"Are you really Li Xiaoyao?"
God confirmed it once.
At an early age, Li Xiaoyao patted his chest and said very seriously, "I am really Li Xiaoyao."
"Well, come here at midnight tonight and I’ll teach you martial arts."
Days to Li Xiaoyao said such a sentence and then turned away.
Leave a message for Li Xiaoyao and plan to go back to Fairy Island the day after tomorrow, but he just had this idea, but he thought of another person in his heart.
Lin Yueru, the No.2 heroine in The Sword and the Chivalrous Man.
Lin Yueru is a very interesting girl. Anyway, there is no reason to miss Lin Yueru because she has to hand out opportunities conveniently tomorrow.
She was born in a Wulin family, and she was chivalrous, hated evil, dared to love and hate her, and barely appreciated her sex.
Days even love limit to kill him in the future this incarnation Li Xiaoyao don’t mind training is even worse, Lin Yueru.
Lin Yueru is the only daughter of Lin Tiannan, the leader of southern Wulin, who lives in Linjiabao.
After some thoughts flashed in my heavenly heart, I went directly to the Lins’ Fort to meet with Lin Tiannan.
Lin Yueru is different from Li Xiaoyao.
Li Xiaoyao is a boy, even if you go to see him in the middle of the night, that’s so-called, but Lin Yueru is a girl. When distributing opportunities, you should also pay attention to Lin Yueru’s position, so as not to damage the other party’s name.
What should be paid attention to when men and women are seven years old?
Therefore, the day first came to Lin Jiabao to find the owner of Lin Jiabao.
"The Lord of Limburg is the Buddhist of Nanzhao Kingdom-Yue Bai came to visit today."
When the day came outside the Lins’ Fort, the sound of a thousand miles reached Lin Tiannan’s ear.
As soon as Lin Tiannan heard the auditions in the Lins’ Castle, he knew that it was a master door and hurried out to meet him.
Heaven has a peerless temperament, so Lin Tiannan noticed the sky at first sight after he came out. He came over and asked politely and without losing his demeanor, "The pavilion is Mr. Yue Bai."
Heaven admits
"Sir, please-"
Lin Tiannan Ma invited Tian Jin.
Although he has no friendship with Tian, the skill of Tian just now is enough to make him treat Tian as a government guest.
Day should be Lin Tiannan walked to the Lins’ fort.
Young Lin Yueru saw a guest hiding in the second door and peeping at his little head.
The fifth chapter towards the north sea dusk cangwu devil refined body
Lin Yueru is still young, although he is not handsome, but his appearance is excellent and he looks quite cute.
She hid in the second door and stole a look at the sky
God saw a gentle smile at Lin Yueru.
Lin Tiannan took Tian into the living room and gave Tian good tea.
Then he was very polite to ask questions to heaven.
"I don’t know what Mr. Yue Bai came to my Lin Jiabao?"
The leader of Yue Bai is the Buddhist of Nanzhao Kingdom. Before Lin Tiannan, he had never heard of Yue Bai’s famous friendship. It was strange that the other party suddenly visited him.
"I count your daughter, I have a mentoring relationship, and I’m here to accept my disciples."
God directly said that he had the meaning of accepting disciples.
He has shown his ability, and Lin Tiannan already knows that he is a peerless master. At this time, just say what he wants. There is no need to engage in those twists and turns.
So it’s very calm.
Lin Tiannan’s face changed. "Is Mr. Yue Bai going to accept my daughter as a moon disciple?"
"What is Mr. Wang going to teach her?"
Lin Tiannan, the leader of the Southern Wulin, generally wants to take his daughter, but he won’t consider it.
But the unfathomable sky really made him a little moved.
He wanted to know what God could teach Lin Yueru first.
"I know a little about martial arts, magic, astronomy, geography and things. What really matters is not what I want to teach, but what my daughter wants to learn."
Day light said
"Mr. Yue Bai still knows magic?"
Lin Tiannan could not help but ask.
"If I don’t know magic, I can’t be a Buddhist in Nanzhao."
It’s easy to smile
Lin Tiannan flashed a little thought in his heart and then he asked the sky, "Mr. Yue Bai, do you know blade master the fox alone?"
Without Yue Bai, the best player in the world should be blade master alone.
However, blade master, the disciple of Shu Mountain Palm, has a great reputation mainly among practitioners. Many ordinary people have heard of the title of Shu Mountain, but they have never heard of the title of Dugu Jiansheng.
"The palm of Shu Mountain taught me naturally that once upon a time, the whole human world also had the strength of a lone swordsman, but I could match it."
This is the time when heaven didn’t wake me up.
At that time, the master of human interface had a unique swordsman who could rival the leader of Yue Bai.

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