."
Yuanyuan couldn’t cry and shook her head when she heard Chen’s words. "No, no, no, don’t be a rabbit."
Chen hurriedly surrendered. "Don’t be a rabbit. Don’t cry, grandma will feel bad."
Yuanyuan looked up at Chen and quickly wiped her tears and sipped her mouth to prevent herself from crying. "Grandma is not uncomfortable."
Chen sighed, who can carry it?
"Okay, grandma, go dig a hole and let’s bury it."
If others see this, they have to say that the Chen family can’t die as a rabbit. If they are so fat, they will skin and eat it.
If it were an ordinary rabbit, it would have been eaten, but it has been raised for so long, and I can’t say that I can eat it. Besides, Chen really doesn’t feel short of meat.
But Zhao Qinhua next door gnashed her teeth when she heard this. The rabbit was so sad that she buried it and didn’t eat it for their family.
Yuanyuan, this meeting has stopped crying, touching two rabbits that have not moved, opening their mouths and sighing, and tears are still hanging from their eyelashes.
After Chen dug the hole, he put both rabbits away and buried them in their yard.
Seeing the scene in the mirror, Mountain Land Master waved his hand and took it away again.
"These two rabbits are also predestined friends with the fairy, but it’s a good day to be with them."
Ginseng essence shook his beard. "That’s natural. If it weren’t for them, they wouldn’t live for a few years, but it’s their own decision. Since they have something, they have to lose it. Not everything has its own destiny."
Yuanyuan is a child after a long time, but she forgets everything. She will still be sad for a while when she sees those rabbits in her rabbit pen.
Yue-e Li went home to visit relatives. Of course, the chicken would be terrible if she took it back after lunch.
Her parents are healthy, and they have a brother, a younger brother and a sister. They are married, and their parents live with their eldest brother. She takes things, of course, and she puts them in whoever lives.
"Mom, just kill this chicken and eat it at noon." Yue-e Li has nothing to mention. After all, she went to her own family.
Lee looked at the chicken. "Ok, I’ll let your eldest brother kill the chicken and let’s have a good lunch."
Yue-e li hey hey smiled.
"Li Daxiong, come and bring your second sister here. Kill the chicken and let’s stew the chicken at noon." Li said that her voice was louder than Chen’s voice. She just wanted her neighbors to listen to her daughter’s husband’s family’s good life. Anyone who has a bad life will not be able to get a chicken when she gets to her parents’ house.
Yue-e Li certainly knows her mother’s little mind.
Li Daxiong, as the name implies, is tall and strong, and he is a crop. He was chopping wood just over there and came when he heard the sound.
His daughter-in-law Wang Qiaozheng is picking vegetables in the kitchen. When her sister comes back, she naturally has to treat her well. When she enters the kitchen, she gives out the knife and grinds it next to the grindstone next to the well killing.
Li Daxiong’s three children also played in the courtyard for a while, and then they gathered around Li Daxiong. After all, it’s so rare to eat meat, so when my aunt came back, she could eat it and think about it, making her mouth water.
"Mom, I heard that the second sister came and came to see it." I heard the voice before people arrived.
Yue-e Li’s face looks a little ugly. This is her younger brother’s daughter-in-law, Su Lili. Her younger brother’s name is Li Dahu. This younger sister-in-law is extremely narrow-minded. She doesn’t enjoy eating every time she sees her.
Lee patted his daughter’s hand and told her not to be angry.
Su Lili came in with a smile and followed Li Dahu.
"His aunt didn’t tell us when she came back. If I hadn’t heard from my neighbors, I wouldn’t have known. This is not to hurry over and save our family reunion for dinner."
Li Daxiong is a rectal, so he doesn’t know how to bend around here. His hand is busy sharpening the knife to kill the chicken and firewood, so naturally no one splits it. It’s a coincidence to see his brother coming.
"Tiger, you just came over. The firewood over there hasn’t been chopped yet. Please chop it. Don’t delay cooking for a while."
Li Dahu took off a coat and immediately went to work.
Li Lailai also wanted her daughter not to be angry. As a result, when she saw her daughter-in-law with a handful of small vegetables in her hand, she couldn’t hold back her temper first. Yue-e Li’s temper was a bit like she was the Chen family, and she had no temper.
"Who are you fooling with that vegetable leaf? It’s not a shame, is it?" Fortunately, my son-in-law didn’t come today, otherwise it would have been an embarrassment to my in-laws
Li Dahu was chopping wood when he heard this, but he was honest and didn’t like to talk much.
