The mad ape in hell was very surprised to see this situation. He asked, "What happened to the King of Tibet?"
Hu Ling hidden soul nu way "roll! Roll … "
Then Hu Ling hid Du Youxin and flew away in one direction.
The ignorant hellaholic ape is very angry.
Qin Dingfang pursued people all night and found several bodies in a forest. Those people were the ones who were ordered by him to go with Du Youxin last night.
Then I caught Du Youxin’s entourage, but no matter how hard I pressed them, I didn’t know that they were coming or that Qin Dingfang was angry and ordered them to be brutally killed.
Qin Dingfang was really a disgrace this time.
His resentment can be imagined.
Qin Dingfang returned to Beifu first and ordered his hand to continue to hunt down Du Youxin everywhere.
He is really unwilling to let Du Youxin get away like this.
The northern territory is almost the sphere of influence of the northern government. Qin Dingfang has ordered all localities to teach and teach each other to seize Du Youxin.
Although Du Youxin succeeded in deceiving Qin Dingfang, he calmed down a little and smoothed things carefully. He denied that Du Youxin was sent by Lin Yi.
Qin Dingfang knows Lin Yi as well as Lin Yi knows him.
Lin Yi will never let Du Youxin fight for Thaksin to sacrifice so many lives of Liang’s family. Lin Yi can’t do it, but he can do it.
Qin Dingfang thinks that there is someone else behind Du Youxin’s scenes.
It’s not easy to instruct Du Youxin to kill Hu Ling’s hidden soul personally.
But who is behind Du Youxin’s scenes Qin Dingfang is hard to think of.
Qin Duoduo saw Qin Dingfang’s gloomy face and dared not provoke him again, so he used an excuse to stalk Su Jiner and hid out.
Qin Dingfang sat alone in the room for nearly two hours.
At this time, a close friend excitedly came to leave.
"According to the news that the brothers came back, the king of Qin will come back soon, and he is still with Du Youxin."
Qin Dingfang was overjoyed at the news.
I didn’t expect Hu Ling to capture Du Youxin.
Grasping Du Youxin can dig out the finger behind Du Youxin’s scenes, and it can also save some of his embarrassing faces.
Qin Dingfang took people out of the house personally and greeted Hou Hu Ling with excitement.
After waiting for a tea time, I saw a ride coming towards Merlin.
The horse was hissed constantly and galloped on all fours like a mad horse.
Soon the horse made a "da-da" sound when the horseshoe of Meilin Road ran to the slate of Meilin Road.
Centaur is Hu Ling’s hidden soul, and his arms are dying.

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