But this time, the second blood demon retreated in some special positions, which happened to be the most positions of the spirit-eating worms.
As a result, this second The Hunger Wangshan has dropped more than a dozen spirit-eating insects.
Two spirit-eating worms are enough to make the second blood demon king upset. Now there are more than a dozen spirit-eating worms, and the second blood demon king is naturally more worried.
It’s a pity that he didn’t even worry because Xu Ren wouldn’t give him a chance to eliminate the hidden dangers of those spirit-eating insects
Xu Ren body flash again and again rushed to the front of the second blood Lord.
The second king of The Hunger was also angered by Xu Ren, so he couldn’t understand how many second blood demons there were. What Xu Ren stared at him?
Anger II King The Hunger instilled his physical strength into his own sword and then quickly cut it to Xu Ren.
There was another loud noise, and this time it was louder than the last one.
Xu Ren’s body retreats. I have to say that the second blood Lord is still very powerful after being forced to be nasty.
Of course, Xu Ren was shocked back by the power of the Second Blood Lord, and the situation of the Second Blood Lord was not much better. He also deliberately took care of Xu Ren and flew directly to the spirit-eating swarm.
The second king of The Hunger wants to scold his mother. It’s true that this human being is so bad that every time he attacks, his purpose is not simple. You look at him as if he is competing with you for strength, but in fact, he has calculations every time, and he can’t solve those calculations.
Two blood demon king’s body passed through the group of spirit-eating insects, and a dozen spirit-eating insects fell on his body.
Chapter one thousand and thirty Pre-war demon king
Several times by Xu Ren calculation that two blood devil body has climbed more than 30 bite spirit worm.
More than 30 spirit-eating worms gnawed at the body at the same time, even the second king of The Hunger felt uncomfortable.
Of course, it’s not just the gnawing of the body by the spirit-eating worms that make this blood demon feel uncomfortable. Those spirit-eating worms also devour his power all the time.
This is the most terrible thing. If he drives those bugs away, his strength will be swallowed up by those bugs sooner or later.
The second blood demon king has a faint feeling in his heart that these spirit-eating worms are not in the strongest state. If these spirit-eating worms devour his more power, they will surely become stronger.
Of course, this may not happen for a short time, but since it is possible, he has to drive these spirit-eating insects away from his body as soon as possible.
But when he was in a state where I’m afraid he didn’t have that experience, he drove the spirit-eating worm away.
Xu Ren attacked again, but this time it was not a melee attack, but a sword shadow in Xu Ren.
The demon king who was bitten by more than 30 spirits and saw Xu Ren’s sword shadow immediately showed his body to dodge. He didn’t dare Xu Ren to recklessly fight the sword shadow, and he didn’t dare to let Xu Ren’s sword shadow get close.
But when the Second Blood Devil escaped, he didn’t notice his escape direction, and there were more than a dozen spirit-eating worms waiting there.
Consequences can be imagined. The second blood demon king once again has more than a dozen spirit-eating worms.
By this time, the second king of The Hunger knew that Xu Ren’s sword shadow had ulterior motives.
This second king of The Hunger is going crazy because he thinks Xu Renshi is so insidious that even he can’t stand this inferno.
It’s a pity that even if the second blood demon king feels angry to the extreme, he takes Xu Ren’s way.
On strength, Xu Ren is stronger than he is, and on mind, he is even worse than Xu Ren. When the situation is very serious, the five of them, two kings of The Hunger, barely managed to make Xu Ren an invincible situation. What else can he do? You can’t just run to the front and argue with Xu Ren.
In this way, the second king of The Hunger can also knock out his teeth and swallow them in his stomach, and then look for opportunities to cooperate with his four second blood demons to find their faces.
Even the second blood demon king himself knows that he wants revenge on Xu Ren, fearing that there is little hope that he will not be counted by the other party, even if he wins.
He several blood demon king although not bite spirit worm body, but the situation is not optimistic, in addition, they also don’t recognize today in the face of Xu Ren will have a chance.
Of course, these five two kings of The Hunger are not hopeless. They want him to defeat their opponents and then come here to attack Xu Ren together, so they still have a chance to win.
It’s a pity that these five Blood Demons’ ideas are good, but it’s very difficult to realize them, because their situation is not much better. It’s not for a while that they want to defeat their opponents. Maybe by that time, they will all be covered with those terrible bugs, and it’s unknown whether they can survive.
I feel that the idea of the five two The Hunger kings has changed, and Xu Ren once again released two hundred spirit-eating worms.
As a result, he released the spirit-eating worm and reached 500.
The number of five hundred spirit-eating worms has reached a quarter of all the spirit-eating worms in Xu Ren. Although it is still a method to kill five two The Hunger kings, if these five hundred spirit-eating worms fall into the same blood demon king, the two The Hunger kings can’t afford it.
Fortunately, when the two kings of The Hunger still have a numerical advantage, it is still very difficult for them to threaten their lives after the 500-person-eating worms take action.
However, even if this five hundred spirit-eating worm method kills five two blood lords at the same time, these five two blood lords dare not be careless because they don’t know if Xu Renshen still has such a bug. If the bug is hundreds more, even if they have five two blood lords, it is not easy to be afraid to deal with it.

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