Su Lili doesn’t feel anything at all. Anyway, she just eats it.
"Mom, it’s my intention to take as much as you say this." The man walked to the door of the kitchen. "Yo, it’s good to kill the chicken. It’s a good marriage for my second sister. My mother-in-law can still bring the chicken back."
Yue-e Li couldn’t hold her temper and choked back at this moment. "If I am a daughter-in-law and be my mother-in-law, I will certainly bring back the chicken and make me look good."
Su Lili heard that her elder sister-in-law was angry and thought that eating meat was the most important thing, and she dared not speak more. She quickly smiled and said two beautiful words.
Lee took Yue-e Li to their own room to whisper.
Su Lili and Wang Qiao stay in the kitchen to boil hot water to shed chicken feathers and have to tidy up their internal organs. Anyway, they are busy.
Su Lili beat around the bush and asked this eldest sister-in-law what she would take when she came back.
But Wang Qiao is a saw-mouthed gourd. I don’t know anything. It’s painful to type out a word and get it for her.
Yue-e Li did tell her mother in the room that when she was at home, her sister-in-law said that she would start a new house in the new year.
Lee’s eyes are going to shed tears. This day is really over. I thought about it and took out a piece of cloth wrapped in my cupboard. "This is the most valuable thing I have to marry, and these two pairs of silver bracelets are arguably the bride’s dowry, but your eldest brother is too honest. Your eldest sister-in-law is also real. Although this silver is not worth anything, don’t abandon this pair and keep it."
Yue-e Li thought for a moment and also took it. "Mom, I’ll take it."
When Lee talked about curling, he remembered to make his own spring shirt. It was for curling, but he thought that the niece Yuanyuan had made another one when she came back.
"These are two pieces that you took back when you left. The bigger one is curly, and the smaller one is Yuanyuan. Her grandmother made clothes for her temporarily, so I’ll wear them." Chen took out the clothes again and showed them and put them in.
NianLia talked for a long time in the room until the meal was ready.
Su Lili just looked at Yue-e Li’s things. Her mother-in-law is so thoughtful and partial that she might give this elder sister-in-law something good again.
Wang Qiao’s craftsmanship is good, and the chicken tastes good. A large pot of pot chicken is stewed, and the potatoes and vermicelli are all delicious.
Even Su Lili’s mouth is so poisonous that people can’t stop eating and don’t talk.
Lee thinks that this in-laws really know how to raise chickens. When I meet them, I must ask how this chicken smells so good.
Yue-e Li left without staying much after dinner. She had already told her mother what to say.
The family sent Yue-e Li to the door and went back.
"Your sister said that her family will be ready to build a house in the new year. When the time comes, all of you will help in the past. Our own people are always better than outsiders." Lee has lived such a big year, and she has all figured out who is filial to her and who is biased. She is not stupid.
The Chen family two brothers nature is no different opinions.
It’s Su Lili. "It takes a lot of money to get up at the second sister’s house."
Lee is proud of it. "I have a promising brother, and my third and third children are both formal workers. I have welfare housing distribution in the city, and I am willing to pay for building a house at home. Do you care?"
Su Lili oh a pie pie, her elder sister-in-law life may not be too good.
Su Lili is ready to go home after eating and drinking, but she doesn’t really believe that two brothers can’t build a house for each other no matter how good they are. She remembers that she has a sister who knows Chen Jia’s eldest daughter-in-law, so she hurried to her house to ask questions. Don’t tell me that this elder sister-in-law is a lie.
Chen Yougong and Yao Shangqing walked faster this time because they had something to do in the county seat.
When two people arrived in the county, it was only four o’clock, and there was no class in the hospital. Yao Shangqing took the medicine list and hurried to the hospital.
"Comrade, these drugs are prescription drugs. You can’t buy them until the doctor makes a bill." The nurse window directly called Yao Shangqing back.
Yao Shangqing has this medicine list in her hand, and she doesn’t understand it. Plus, there’s no one she knows in the hospital. Can you hurry back and see if Chen Yougong can do anything?
By the time she got home, Chen Yougong had no home.
Xu Juanzhi next door is preparing to cook dinner at the door.
"You come back? Chen Gong walked fast, and a dresser, Xiao Wang, came to tell him that he was probably busy again. "

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