"Mom a ba! You are an old baby pimple! Ok! Let me know who you want! We must be able to train this unit into a bayonet that is inserted into the enemy’s heart! Just pick whatever you want! Don’t just pick the old ones! "
"Ha ha ha!" Comrades all laughed! Goofy a wrist "thank you for your eldest brother! That brother, I’m welcome! One more thing, my team members must take special care of their food! Because we are super physical exertion! Replenish energy when necessary! Otherwise, you can’t train! "
"Smelly little! When the fuck have you ever been polite to an old man? It’s very kind of you not to do it! Go! Hands and feet dry! Although the food in the army is not very good, I try my best to ensure that there is meat every day! " High flew away Wang Da looked at Li Tie "Lao li! Don’t say it! The commander trained by foreign ghosts is just unusual! If this one flies so high, then tens of millions! You can’t wipe out the northeast! "
"hey! Call you a foreigner! Anyone can become a special warfare player! Goofy and his gang went to ten altogether! And the result? No one can really graduate except Gao Fei, Qin Zhonghao and Lu Haitao! Two students, I heard from Lao Gao, and finally seven people graduated! We have three in China! "
"Ha ha ha! So it’s still better for us in China! Go, go, go We also have to train troops quickly! Let’s race with Yingshan Minefield! "
"That’s true! And faster than him! " Two people talking and laughing out of the war room!
Gao Fei came to the training ground, and the morale of the brigade was high. He came to a regiment of Zhang Xiao’s troops and suddenly found that a soldier was racing against the sun and everyone else was training!
He walked over and kicked him down. "Get up!"
"Who’s that? Want to die! What’s wrong with taking a break? " This little Teng jumped up! Reaching out is quite neat!
"What’s your name?" Asked the little neck to fly a colder "with what to tell you! Who are you? "
"unbridled! This is us. "Wang Xiaofei just wanted to say that he was stopped by Gao Fei." Why don’t people train you? "
This little one is not cold-headed "cut!" Training for what? What a fart! Being able to fight is considered to be capable! "
Yo! So you are quite capable! What do you order? “
Anything will do.
"Not za brag than! You can do anything! " This small look is a soldier of fortune!
Goofy smiled "ok, small! Then let’s compete! How was it? If I lose, you’ll never train again! If you lose! It belongs to the old management! Miss? "
"Yes! I’ve never met anyone! Just say how to compare it! " So this little name is Wang Laogan! Really dare to do it! Fly high to "one for marksmanship, two for grappling, three for bayonets!" How about it? "
"yes! So be it! " Wang Lao dared to come to the gun target and just wanted the gun to fly high to "wait! This target is dead! People are living kids, so you can beat them! I will play and move! "
"ok!" Goofy way "Wang Xiaofei! Hang the broken wine bottle! "
"yes! Captain! " Wang Xiaole ran to a hundred meters and hung a bottle. The bottle shook and flew high to "Please put Comrade Lao Dare!"
Wang Lao dared to look at the bottle and didn’t even aim at it. It was a shot and a bottle was broken!
"good!" The soldiers gathered around to wake up! Goofy reached out and Wang Lao dared to hand him the gun. Goofy took the rifle and smiled, "If I hit the bottle again, it would be meaningless! Watch! " A flock of birds flew high in the sky and saw that raising their hands was a shot. Bang! Two sparrows fell off! One shot, two shots! Amazing! I was dumbfounded when I saw Wang Laogan. "I said that you are blind!"
Goofy laughed. "You have a look!" If Wang dares to feel ashamed, he can call, but he can’t do it with one shot! This is not just a question of accuracy! It’s a matter of accurate eyes and ranging!
"You win! A grab fight! " Wang dared to adjust her clothes and put on a hand-held goofy smile "Guazhang! I didn’t expect our anti-union talents to come forth in large numbers! Please! " He waved to there without posing. "Stop posing! Come on! " If Wang Lao dares to fly forward, it’s a palm on his chest! There is a strong wind hanging! Goofy shouted "Come on!" Grab the claw shape and grab it at his wrist! If you dare to exclaim "eagle claw work vigorously! Good! " Suddenly, the two of them are good at wandering around and changing tricks. It’s not bad that Wang Lao dares to practice at the same age as Goofy. He can walk a dozen times with Goofy hands!
Goofy doesn’t want to fight with him. Suddenly, a "throat locker" Wang Lao dares to pull out his iron palm and go straight to Goofy’s wrist! Goofy suddenly changed his tactics, and his right hand snapped at his left wrist and threw his back like a flash! Will if you dare to fall down, your ass will hurt!
"Aye, yes! This is not eagle claw skill! " Wang dares to grin and laugh at Goofy. "What do you care about my kung fu? It is good kung fu to be able to throw you down! "
Wang Lao dares to get up and rush in with a wave of his iron palm. After a few exchanges, he is kicked to the ground by Goofy! This little guy simply can’t get away with it. "Don’t fight!"
"How? Give up! "
If you dare to nod, "you win! The last one is no match! You win two out of three games! "
"Don’t lie! Always let you lose your heart! Get up! Fight bayonets! "
"Black! Old really don’t believe it! You can win the bayonet fight! I have been fighting for more than ten years! It depends on the unique skills! " Wang Lao dared to jump up and fly the bayonet without a bayonet, but pulled out his sniper rifle saber from his boots. It is also a special kind of army thorn, but the blade is shorter and wider than the general army thorn!
32 soldiers selection
"hey! What is this? What is it to look down on me? With such a short knife and an old trick! This is a real knife! Stop! "cried Wang Dare.
Goofy smiled "your ya can beat this knife in my hand! Feel free to stab! Don’t worry! Bring it on! "
Wang Lao dares to fly and pounce on the three big covers in his hand and stab Gao Fei with bayonets! Goofy flashed sideways and clung to Wang Laogan’s bayonet and whirled 36 degrees! The back of the bayonet in his hand has been set, and he has a neck!
Wang Lao dared to be hoodwinked at once! If this were a battlefield, he would have been strangled! Throw three big covers "I lost! You dispose of it! "
Goofy knife picked up his three big cover and handed it to him. "? Still not angry! "
Wang Lao dares to be sincere and "has been fighting for more than ten years!" Today is an eye! Yes! "
Gao Fei laughed. "Do you want to play ghost with me?"

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