"What about the back?"
Fang Xiang looked back just at this time when Han Xuanxuan and others entered the vip channel, and others except Han Xuanxuan greeted the curtain when they saw it coming.
Yu Han Xuanxuan smiled at the end. After all, two people have been for many years and don’t need to be so polite.
The curtain came down this time. The party wanted to wait for someone to let the Shenzhen branch send an extended Lincoln. Because the extended Lincoln is more spacious, even if the party thought that there were seven of them, it would not be crowded.
"Let’s go to the hotel and put our things away first?"
"The official side has arranged for us to stay in the hotel until later. I have already given you the presidential suite in the same hotel."
"Fang Xiang and Ruoshui are tired of loving each other, and I’m Han Xuanxuan and Guang Guangyi, and then lazy Xiaotian and wangyi are all right?"
Of course, everyone has no opinion when they hear the ending arrangement.
Soon after the curtain fell, a group of people came to Shenzhen International Hotel.
This is the official arrangement. The hotel is not far from the competition hall, and the surrounding transportation and sightseeing are very convenient
It was the end of the curtain that brought Fang Xiang and others to the front desk to get the room card, but there were some problems
Looking at the end, the front desk frowned and argued with the front desk staff when Fang Xiang and his party followed.
"What happened to Brother Ending?"
Fang wants to ask at the end of the curtain
"Nothing, I have already called their manager. Their manager will come out immediately. Why should I book a room for others?"
When I heard the end of the curtain, everyone was in vain.
It turned out that I booked a room before the curtain fell, and then I went to pick them up because of the curtain. I don’t know who took it away.
It’s normal for this to happen in a small hotel, but it’s strange for it to happen in a five-star hotel like Shenzhen International Hotel.
Soon a middle-aged man with a big bald head came running from the ladder.
"Less fall less …"
He shouted as he ran into his mouth
Very not easy to run to the front of the curtain and other people, he was obese and felt less half-life. He gasped for a long time before he said to the curtain.
"I’m sorry, this is a misunderstanding, but the presidential suite is really vacated-do you think I can change it into a business suite for you?"
Although the hotel manager has a good attitude and a very low figure, he is just unhappy at the end of the day. Why should he give it to others when he has booked a room himself? So he sneer at a.
"I don’t think so."
"I want the rooms I booked before."
Hearing the ending, the middle-aged bald man’s face sweated as soon as he heard it.
Why would he want to offend the curtain if he could? Leaving home is a big family in the south! Together with Sue’s family, it almost propped up the whole Zhejiang Province, and there are many contacts between Shenzhen and Zhejiang Province. Moreover, this Shenzhen International Hotel is also a holding hotel, and their boss doesn’t own shares in this Shenzhen International Hotel. If it really offends the curtain, he will tamper with it …
The consequence is that the hotel manager can’t imagine it, but he can’t help biting his lip at the thought of taking away the identity of the room that ended.
"Don’t you think we can have a word about this?"
I frowned at the hotel manager’s words.
And see the curtain frown this middle-aged bald man is also a quiver in my heart.
What about the recommendation after midnight?
Chapter three hundred Meet an enemy
"I can’t talk if I borrow a step."
The sentence of ending has almost sentenced the middle-aged bald man to death, and the latter turned pale at this moment.
And then the ending sentence made him tremble all over.
"Tell you what, call the man who robbed my room and I’ll communicate with him."
Hearing the ending, the middle-aged bald man showed a wry smile on his face.

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