"If you practice this magic trick, you will smelt the muddy air of the earth, and then somehow the attributes of heaven and earth will match, and the magic residual soul will enter the body to refine and take charge of the magic power. With the progress of this magic trick, you will summon the magic of heaven and earth and then take its place." Jade Duxiu takes his time to look at the jade bodhi old zu. "This is the biggest feature of this magic trick. If there is one demon in this world who is the same, if more than one person summons this magic residual soul, the winner and the loser will quit each other."
"Good terror tactic" Jade bodhi old zu was pale. "I can’t look at this tactic bodhi old zu."
"But SIRS demon god at this time as good as chaos fiend once should be able to summon seventy percent of the fiend residual soul fiend immortal when buried, and the residual soul will rush out of the long river of time in succession." Jade Duxiu’s eyes showed a sigh with emotion.
"You have some problems with this tactic. Is this demon god still a demon god after practicing?" Jade bodhi old zu eyes going round and round.
"Did you eat a meal? Are you a meal?" Jade Duxiu took a white look at the jade bodhi old zu. "It’s only the time that I saw the number of fiend virtual shadows in chaos entering the universe, and my heart was uneasy to come up with this way." Jade Duxiu took his time.
The jade bodhi old zu’s eyes looked at Jade Duxiu going round and round. "You are always right. Can you say that this method can kill those fiends?"
"It’s not necessary to rob the living and destroy the living." Jade Duxiu takes its time.
Looking at the jade bodhi old zu’s eyes, "It seems that you have some characteristics of a magic stick."
"Really?" Jade Duxiu smell speech one leng.
"Almost" Jade bodhi old zu Dao
Demon gods in the depths of the earth, look at me. I look at your lion’s shinto. "I hope we don’t summon the same fiend, or it will be sad."
"It’s impossible for us to summon the same fiend with different power attributes." After Hubei God said, he directly choked the law tactic and instantly broke the earth and entered the muddy earth. The face upwards roared and shattered the real body, and the fusion summoned the fiend’s residual soul to constantly transform.
"Let’s act, too."
When I saw this, the demon gods jumped into the turbidity and instantly calmed down. For hundreds of millions of years, the turbidity of the earth kept boiling. The turbid gas of the earth was continuously absorbed by the demon gods, and then the ghosting shadow of the imaginary fiend kept flying out of the turbidity of the earth and fell into the fusion of the demon gods and the body.
It comes from ancient memory, from ancient blood force, and it is constantly blessed by the demon gods.
Time flies in a blink of an eye, and a thousand years have passed.
"What’s the matter! A little upset in the heart "tiger god eyelid pounding.
"Worry about the unified trend of the demon race. No one can disobey you. I, a foreigner, dare not shoot at me. Now the demon race is the highest peak of the heavens and the earth. That is our opponent." Like a god sitting there, the whole body is calm and a powerful momentum escapes.
"I don’t know, there seems to be something bad going on in my heart. Generally, these bastards have been silent for thousands of years. It is reasonable to say that they should not be silent for so long. It is the worst thing to come out and make trouble, and they should always jump out to express their dissatisfaction and nausea. What do you say?" The tiger god looked at the elephant god.
The elephant god nodded. "It seems that this is the truth. Why are these guys actually in silence now?"
Deep in the earth, the muddy abyss is towering, ferocious and full of scales, and looks grotesque. The earth is constantly absorbing turbid gas.
"This is the fiend? Really strong "crocodile bodhi old zu eyes flashed a smile.
"SIRS, now everyone has become a fiend and cultivated the fiend. We have already created a road to get rid of the demon-seeking. The most important step to do is to create another race and draw a clear line between the demon race and the demon race, just like the unlucky ghost led the Terran and I drew a clear line between the demon race."
Ladies and gentlemen, look at me. I look at your awesome way, "What race shall we establish?"
"Now let’s reverse the innate chaos of the acquired demon god. I have melted the demon spirit and accepted many secrets in chaos. I never thought that there were so many secrets in chaos. I can replace the demon life when I melt the demon in the future. In this case, it is better to create a demon protoss." The centipede bodhi old zu waved thousands of scaly arms, and his eyes were full of pride.
"The magic protoss is also good, and it sounds domineering. After I go out, I will immediately spread the law to the tribe and then tell the sky to seduce the turbid gas. The tribal fiend gens will be a new force. Hahahaha, the elephant god, the fox god and the tiger god have transcended this fiend tactic, and they have nothing to worry about." The lion god smiled
"In that case, let’s quietly call the department to prepare to broadcast the fiend tactic and then ignite the younger generation’s blood to help the fiend." Niu Shinto said.
Sirs demon gods have turned into human beings and come to the world. A pair of eyes look at the thirty-three heavens with cold light in their eyes.
"I really want to rush into the triple heaven now and drag the fox god to ravage this sycophantic look and itch all day long." The lion god’s eyes flashed a bit greedy and domineering
"Let’s save our strength after dividing the boundaries of the demon race, break through the three worlds, capture the fox god alive and suppress the elephant god and the tiger god." There is a touch of cunning in the eyes of the wolf god. At this time, the wolf deified a young man’s eyes full of cold color. "So what we have to do now is to gather the summoning department to seduce the turbid gas of heaven and earth and transform it into a fiend."
At this time, there is a grotesque clay sculpture in front of Yu Duxiu in the Hongjin Hall of Yujingshan Mountain. Every clay sculpture is constantly rising with turbidity.
"Fate is like a knife." Jade Duxiu’s fingers pointed out and fell on the clay sculptures.
"Coincidence? Actually just twelve fiend is really strange "looking at the front twelve clay sculpture jade Duxiu frown up.
"The rabbit god and the chicken god didn’t change to this achievement method. I didn’t expect that the residual soul of SIRS fiend entered the polluted air of the earth. Now I hope that the twelve fiends will establish a tribe to seize the opportunity to summon the residual soul of that fiend from the time and then add smelting. If it is resurrected by the fiend, it will be in big trouble." Jade Duxiu Xuan keeps deducing.
Jade bodhi old zu Yu Duxiu looked at the twelve clay sculptures in front of him and asked, "What is this ferocious thing?"
"O" jade show leisurely way
Looking at the fiend jade bodhi old zu a round of the eyes "I don’t know if this fiend is delicious"
"If you try, you will know that this fiend is the enemy in the earth. You can always borrow the earth’s strength to cultivate the turbid air in the sky. No one can force it to be suppressed." Jade Duxiu said
Jade bodhi old zu looked at jade Duxiu "really so much? How do the remaining races mix? "

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