"I don’t blame you, but I hope you don’t blame me."
Lv Dongbin and Nagataka are good friends, and now they face Nagataka with extraordinary bearing.
"Good today, whether we win or lose, we don’t hurt our feelings."
The long room is also extraordinary in spirit.
Fairy knows that Changfang is unusual today, and he has no mind to fight alone.
After the salutation, the fairy went to the long room together.
Immortals join forces to fight against the Long House Magic Skill.
Two powerful forces are fighting against the sea surface, and the waves are raging. The fish and shrimp in the East China Sea have been greatly affected, and several fish and shrimp have fled to the deep sea.
Pangolin hides in the water with red eyes. Looking at the sky, I can’t wait to see the long room and the fairy lose both sides.
The confrontation between the immortals in the long room is no longer a simple fairy fight, but a fight between heaven and earth.
The confrontation between the two sides has caused more and more serious impact.
You Dadong Sea is divided here.
Lv Dongbin sensed that something was wrong.
"It’s not the way to go to the long house like this. The East China Sea will disappear because of us. Let’s recover our strength together."
Changfang promised to come, "Okay, I’ll count to three and then we’ll collect the work together."
Long room although into the magic, but others are obvious to all, this time is the slightest doubt about him.
Yu Changfang will not doubt his friends.
If this is pangolin today, both sides can’t be so relieved.
-Changfang Xiandu is ready to receive work.
Chapter 57 Tao heart free time in the magic.
Pangolin has been lurking in the deep sea for a long time.
Long room and fairy stop situation is not what he wants to see.
Pangolin is ready to make a move when it counts to two in the long room.
Pangolin jumped up in the deep sea and attacked Xianhe Changfang at the same time.
The magic gas devours the long room and the fairy.
Xianbu was seriously injured and fell to the east China sea coast. Lingli’s face became extremely ugly.
"Pangolin, you scumbag"
"Ha ha ha-"
Pangolin laughed wildly and felt proud of his victory.
"Xianchangfang, you will all die in my hands today."
"From now on, my pangolin will have the final say."
Pangolin’s arrogance is back.
"Pangolin, your life is really hard and you are still alive." Lv Dongbin looked at Pangolin and sneered.
Although he is at a disadvantage now, it is impossible to ask him to pangolin.
Lv Dongbin, the founder of the open and pure Yang, lacks boldness of vision most.
"It is true that my pangolin is deadly." Pangolin laughed.
Fairy looked at pangolin calmly and said, "You won’t be a good person until you get your life back?"
She had a lesson about pangolin’s hard life.
In the past, pangolin was hit by the needle of the mountain god, leaving a wisp of residual soul, and Guanyin Bodhisattva personally came forward to save his life.
Pangolin was a little excited when she heard this. "I also want to be a good person, but you don’t give me this chance."
Fairy looked at pangolin coldly and said, "Pangolin, no one has stopped you from being a good person, but you don’t want to be a good person yourself."
Pangolin’s mind moved for a while and looked at Xiangu and said, "Xiangu, I am willing to be a good person, but if you want to marry me, I can still let Xianren give up the magic road. No one can find our place to live a good life."
Fairy girl’s face showed a Nai color "You still don’t want to be a good person yourself."
"At this time, you still want to intimidate me to satisfy your own desires."
"Pangolin, I don’t like your situation, even if I like you, so what? My heart for seeking truth is tempered and determined. It’s impossible for me to be immersed in love and give up everything I’ve been chasing."
"You give up!"
Fairy maiden’s words were very calm and her voice was not high, but it was only in this flat light that she showed her firm mind.
"Fairy, do you mean that I can’t get you if I talk about it?" Pangolin rage
"No common goal, no common goal, pangolin, you are too narrow-minded." Sister-in-law doesn’t want to talk to pangolin any more.
She tried to make pangolin go the right way.
She also tried to make pangolin her fellow friend, but pangolin was too persistent.
Especially pangolin plot against days later, she completely gave up influencing pangolin.
Pangolin was angered by Xiangu’s attitude. "Xiangu will fight heaven after I kill your fairy."
"I want me to be the only one in the three worlds, and those who obey me will die."
Pangolin was completely inspired by the attitude of nun 1.
"You can’t do it."
When pangolins show off their power and prestige, Ling said without telling the eldest room
"You will die in the long room."
Pangolin roots don’t talk nonsense with Nagano. After hearing Nagano say this, he directly attacked Nagano with a palm.

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