Cut the steel with a knife and flash a sound from behind Chirabi. Who is this not his master?
"Ding" is the sound of closing the knife into the sheath.
"Well" …
When Kirby reacted, he found that he had been cut in half
"Ah stunned" I knew that the apprentice would come to this trick. Fortunately, I had already taken the bait in two places. A bad laugh sounded from behind again, which provoked a burst of anger from Quirrell, but it was tolerable.
"All right, all right" is almost as light as kl. Let’s call it a day! It’s about to change shifts and go back. Look at your performance, big brother. I agree with you to apply for the China Tolerance Test.
"Yeah," Chirabie said, "I finally got paid."
It’s a dim night under the moonlight, and a short shadow is lying on the floor, breathing evenly and sleeping, while two middle-aged men are chatting not far away, which is naturally better than sleeping, and the other two are his teacher and his eldest brother.
This month, Nakasone felt that it was the easiest time for him to live after becoming a pillar force. Since then, his tail has been robbing the body control center all the time. He has had a very hard life, and he needs drugs to help him suppress bijuu every three days, which makes him feel strange. This month, his tail seems to be quiet and he doesn’t come out to mess up. He doesn’t even take drugs. Of course, it’s easy to live.
The end of this month passed very quietly. He saw that child through the deep well body, which made people feel like the six old men. It felt his breath through the deep well body, which belonged to the nature breath. It could feel that it was the thunder element from the breath, and the purity of the thunder element was even higher than that of the six old men in those years. It was curious that this child’s name was Qirabi, and chakra belonged to the nature. kl, you know, the energy of nature is very difficult to control! The most unexpected thing about a careless man who wants to die violently is that the natural breath of Chilabi actually makes his violent mood return to calm. Sometimes he will think that if he is his own strength, he will be friends with him like the six old men. Sometimes he thinks that if …
Chapter 15 Completion
* * words
At this time, it is dawn, and there are a few faint stars embedded in the pale blue sky. There is a white fog everywhere in the forest. There are three figures jumping constantly in the forest like fairyland, giving people an ethereal illusion. These three figures are none other than a team of Qirabi and three others. At this time, they are heading for Yunyin Village.
After all, it is the first time to finish all the way, and Kirby is very lively.
As time goes by, the sun rises slowly, and the white fog gradually dissipates. You can clearly see the ancient trees in the forest. The giant ancient vines are like a dragon, circling around three figures, and following an ancient tree, gently flicking in the direction of Yunyin Village, and the figure is gradually drifting away.
The breeze blows the green branches, and the dew keeps shaking. As the branches shake, the ancient trees and rocks make a "tick-tock, tick-tock" sound, and the surrounding is mixed with the smell of earth, flowers and plants, and the natural smell fills the surrounding area. All the scenes are full of vitality.
Shi sihao does not stop flowing away
"Howl, howl"
At this time, it was already dusk, and three figures Zou Ran appeared at the gate of Yunyin Village. These three people were none other than returning to Kirby and his party. After registering at the registration office, they went in the direction of Leiying office building.
Strangely, when a group of three people just walked into the street, they saw that the original bustling neighborhood suddenly became quiet, fearful, vigilant and repulsive, and various expressions appeared in the villagers’ eyes.
All the way, Kirby felt strange than he could never figure out what was so quiet in the noisy neighborhood just now, which made him even more puzzled. It was that all the people in the street seemed to be afraid of Mr. Shenjing. This feeling made people feel very unhappy, but the teacher seemed to be isolated by everyone. At this time, Kirby didn’t know that his teacher was a pillar of strength, and he wouldn’t even know why others looked at the teacher with such an expression. He wanted to ask, but in the end, there was no mouth. All the way, the three of them were very quiet, and the atmosphere quietly disappeared until they arrived at Lei Ying’s
Ai in the office of Leiying explained to the three generations of Leiying all kinds of things encountered, and proposed to give Kirby a test of patience and patience.
There are two ways for Yunyin Village to learn from tolerance. The first is to take the biennial tolerance test, and the second is for the elite to give an independent test to Lei Ying. Every elite has an opportunity to apply to Lei Ying for promotion of other people every year.
