For Liu Boqin, he is half curious and half surprised, and there is nothing to hide.
"Ha ha, little Taoist is really a good chance. Why do you Taoists always pursue these imaginary things?"
Liu Boqin ha ha laugh tone is full of noncommittal seems to be some don’t believe in high ability to cultivate immortality.
"Although the trail is dull in qualification, I sincerely believe that I will get longevity in the future, so don’t laugh at the layman."
I’m not angry that Liu Boqin laughed at Gao Cai. It’s also true that Liu Boqin is straightforward and straightforward.
"Little Taoist has a good personality. Hehe, this meal is also ready to eat."
Talk to a few children and the meal will be ready.
"It’s not convenient to have my mother and my wife at home. Don’t be surprised, little Taoist."
Liu Boqin explained during dinner.
"The householder’s hospitality has made the path very grateful. Talk about blame."
Listening to Liu Boqin’s words, Gao Cai smiled and ate this meal. This is the first time that he has eaten Gao Cai, so he naturally won’t let go.
After dinner, Gao Cai talked with this Liu Boqin again, and then he was ready to go on from here. He had seen this Liu Boqin, and his wish was fulfilled. Naturally, he wanted to leave.
"Little Taoist, since you are determined to go, I won’t leave you, but I heard that Uighur Tiele’s nine surname is Turkic dispatch troops and 100,000 Yumen Tang Jun confronts you. You must be careful all the way through Yumen."
"Is there a war?"
Hearing Liu Boqin’s words, Gao Cai couldn’t help but be leng. I didn’t expect that there would be a war outside. I muttered thanks to Liu Boqin.
"I got some spiritual objects in the layman’s path to keep fit. Since I got the hospitality of the layman, I will reward the layman with this object."
Gotta go, Gao Cai’s heart moved inexplicably and immediately said that he was going to give this Liu Boqin a dozen drops of Jin Huoling honey, which can nourish the flesh, and this Liu Boqin’s strong flesh made Gao Cai unable to help but be horrified. If this Jin Huoling honey doesn’t know what the flesh will become, some people are looking forward to it, and this Liu Boqin is also a mortal, and he is not afraid that he will recognize Jin Huoling honey. The most important thing is Gao Cai’s confusion. I always feel that this Liu Boqin is not simple to be adjacent to Wuzhishan, but also so strong and powerful. This move is a good karma anyway.
Then he put a dozen drops of spiritual honey into a jade bottle and handed it to Liu Boqin.
"You little Taoist priest is thoughtful."
Liu Boqin took the jade bottle with a smile and didn’t pay attention to it. After all, Liu Boqin’s eyes are high and an ordinary Taoist priest can have what thing.
"Jin Huoling honey? It turned out to be such a treasure. "
Laughing, watching Gao Cai leave, chatting, hitting the cork of a jade bottle, and smelling this, his face suddenly changed, which seems unbelievable.
"With such a treasure to cooperate with me to collect spiritual objects for thousands of years, I can repair the dark wounds and not always suppress the strength. Oh, this is a big cause and effect. This little body is too clear. What guy can’t calculate me? I have to think of a way to pay back this cause and effect."
Then Liu Boqin a face of joy and nai muttered.
Chapter 30 fiend Tianwu
"Little Taoist, little Taoist, walk slowly."
Just when Gao Cai was about to walk out of the double fork ridge, he heard a huge yelling from behind and looked back in confusion.
Seeing Liu Boqin running from a distance with a spurge handle shouted to make Gao Cai wonder.
"Liu Jushi has something to do?"
Gao Cai doubts towards running Liu Boqin asked.
"Nothing is that the little monk gave me the quintessence. I smelled it for a moment, and it must be a treasure. Later, I told my mother about it. My mother was furious and blamed me for my lack of manners. I specially asked me to give my ancestors a wild Zhan Ji to the little monk. There is a war just ahead. This Zhan Ji can also protect you. Otherwise, I am afraid it will be difficult to go home."
Run to the front of Gao Cai Liu Boqin smiled and handed Gao Cai Zhan Ji.
Looking at Liu Boqin handed it to Zhan Ji, Gao Cai smiled slightly and didn’t mean to glance at himself. There was no mana fluctuation and it should be an ordinary weapon. When he didn’t refuse Liu Boqin’s kindness, he reached out and took it.
