Red bullets have explosive effect, and blue bullets can freeze objects. Inflammation bullets and ice bullets are two special bullets that hunters often use.
The big eyes use closed eyelids to defend themselves just like the giant corpse demon. When two special bullets hit, the flame and frost showed their power, which made the big eyes’ eyelids red and frozen out with frost.
It’s a pity that it seems impossible to kill this monster just like this.
The big eyes suddenly opened their eyes, and the deep light in the pupil whirled like a whirlpool.
In the Mercedes-Benz, the hunter suddenly felt that the uncontrolled rampage of Xing Yun made him feel uncomfortable in the chest and his mouth was immediately bloodshot.
The middle-aged man took out a pick to play the musical instrument. The pick had a dragon pattern for a moment. He flicked the pick and there was no sound in the hall, but a wave swept away in the direction of big eyes like waves.
This wave quickly passed by the big eye, and the light in the big eye pupil suddenly twisted, so the foreign body kept staggering and jumped off the door.
At the same time, the hunter’s runaway star aggregates gradually calmed down.
Looking at the big-eyed middle-aged man blocking the door, he turned around and chose another door to escape by himself. He quickly passed by the giant corpse demon and stopped. Although he was not dead, he seemed to have no strength to move.
at this time
The big eyes at the door flew up again, and the dance of the plexus behind explained the mood of the black people at the moment.
The black light in its eyes transformed into a bloody beam with a black arc in an instant.
The hunter screamed intuitively, and the middle-aged man threw himself on his head and narrowly avoided passing the beam overhead, watching it hit a stone pillar and blow it to pieces.
As soon as the giant eyes of anger were shot down, they floated like jellyfish towards the unlucky hunter and fired a beam of light from a commanding position, which blew up the hall.
Suddenly, a few giant resin demons like candles in the wind suddenly jumped up and hugged the big eyes and dragged them up.
The giant corpse demon grabbed his big eyes with one hand and made them roll with blue’ tears’. The other hand held his head above his head and held it in a fist, making a blazing white flame.
The broken fist makes the hunter in the distance a shell.
The’ cannonball’ hit the big eye, but the latter closed its eyes from time to time, and the white flame splashed, and the big eye bounced out and then floated half.
When I opened my eyes again, there was already anger inside.
Anger needs to be vented, so a dark red beam of light with a deep color explodes to bombard the giant corpse demon. Although the giant corpse demon raised his arm to block, the dark red light of his arm and body melted quickly.
When the light converges, the giant corpse demon’s bust has disappeared, along with the troll’s heart buried in it.
Looking at the left bust, the giant corpse fell to the ground, and the irate look in the big eyes faded a few minutes. As soon as it remembered the hunter, it swept around the hall.
The bad luck hunter is hiding behind the high stone chair at the moment. This position just blocks the line of sight of big eyes. The middle-aged man looks a little pale but still calm.
He made a preliminary assessment of this big eye.
It has the attack means that the red beam power can be adjusted, and the normal situation is the heavy artillery level; A dark red light beam with a color like that just now has reached the level of urban weapons with super high temperature and impact force. If exposed to that light beam, it will directly vaporize in a second or two.
In addition, it can also interfere with the opponent’s energy, make the opponent’s energy run out of control, and finally control the opponent’s instantaneous movement
Judging from these abilities, this big eye is dangerous enough to threaten its own life
Make a comprehensive evaluation of your rank ability and equip it with several special things. The hunter finds that the chance of killing this big eye is 4% even lower.
But if you run for your life, your chances of success are at least 70%
Save your life first.
The hunter had made up his mind, and then he felt a sense of oppression and rushed out of the stone seat without hesitation.
Sprint and look at the foreign body at the same time.
There is a blood-red light spot in front of the big eye hanging half an eye, which is a harbinger that the beam will be released soon.
It obviously found itself, but did not immediately release the light beam, but drew itself out with the help of the oppressive feeling generated by energy condensation.
The middle-aged man suddenly thought of the stone seat. Is this thing worried about damaging the stone seat?
Does the stone pedestal mean something to it?
Wouldn’t that be a shield for that stone?
No, the stone pedestal won’t move. If I use it as a shield, it is bound to move in the center, which runs counter to my original intention of fleeing the hall.
I gave up this tempting idea and dodged a beam attack. The hunter fired a shot, but after it popped out of the chamber, it split into hundreds of fine raindrops.
This is the hunter’s "arrow rain" ability, which is densely deformed but its power is obviously reduced. The "bullet rain" not only covers the big eyes, but also hits the surrounding walls with murals to make small holes.
Close your eyes to block this hail of bullets. When you find that the mural has been damaged, your eyes are burning with anger.
The hunter felt its anger and complained about the destruction. It seems that you are still ruining the hall.
Of course, he is not stupid enough to reason with a black citizen and pay more attention to the other party’s double standard.
Taking advantage of the’ hail’ shadow to look at each other, the hunter ran towards the gate connected to the abyss cloister, counting that when the hail disappeared, he took out a crystal ball with spider patterns.
Inject the stars and throw them back.
The crystal ball was thrown at the big eyes, and the half-expansion crack bloomed with bright light.
The light spread to form a cobweb-like thing covering the big eyes.
On the verge of covering the big eyes, the figure suddenly faded and the optical net was covered.
Re-emergence has been located in the abyss corridor!
Right now!
The hunter is waiting for this moment. He injects the star into the bad luck pistol and switches the special bullet in the gun to the most powerful’ thunder’.
Point the pistol at the door and press the gun!
A thunderstorm like a ball of light blasted into the abyss corridor.
The cloister suddenly exploded with a thunderbolt!
Click click-
It makes people feel palpitation, shatters and rings. The abyss cloister quivers slightly. This crystal bridge hanging in the abyss gently gives a meal.
However, it didn’t fall off as the hunter expected.
The middle-aged man opened his eyes wide and clearly saw that Lei Guang disappeared. There was a shallow pit with a diameter of meters and cracks all over the rear axle, but it didn’t blow up the bridge as he expected.
It turned out that once the bridge was blown up in his plan, the attraction of the abyss would pull away the big eyes, but he underestimated the hardness of the abyss corridor. I didn’t expect that his most powerful bullet would only scrape the skin of this crystal bridge.
Then he felt a strong anger.
Bridge’s big eyes were about to burst into flames, and then his anger turned into a dark red beam and blew straight into the door.
Ready, the hunter’s beam has struggled to the left of the door before it blasted out.

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