But like other perception abilities … for example, sending perception is nothing.
What is this white light … before it was produced from the fluffy ball, Lin didn’t detect that it was a familiar thing.
It may be that Lin doesn’t know anything yet, but now Lin’s white velvet ball is a place that is not so dark
It’s like a polar night with bright auroras shining in the sky, and the surface is a gravel wasteland.
The gray ground and the surrounding rocks of different sizes made Lin feel like she was on the surface of an ordinary rock world.
And it’s not just Lin. Lin found out that red pulp came here, too
Red pulp seems to be able to sleep … so that this place controls a ghost body with red light.
Like Lin, it first paid attention to the surroundings and soon turned its attention to Lin.
Lynn found that it seemed to want to say something, but she found that she could communicate.
Because this body can’t send any information, but it can still communicate.
Actually, you just have to control yourself to wake up. Ordinary creatures can’t control it … but Lin and this red pulp are both available.
In fact, at present, Lin’s fluffy balls and red pulp’ solid’ bodies can still wake up and communicate at any time in the original dark place.
Red pulp and Lin had some information exchange, and it recognized that … now it is indeed a place of miracle creatures.
To be exact, it is’ miracle road’
Maybe miracle creatures have turned themselves into this semi-permeable state.
And this semi-permeable ghost-like state is actually related to the virtual tunnel.
This is actually not an’ energy’ state, but a’ solid’ substance.
It is mainly a kind of material in the tunnel that makes up the body, which is similar to the thundercloud before the formation.
However, the light mass that floated out from the fluffy balls and all kinds of creatures at first was really’ energy’
But the light mass and the present control body are actually not a floating light mass, but an … effect.
Actually, at present, the semi-permeable body is not floating out of the organism, but floating out. At that time, it was … shaped here.
What is this …
Maybe everything here is made by something … This whole connection is somewhere and this … new body must be made to go.
And designing these may be miracle creatures.
Red pulp recognizes that … not every creature who comes in here will help them shape their bodies.
Just like Lin just saw many creatures whose bodies didn’t emit light, so they didn’t have such bodies to control.
And the reason why those thin lines actually catch creatures to test is … to see which creatures have this semi-permeable body.
Chapter two thousand six hundred and fifteen Forward
Gollum …’
"Those creatures have almost started."
"There are still many who can’t leave."
"Then get rid of those who can’t leave."
They … seem to have been killed.
Lin detected such a situation before the ball, and all the creatures that didn’t emit light were killed.
One by one, their bodies seem to be crushed and generalized powder.
And those who have made a light, including Lin pompoms and red pulp, are not hurt.
It seems that those thin lines really think so.
They gather biological purposes … that is, selecting those that can emit light from the body will make them a semi-permeable organism.
For those who can’t, there is no need to clean up
What does Lin mean by this? What will choose some creatures to make their bodies? What is the selection criterion?
Lynn felt that maybe those thin lines had been tried by themselves at first, but they didn’t help them make bodies, so they gathered so many creatures.
Maybe you can find the reason for your choice by continuing to act.
However, Lin also intends to study the thin thread world to see if they have anything to do with the creator.
The general method is that it is more difficult to study them. Lin decided to get some … to study them in a big way.
For example, a new bus unit
At the same time, Lin also continued to control the semi-permeable body with fluffy balls, and the body was traveling.
At present … nothing interesting has been found here. The fluffy ball is floating slowly … and there are all kinds of stones everywhere.
Red pulp has been working with Lin not long ago, and it says it will get more information in this way.
At present, Lin is wandering around by herself.
It’s like an ordinary rock roller. Lin has been trying to speed up the movement because she hasn’t found anything interesting yet
But this penetrating body seems to be able to reach a speed of 11 meters per second at the fastest and fly at a height of 10 meters at the most.
So there is no way to carry out wide-area exploration.
Haolin saw something interesting after flying for a while.
Lin noticed that a stone appeared 100 meters ahead … it seemed to be a statue, and its color was exactly the same as that of the stone.
And it is shaped like … a creature called’ sea angel’.
It is about one meter high, and the whole stone is completely fixed without moving.
And Lin floated past the fluffy ball and poked it with semi-permeable fluff … It didn’t respond either.
This is indeed a statue, but it is a pity that there is no way to detect its details in the present state of the pompon.
After watching it for a while, Lin continued to float forward … At the same time, Lin found more such statues in her journey.
They are all very similar to’ sea angels’, although they move differently, but they are all similar in size.
There are so many of them in this place … almost every stone has them.

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