This take suddenly felt a strong pressure on yourself now, and I also felt that a heavy body was almost caught. This discovery made Gao Cai unable to help but think that Zhan Ji was so heavy
However, the spirit force did not find the ban, and this Zhan Ji material is not gold or iron. It seems that it is a material that you don’t know. The magic power is slightly poured into it, and it is even more handy to find that it is unblocked. I know that this should be a different treasure.
With a cushion in your hand, you will try your best to take care of yourself day and night. The physical strength is getting stronger and stronger. You also need a melee weapon, especially your own closet. There is still a lack of a weapon. This Zhan Ji seems to be just right for Liu Boqin to bow respectfully and hand in hand and say with smile, "Thank you for increasing the treasure of the layman, but it will be disrespectful."
"Little Taoist has made great efforts. This halberd is called Wild Halberd, which is a treasure in my ancestral mind. It is too heavy and few people can dance, but I am used to the steel fork. This halberd has been hidden at home and now it is just a gift."
See just physical force picked up Zhan Ji Liu Boqin also slightly discolored way
"Hey hey little monk don’t know if I can ask you that honey treasure is there? The old mother at home is old and the cold family wants to beg for a few drops for the old mother. "
After admiration, Liu Boqin’s rough face gave me a slight embarrassment and asked Gao Cai.
Hearing Liu Boqin’s words, Gao Cai couldn’t help but give him a wry smile. This powerful drop of golden fire honey can have the effect of body-building and soul-setting. Although he has only dared to drop it for a few days, he gave him more than a dozen drops enough for mortals to prolong life.
But this Zhan Ji is quite to his liking, and it’s no good giving this Liu Boqin a few drops of honey.
"If you get a treasure in the path, if the room likes nature, it is not only very effective, but if you give it to the layman’s hall, you need to be cautious. It is best to dilute it with water."
Said with a smile in the high just secretly take out a dozen drops of spirit honey and put it in a refined jade bottle to Liu Boqin.
"Well, thank you, little Taoist. I’ll go back and leave my mother, so I won’t delay the little Taoist’s journey."
Got the jade bottle. Liu Boqin was overjoyed at Gao Cai’s arch and quickly left here.
Gao Cai also turned around and walked towards Yumen.
When Gao Cai was on his way, Liu Boqin returned home soon and mixed this spiritual honey with a face of joy.
"It’s a pity that Birchin should be able to recover from the injury with this golden fire honey and those treasures."
An old woman in a palace costume with a dignified and kind face said lightly to Liu Boqin, who was beaming with joy.
"This wild halberd has nothing for us to repay this favor, and this little Taoist is authentic and too clear. Although his qualifications are not good, he has laid a foundation for Dan Cheng’s achievements in the future, especially this little self-proclaimed from Gao Laozhuang and Zhuang Zi, and he knows who his brother is. This favor can be rewarded in the future."
Liu Boqin said with a face of mirth
At this time, Gao Cai didn’t know that although he did everything possible to hide his body mana, he had been peeked at clearly and faintly, and he guessed his heel.
However, these are not high-level talents, so high-level talents are seeing a big war, a decisive battle between foreign Tang officers and soldiers.
Looking at the grassland at the top of the mountain, several armies fought in melee, and a number of blood and blood went up into the sky. spirit of war circled the battlefield, and every soldier lost his mind after his death. spirit of war continued to circle the battlefield, and the other army, spirit of war, fought.
This kind of scene makes Gao Cai lose heart. These blood Shaqi iron and blood spirit of war has formed a strange field. Once a practitioner enters here, he can operate his magic. He can fight with the flesh. If it is hundreds of thousands of people and hundreds of thousands of people, I am afraid that he must immediately observe the battle from a distance.
When my heart was horrified, Gao Cai remembered that these grassland tribes fought in the Tang Dynasty in the Central Plains just outside Yumen and blocked their way into the east soil.
If you want to go in, you have to cross the battlefield here to enter Yumen, but Yumen is even more heavily guarded in the current war. You can either wait until the battle is over, which may be months or years, or you can leap through the battlefield of tens of thousands of people.
Gao Cai knows in his heart that it is almost impossible to leap Yumen. Although Datang is a secular court, where in this world of ghosts and gods will it be the ordinary secular court that was known in previous lives, and there are many monks entering the court. Many big sects are stationed in Datang.
This Yumen is not an ordinary card in the past life, but a scary face that spans a hundred miles and is covered with several arrays to resist foreign attacks.
Even if there is no magic circle, the blood gas of hundreds of thousands of people will affect the aura of heaven and earth and let their own magic leap smoothly

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