Qin Dao immediately compared Xiao Yu with a thumb.
Shinohara fish nai smiled and turned to wash his hands and cook, but he raised his eyes to another pair of eyes.
Still the clean eyes, but this time Shinohara fish saw the miserable meaning from it.
"Jing … Jing Jiayuan, why are you here?" Shinohara fish was a little nervous and said.
She will feel nervous when she realizes that she may not have evil thoughts about Jing Jiayuan and then sees him.
"I didn’t eat at night," said Jing Guyuan in a low voice.
"They … there are doing" Shinohara fish crustily skin of head pointed to the TaoYi sweet several people.
Jing Jiayuan didn’t answer. When he looked at it, Xiao Yu’s eyes were more bitterness.
Shinohara fish "…"
Ah, ah, ah. She’s dying. She can’t breathe …
Does he have no idea how sexy this picture of himself is? !
Her forehead was visibly soaked with fine sweat, and she quickly turned around and said, "I’ll be a part of you in that line."
Jing Guyuan lowered his eyes and gave a low well.
But this time, before she washed her hands and changed her clothes, Xiaoya had already walked up with pleasant steps.
"Little fish! And I also want to add "Xiao Ya eyes sparkle is looking forward to.
Her scene today is over. She has already said goodbye to Shi Xiaoyu, changed her clothes and is leaving.
But when I heard that Xiaoyu cooked in person tonight, he immediately ran back.
Well, she loves the crew. She loves work.
When Xiao Yu saw Xiao Ya, he cried to her if he didn’t promise. He nodded, "OK, but you mustn’t eat too much."
"Mm-hmm, I promise!" Xiao Ya’s voice didn’t fall when she heard a harsh voice behind her.
This sound is too strong to frighten when Shinohara fish is a quivering.
Looking back, I found that it was Xiao Ya’s agent Song Keman.
Real Song Keman didn’t leave when he arrived, but he didn’t appear.
The reason for staying here is also simple. She is afraid that Xiaoya can’t help eating more. When she comes back this time, she finds Xiaoya has gained five pounds!
I have a little fat in my belly!
Is that okay for a fashion person?
As soon as she came back, she ordered Xiaoya to lose weight and eat less dinner.
I didn’t expect to be caught in such a spot check today.
Her eyebrows will stand on end, looking at Xiaoya, word for word, "It is impossible to give you dinner, absolutely impossible, you have to reduce it! Fat! "
Chapter 139
When I saw all this, Shinohara fish "…"
Brokers are terrible.
That evening, Shinohara fish almost finished several meals with trepidation and handed them over.
Give xiaoya that …
Song Keman’s gaze is really a taste.
And Xiao Ya looked at the agent with great bitterness. After eating, she said, "Sister Keman, believe it or not, I really cried for you when I got back later."
Song Keman "…"
She looked at the side and ate lobster with satisfaction. Jingjiayuan suddenly felt that Shinohara fish was cooking … I’m afraid it’s not poisonous.
Why can’t everyone put it after eating?
Then she looked at Shinohara fish and handed it to me and took a bite.
Song Keman instantly paused.
I see, this meal is really poisonous.
A few days ago, most of the shots were made by the female actor and the male actor of the Chinese Chef, but not yet.
NIKI means that Jing Jiayuan doesn’t always come to the crew these days.
You can have a rest first
But Jing Jiayuan has never been absent for a day.
NIKI still has some doubts. Are all the actors so dedicated?
But after seeing his daily trail, NIKI turned white.
When they are filming, when he has nothing to do, he will stand by and watch the play silently or occasionally watch the two leading actors act.
It’s really bluffing that it’s leisurely and serious.
But as soon as the meal arrived, he was definitely the first one of all to enter the kitchen.
Moreover, when I arrived, I waited quietly for Shinohara fish to cook.
NIKI felt that he understood.
What is even more frightening is that Lin Yufei came the next day after the flight.
This play has nothing to do with him. He insists that if the guest actor doesn’t have a suitable role, he will do a group performance in it as an egg.
Qin Xu listened to a sentence in his brain.
Does your agent know that you did this?
But Lin Yufei mind whether know or not.
He’s really bored. He needs to eat some small fish to comfort himself.
However, Shinohara really can’t beat a few people who have to make more copies every time they cook. Lin Yufei’s crew made a fuss.
As a result, Lin Yufei’s "Chinese Kitchen God" crew has felt as warm as bathing in the sunshine in spring these days.
Sure enough! He should stay where there is little fish sister!
Food these days-
Sauté ed pork ribs with diced chicken with snow and vinegar and tenderloin with honey sauce, daily rice and abalone …
When Lin Yufei eats enough, he can still pester Shinohara fish and have another one.
On this day, when he returned to the Jingjiayuan lounge after filming his own scene, someone was waiting for him.
"Exhibition … Exhibition Hongge …" Lin Yufei saw this man step forward with one leg and wanted to take it back for an opportunity to slip away, but the other person’s eyes would have locked him. Lin Yufei winked and handed it into the lounge and conveniently closed the door.
"You come here" Lu Zhanhong also don’t want to say anything to him, just call him in the past.
"Oh …" Lin Yufei ran to the crew before sneaking out this time. He also thought that an agent would find such a day, but the crew was so moist these days that he forgot about it.
Lin Yufei also organized the language Lu Zhanhong to point to weighing scale’s tone without a trace of emotion "scale".

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