Home is different. Compared with two machetes, meteorite is the contrast of husky wolves.
What? i’m going to say i’m a husky …
Chapter ninety-five smiled and said
Haria’s attack became more and more fierce. On the contrary, Luo Hou chose to throw a yellow charm and let Haria turn to attack and defend the yellow charm. There will always be a time when Haria’s physical strength will be exhausted
In this way, it is better for two people to see who falls first than luck.
Once there is an opportunity, Haria will choose close attack. I have to say that it is very risky for Haria to do that, but it seems that Haria is taking risks just to make the other side completely fall.
I was anxious when I saw it, and I really wanted to help Haria, but it was a little comfort to see Haria’s face without pressure.
Once again, Luo Hou threw out a Huang Fu, which was escaped by Haria. Haria flashed behind Luo Hou as quickly as possible, and I was about to cut it with a knife, but I didn’t know when a Huang Fu appeared in Luo Hou’s hand.
"Haria!" My consciousness is called out, but by that time it was too late. Huang Fu had already posted Hariya’s body, and Hariya’s knife was cut from Luo Hou’s right shoulder.
Not much to say is to tear up the belly of Haria before, and then to help Haria back. But Luo Hou was not so lucky. His shoulder wound festered at a very fast speed. I can see that Haria is gathering all the rage, but Haria’s pale face is not so good.
I took a pass to Huang Fu and took a closer look at the operator road. I couldn’t be familiar with it. I put my hand on Haria’s abdomen and sensed that the Yin qi had entered Haria’s body.
"Puppet art of Yin and Yang …" I read the name lightly. When Haria heard it, she knew how much trouble it was.
"Don’t let me lose consciousness when you talk to me all the time." Hariya kept saying, "I’ll try to force this group of Yin qi out, and the rest is up to Mulin."
I nodded, naturally, because Bai Haria meant puppet art. Although I could keep my consciousness for a while, the rune slowly swallowed up the brain memory after entering the brain, and then it really became a puppet.
The solution is simple, that is, let the performer understand. I don’t think Luo Hou can understand puppet art so easily.
It is rare for me to see so many words for the first time in my life. Although Haria answered, I could see that it was difficult for her to open her mouth.
Luo Hou’s wound is still festering, but obviously this game is to let him take the wind. I don’t want to care about any rules. Without saying anything, it is a curse to go to Luo Hou.
"You don’t want to compare puppet art with me, so let’s see who will have more puppets." I sneer at one and curse.
It never occurred to me to tell the nine-character mantra to so many people at the same time. At this time, I remembered Qu Yi, who had so easily controlled all our thoughts. This time it was my turn, but I felt more difficult.
I divided my consciousness into several parts and forced my way into these ghosts one by one. Some of them are low in ability, but others are more difficult.
If it is really simple to control a person, when my consciousness is divided into several parts, the strength of each part will decrease.
I think my head is going to explode, but I’m still holding my handprint and screaming!
Those ghosts under my control consciously came behind me and lined up around Luo Hou, and there were not many ghosts left. I know that although I have enough advantages, these ghosts can be said to have not much fighting capacity.
"Xiao Lin, hurry up. Hariya won’t last that long." One side of the earth cried.
I led these ghosts under my control to approach Luo Hou step by step, and those uncontrolled ghosts around Luo Hou left for nothing.
Luo Hou kept covering his wound with his head down, and I approached him step by step, which gave him enough pressure, but when I saw his left hand, he took out a large stack of painted yellow symbols unhurriedly. He looked up at my mouth and revealed an elusive smile.
I will completely cut Luo Hou’s right hand before pulling out the meteorite! Luo Hou fell to the ground and screamed, and then I saw his throat was tied up and moving rapidly. I knew he was cursing. At this time, the other side shouted, Haria! Answer me quickly!
I get it. Luo Hou has always been a spell-walker, so that puppet art can be released quickly. If the puppet art in Haria’s body is completely released, even Ying Zheng can’t save Haria!
I can’t kill Luo Hou, and no one can solve the puppet art except him. My consciousness is to unload Luo Hou’s left hand, and Luo Hou is still screaming. After that, he almost choked back and continued to perform the operation. Even I have some tricks.
I grabbed Luo Hou’s hair and threatened him with the meteorite, saying, "Go on, you read my horse and cut your body piece by piece to feed the ghosts behind me. You also know the law of ghost birth. If you die, you can be his ghost."
Luo Hou still didn’t stop. Although his throat vomited blood long ago, he didn’t stop. When the other side shouted Haria’s name, I understood that Luo Hou was ready for mutual destruction!
After reading all the mantras, Luo Hou left me a bleak smile and said in my ear, You don’t know the law of life here. I am dead, but I will still be born again that day … hahaha …
I really can’t listen to it. Meteorite is a cut in the throat of Luo Hou.
I learned the mantra of controlling the ghost, and my brain felt a little relaxed. When the ghost saw Luo Hou dead, he knelt in front of me and asked me to take them in. Where did I care so much now? I went to Haria and saw that she had fallen unconscious.
I can’t help but look at me. I can call Harria’s name over and over again, hoping that she can hear me and answer me, but it’s all in vain.
I looked at Haria’s situation, but it can be said that most of her consciousness has been controlled by puppet art, and it will take only five minutes at most for Haria to be completely controlled.
I told myself to calm down and figure out a way, but my brain was like a mess and I couldn’t figure out a way to do it. I was much calmer than I was at this time. Look at me and ask me, is there a nine-word truth?
I can’t think of a better way for him. Maybe there is one.
If I don’t think about it, I will once again make a nine-character mantra and force my consciousness into Haria’s consciousness.
I can describe what I saw after entering Haria’s consciousness. You can understand that there is no way out before and after. A girl is still fighting the enemy in front of her. Although her own consciousness is gradually decreasing, her meager strength has not stopped fighting.
I wanted to control Haria’s last consciousness to help her fight against puppet art, but Haria’s consciousness resisted me. At that time, I was like an audience who could watch Haria struggle but could not help.
I don’t know where Haria got so much courage, but I changed my mind and chose to control puppet art when I cheered for Haria alone.
I tried to control puppetry by force, but the effect was minimal. When I saw that Haria’s consciousness slowly regained a little territory, it was a little chicken blood for me, and I was desperate to pour my consciousness into puppetry.
I couldn’t say how excited I was when I watched Haria’s consciousness slowly regain her own consciousness. I was afraid that Haria’s head couldn’t bear such a big pressure and she chose to quit.
Look at me nervously and ask, what’s up? How’s it going?
I felt a little collapsed. I looked at her and said that I would continue to encourage her. She hated being strong and had been fighting puppet art. I was afraid that her brain could not stand the pressure. Three different consciousness appeared in Haria’s mind. I was afraid that she could not stand it. I wanted to control Haria’s consciousness and help her fight against puppet art, but Haria refused. She wanted to solve this problem by herself. All we could do was to encourage her.
When I heard it, I didn’t say what it meant to sit next to Haria and recite the scriptures. I finally knew that the ghost that I had controlled still stayed with me, as if it didn’t mean to leave.

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