At the level of Wu Zong, no one wants to die at all. Life is beautiful in vain, but what about Wu Zong? There are still a large number of diehard diehards who are unwilling to follow Jackie Chan’s Shintoism.
Mo Hu, who was chosen by that day, became an advanced martial art in a short time.
It’s even better than that Dong Tianjun, but it’s not like this. This is the result of the love given to him by a lot of faith in Feilong Heaven.
"Mo Hu Yanbo, I have something to tell you."
Chapter one hundred and seventy-one Expansion
It is impossible for the strong in Yang Guangshen’s Buddha realm to come to this small world because they are the strongest, that is, the so-called Wu Zong level, and even the so-called Wu Sheng is not particularly special.
If you try to force your way in, it may lead to the collapse of the world and the death of several lives in this world.
Then those creatures die and the karma will cover Yang Guang himself and have karma all over. Unless it is some special magic things, the consequences will be very serious.
It’s like the Southern World Corner Demon and the Knife Demon Super Demon, which has a career fire.
Even the fire can help them.
However, Yang Guang doesn’t know that it’s not bad that those demons come with fire.
Once all the causes and effects are destroyed, karma comes to a certain person, or his strong body will lead to the death of that strong person, and it is even possible that all the creatures in that ethnic group will be entangled in karma and die.
It’s like implicating nine families.
Even the emperor wudi level is hard to resist, right?
It is impossible for Yang Guangzhen to enter the flying dragon world, but it is ok to cast shadows in his world.
And strength can also reach since the level.
However, due to these times, a large number of beliefs have been directly given to Yang Guang’s world projection body, so he can become a so-called "fake indigenous"
It’s like when the angel Sam gained a lot of believers’ faith and heaven was blinded, so that those powerful angels came to the world of fighters.
If Yang Guang was not strong enough, it would have destroyed the martial world several times.
Now Yang Guang has become an "angel clan" at that time. Not only that, but his world projection also has the fighting capacity comparable to that of the primary warrior.
What’s more, due to a lot of faith, this projection of "warrior sage" is almost a powerful level of immortality and uncertainty.
Can people stop it?
The original Feilong world is the most powerful. Yanbo has been a little inflated these days, just like the poor and the rich have no good opportunities.
Unless you have strong self-control ability and others give you directions.
For a simple example, when China was just changing, many so-called Xishan coal bosses became rich, so they squandered their wealth easily.
In the end, many coal bosses can’t make a lot of money because they can’t mine a lot of coal, or because they can’t make a lot of money once they mine coal.
There are countless bankruptcies
In addition, there are some people who were poor before the demolition and got a lot of cash and real estate after the demolition. Most of them suddenly became rich and squandered a lot of money.
In the end, there are countless wives separated.

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