Of course, every elite will generally not move this quota, because this is a problem unless that person can be really excellent, that is another matter
Three generations of Lei Ying listened to the words and asked again, "What you said is true. Rabbi Quirrell really has the ability to block the position of forbearance. You know, he hasn’t graduated from school yet, even if he knows that he has the strength to graduate, it’s just forbearance! Moreover, after becoming a forbearance, you can be a ninja alone. Even so, do you still want to conduct a forbearance test? "
When he heard the thunder shadow, Kirby couldn’t help asking, "Isn’t Lord Thunder Shadow a ninja?" As soon as Chirabi finished speaking, Ai explained to Chirabi
"Endurance is just a beginner ninja. Every time it comes out, it must be led by an elite ninja. How can it be considered as a ninja? When a ninja becomes a ninja, he must face all this independently. Of course, it is usually carried out by a small team of three people. Unless there is an emergency, Zhongren will be carried out alone, and even if it is extremely short of people, it will not be sent out."
"Oh" Chirabi suddenly realized "Oh" and then said in a firm tone, "I decided to take a test because I believe I can win this position."
"Good" Lei Ying looked at Kirby with a firm face. "In that case, let’s make the test at 1 o’clock in the morning, while your opponent is the elite. You can pass the third driving range if you want him to be invincible in wartime."
"I will definitely pass," said Kirby, and then the three walked out of Leiying’s office.
Out of the deep well of Leiying’s office, I left early because of something. I looked at the eldest brother Kirby next to me, only to remember that because two people abused their clothes and ended, I took my eldest brother Ai to order clothes together.
As soon as the picture was changed, the boss of the store looked at the two departing guests with a smile and said, "Welcome next time."
With a face of pain than ai appearance "than you this is your eldest brother I as your wallet! I actually ordered ten sets as soon as I ordered them. Don’t you get your first salary yourself? "
"That’s my first salary. I have to leave it as a souvenir! And I’m your brother! It’s natural for eldest brother to buy things for younger brother. Besides … And … "
All right! Listen to the nagging than "ai" now only to find out that his younger brother is so good at talking, and remember the precious words when he first became sworn! It seems that Kirby didn’t talk because he didn’t know himself very well at that time. Mm-hmm. Ai Ru thought of it
I’m exhausted. As soon as I got back to the house at night, Kirby put the meat he bought on the ground and then lay down on the sofa to rest.
"Brother Bi, I’ll take a shower and cook. I’ll leave it to you." Ai said and turned and walked towards the bathroom. Soon there was running water in the bathroom.
"ah! What is me? " Kirby complained with his eyes slightly open
"Because your cooking is delicious," Ai Yin came out of the bathroom.
"All right!" Quirabi surrendered, and his eyes narrowed again. Soon he fell asleep again.
I don’t know how long it will be before I feel itchy behind my back. Quirrell will slowly open his eyes.
"Ah" moment his eyes stare and make the gods cry suddenly sounded.
I was startled by the sudden call. "Ai" was very dissatisfied and looked at Kirby and said, "Ah! What! Isn’t it just to rub your back? Making a fuss is so big that it scared me. "
"Eldest brother, I’ll wash it myself if you go out" to react, Kirby promptly blew Ai out of the door and then gave the door with a bang.
Nima, although he is a five-year-old child now, he is an adult at heart! I can’t bear to look straight at the picture of a big man bathing himself.
"Is it really necessary?" Ai shook his head inexplicably and went to the kitchen.
After a few minutes, he got dressed and took a breath before he slowly walked out of the bathroom. It really scared him just now.
Chapter 16 Special Endure ()
When eating quietly again, I suddenly recalled the scene that the villagers showed when they returned to the village at noon. Qirabi looked at his eldest brother Ai with a hesitant face.
"Big Brother" seems determined, like Kirby asking, "Do you remember the strange scene when we went back to the village and passed the street today?"
Yeah, AI looked up. "Did you find out? But it’s strange not to notice it! "
"Do you know bijuu?" Aidao
Bijuu Kirby was surprised. "Is the teacher a pillar of strength? Yes, it must be like this. Being an anime fan, he certainly knows the sad scene of the column force in the Huoying world. "
It seems that you also know that bijuu Ai’s face is indeed like this. "Yes, your teacher is a pillar of strength."

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