Qin Yu knows very well that Liu Luoluo will be so jealous of Wei Chi Glass. Since Wei Chi Glass has gradually grown in appearance with the increase of age, Wei Chi Glass has been hard to match in the appearance of the young people in the Sword Casting Villa, and Liu Luoluo, who has always boasted that the youth in the Sword Casting Villa is the first beauty, is naturally jealous. After all, Liu Luoluo’s heart breeds beauty.
The original Wei Chi coloured glaze looks very handsome, just as pure as a spring water after autumn has gone and spring has come. When she was a sword master, her appearance was already top-notch among her peers. With the passage of years, after the baptism of romantic months, she became even more moving and beautiful. When she was eager to ask for advice, she brought her two children back to Zhujian Mountain Villa. Many people in the workshop did not know that she had the identity of Wei Chi coloured glaze, and some news channels held her portrait in hand and compared it with those who had seen her with their own eyes. Everyone firmly believes that if she needs a little modification and is older, then she will grow up to be a beautiful woman who is generous and decent. Many uncles and uncles of other houses have asked Mu more or less out of young marriage, but they have all been rejected by Wei Chi’s glass grade, and now she is going to hang out with Qin Yu all day long, which is not polluted by outsiders, and Qin Yu has become a thorn in the side of the younger generation of Zhujian Villa.
"Qin Song, don’t dirty Sister Liu’s sword again."
See Qin Yu just stretched out his hand and held Liu Luoluo scabbard. A young man who had been silently behind Liu Luoluo stared at himself with a face of anger and then roared toward himself.
"I don’t know where the mad dog came from, and the Lord dared to bark without saying anything."
Listen, this fat man insulted Qin Yu and choked back immediately without looking at him.
"You … die!"
Qin Yugang said that the tall and fat man was immediately flushed with anger and then wanted to pull out his waist sword in Qin Yu’s direction.
"Ah Zhen, stop it!"
Just when the sword in Gao Pang’s hand was just halfway drawn and not completely unsheathed, Liu Luoluo quickly shouted out.
"Sister Liu, don’t stop me, you little bastard, from insulting me like this. I must fight to the death with him."
Listen to this girl who was called Ah Zhen Gao Pang by Liu Luoluo. After hearing her dissuasion, she was puzzled and asked in her direction
"Ah Zhen, why don’t you even listen to me now?"
Seeing that Ah Zhen will completely pull out his waist sword, Liu Luoluo will reprimand angrily.
"Qin is lucky today. If Sister Liu hadn’t persuaded me, Cai Zhen would have made you look good today."
After seeing Cai Zhen’s angry stare at Qin Yuran, he threatened to be bold
Qin Yu and not afraid to fight back with each other.
"Qin Yu seriously I dare not touch you today? I want to tell you whether everyone is interested in this election day, and not everyone is such a scum as you. At the very least, Liu Luoluo, the firm but gentle pavilion, is the one you can’t afford to offend! "
The words sound just fell and Liu Luoluo instantly pulled out this handle by Qin Yu firmly holding the scabbard sword, and then with a cold light, he stabbed the sword in Qin Yu’s abdomen.
"Old qin be careful! ! !”
Looking at Liu Luoluo’s sword move, it is prepared to make Qin Yu either die or hurt his eyes. It is getting closer and closer to the election day. He longed for the candlestick and overwhelmed all his hopes. They must learn to protect themselves at this time. They must not let other brothers seize a handle to threaten the two people’s election. Now Qin Yu is strong and strong, and it is completely angered by Liu Luoluo, the firm but gentle pavilion at the gate of the sword casting villa.
Chapter ninety-five Complex
Feeling Liu Luoluo’s shock wave mixed with hatred coming toward his other Qin Yu quickly pushed the Weichi glass that was still beside him, and then he was born with a very fast luck. This just missed Liu Luoluo’s sword.
"Liu Luoluo, are you serious?"
After watching Liu Luoluo’s blow miss, he wants to raise his sword towards himself again. Qin Yu quickly stares at his eyes and screams at each other incredibly.
"Qin Yu maybe you also this is false? Since my grandfather left this sword-casting villa with your mother ten years ago, he has never come back. Your family killed my grandfather. Today, I will definitely ask my grandfather for revenge. It is meaningless to say more at this time! "
The words sound just fell and I saw Liu Luoluo quickly holding a sword flower in front of shuriken Qin Yu, and then I stabbed the other side again.
"Liu Luoluo, how many times do you want me to tell you about Uncle Liu? I’m sorry, but it wasn’t us who killed him. How long are you going to be crazy!"
See Qin Yu while trying to avoid Liu Luoluo sword while taking advantage of the gap quickly toward her explained.
"I’m crazy? How dare you call me crazy? Do you know what I’ve been living every day for so many years? Do you know how hard I live? Qin Yu, you know nothing, you know nothing, you know nothing! "
After Liu Luoluo responded to Qin Yu’s words, he turned sharply and then stabbed Qin Yu again.
"Liu Luoluo, how many times do I have to explain to you before you can believe me? My father really didn’t kill Liu Bobo."
Qin Yu tried to avoid Liu Luoluo’s stab at his sword while trying to hope that he could say Liu Luoluo at the moment.
"explain? What else can you explain at this time? I know that my grandfather died in those days, and the sword array of Lingjian Zongdonghuang was not dead in the hands of Xihoufu, your town, but Qin Yu, don’t forget that you were also half an accomplice in this matter. If it weren’t for Lingjianzong’s scheming in those years, how could my grandfather have such a disaster? Qin Yu said that you are also a half brother of Zhujian Villa, so I won’t say much about it, but I will not spare her lightly behind you. Today I will kill my grandfather and avenge myself. Today I will cut down this Lingjianzong Sangguquan behind you and report it to my grandfather.
Liu Luoluo said a word and quickly locked the whole sword potential not far away. Then he waved his sword in the direction of Weichi Glass without thinking.
"Want to have my Qin Yu alive one day I will be interesting to see who his mother dare to touch her! ! !”
Listen to Liu Luoluo’s words and then look at her, which has pointed to the anger of Wei Chi’s glass sword. Qin Yu immediately transported his own strength and then rushed in the direction of Wei Chi’s glass, screaming and screaming.
"Qin Yu exactly what is better than me? At this time, you should protect her. Since you are so not available, you can die with this little bitch! ! !”
Looking at the desire to protect Weichi Liuli Qin Yu Liu Luoluo, she suddenly felt that her heart had become very empty, and a feeling of jealousy immediately filled her spiritual world, and what she wanted to do at the moment was to kill the lovers in front of her immediately.
Seeing a cold light and a speed visible to the naked eye, the tip of Liu Luoluo’s sword converged, and then it was shot rapidly in the direction of Weichi glass, which was even more than this white drop. The tip of Liu Luoluo’s sword could absorb the snowflakes that were still dancing around the tip.
I don’t think anyone in the place thought that Liu Luoluo, who was just an adult, had already cultivated Lingxu Jianfa to the realm of firm but gentle release, but I’m afraid Yao Lu didn’t have such horrible talent and cultivation speed in those days.
Seeing that this firm but gentle wave is about to chop the glass body of Weichi, Liu Luoluo saw that Qin Yu on the other side was already alone before Weichi glass, and his determined body was ready to meet his attack.
"Don’t! ! !”
Seeing that Qin Yu was about to have a thorough contact with his firm but gentle, Liu Luoluo seemed to suddenly regret it. Generally, she saw her own firm but gentle force in Athens, and then shuriken force fell to her eyes and looked at the big boy for a long time without returning to her mind.
But even if Liu Luoluo scattered his tricks, but it has already gone towards Qin Yu’s blaster, the firm but gentle still can’t be scattered, or several firm but gentle are calling Qin Yu’s other people.
Boom ! !
With Qin Yu’s low roar, the original rage of Liu Luoluo suddenly disappeared. Seeing that his arms are crossed and protected on his chest at the moment, his plate is a kind of lunge situation, so that he can be strong enough to dissolve Liu Luoluo’s shock wave injury. Even so, Liu Luoluo’s shock wave still hurts him. From the perspective of his pale face and intense trembling arms due to pain, he is really hurt.
"How long are you going to make trouble!"
Staring at her face pale, Liu Luoluo Qin Yu gritted his teeth and asked her coldly.
"No, Qin Yu, listen to me. I didn’t expect things to become like this. I really didn’t mean to. I was watching you two just shuffle when couples spend a moment together, but I didn’t know it would be like this. Qin Yu, I really didn’t mean to. I wouldn’t have made such a move if you didn’t deliberately provoke me just now."
Listen, Liu Luoluo quickly explained that Qin Yu looked at her so coldly without saying a word, and Weichi coloured glaze behind him gradually recovered from the shock just now.
"ah! ! ! Old Qin, how did you … how did you … you vicious woman, how dare you hurt my old Qin like this? I’ll kill you! "
And when Weichi coloured glaze finally saw that she was injured in front of her, Qin Yu suddenly became angry with her, and then rushed to the front of Qin Yu and tore Liu Luoluo’s hand at the moment.
"Coloured glaze! ! !”
Just when Weichi coloured glaze was about to wave his powder fist at Liu Luoluo’s other, Qin Yu quickly dragged his injured arms, and put his arms around Weichi coloured glaze, which was already red with anger, while doing his best to curb the disorderly jumping, he glared at Liu Luoluo in front of him and growled.

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