"You’re right, so they konoha face estimation is not very good? No one can get promoted as soon as so many ninjas are brushed off? "
"That you are really wrong! I heard that Konoha had an assessment a few years ago, when their new assessment method was promulgated. In that year, none of the three assessments passed the department and Konoha was brushed off, but no one made a fuss! "
"It must have been crushed by the top!"
"It’s not that the top level is directly stimulated. I really want to hear that there are still some children who have participated in the assessment with them. Although those children have failed to pass the assessment, they are more tolerant than most of them, not to mention that they have no face to make the last one. Go back and start to practice again!"
"True or false?"
"Of course it’s true, but I finally got the news!"
"If only a little act before making a preparation! They don’t brush off so many people and we can work hard. My mother knows that I am coming to Konoha and hopes that I can be patient! "
"Hey, who isn’t!"
The discussion in the hall became more and more heated, and the big people in the box became more and more cheerful! to be continued
Chapter 61 The second selection was unexpected.
"Welcome back to the competitive scene. The second assessment is about to begin. What is the purpose of our assessment? Then don’t say it must be to choose qualified forbearance. What about forbearance? Many people are patient and strong! But this is not the case.
When you are patient, if there is no higher rank in the team than you, then you may become a captain. For example, if a small group of five people have you and he is patient, then you will automatically become a captain. If there are two patients who are patient, you can still become a captain.
What does it mean to be captain? It means that you have to think about others’ lives, and you can’t play games any more. You don’t just hit the front by yourself or let your teammates do it casually. If the strength is crushed better, what if you encounter the situation of equal strength or you are crushed?
Then this time, the subject of your assessment is obvious, and you have to improvise.
This is the afternoon assessment, which mainly tests your ability to adapt to the situation and take care of yourself and your teammates, so the possibility of being promoted to Zhongren is very great. After all, after Zhongren, your teacher will rarely take you out to carry out it, but you need to go out to carry it out yourself. This is the biggest difference between Zhongren and Zhongren, and forbearance is carried out alone. Of course, this is beside the point!
Face began to enter the formal assessment! "
"There are 9 contestants in 3 teams! The back of the arena is a dead forest with leaves of wood, where many people have indeed died. Thanks to such scary names, few people visit the dead forest, and unfamiliar people will die!
Each of your teams will get a scroll, which is paired in pairs. For example, team A will get the book, and team B will get the book with two copies, and they can only make the two scrolls together when they arrive at the Devil’s Falls in the middle of the Death Forest.
Failing to check all scrolls halfway! In the forest of death, besides those beasts, we have to worry about people!
Some people will ask, is it too little for three teams to be paired to get 15 teams?
Well, actually, I think it’s too much. I’d better be happy if seven teams are shortlisted! It’s not fun to take the third examination.
In addition, everyone will sign a life-and-death contract before leaving, and you may have received your teacher’s notice before, so I won’t explain it much!
Please ask our workers to start signing contracts with them! "
A group of people filed in with thick contracts in their hands and started signing them directly in the arena.
"Ah, we found something terrible in the dark! It turned out that someone was an impostor to participate in the selection screen switch. Let’s all see where the thief dared to do this. Did you dare to do this at the bottom of the five shadows? "
The dark workers immediately pulled the picture closer to the big screen of the arena and immediately showed the number of event centers!
"Ha ha who is so bold? How dare you do this? " The shadow of the earth laughs
He didn’t speak. He was going to see whose house it was and then go back to clean them up. Such a person simply doesn’t deserve to be a ninja.
"We are connected to the mute sister. Can the mute sister hear it?"
"Nonsense, you are the only one in the arena. How can I not hear you?"
"How do you find out!"
"Well, I asked about the taste of * * * * * * It was treated with a special potion, and then he was very clever. The taste of the potion was also treated, but it’s a pity that I happened to be a medical ninja who was really familiar with the taste of medicine …"
"I directly know that the other party is a fake by virtue of superb medical endurance, right?" Shu Mao’s tone was not very good, others didn’t notice it, and twelve Xiaoqiang left the incident center one after another! Clearly aware that something bad is about to happen.
"TuYing adults look down on us in your country? The ninja sent by the second team has actually obtained the qualification of ninja in your country, so what do you want to do in this assessment? Kill those geniuses who compete together? " Shu Mao didn’t ask the impostor in the arena, but asked the shadow directly.
"This ….." Tuying was blindsided, too. He really knew the man who switched out on the big screen, and he knew that he had become a forbearing person. Tuying also valued him very much!
"Don’t worry, let me ask what’s going on?" Tuying hurriedly greeted several shadows around him, which really sent his own effective department to kill those potential newcomers! I don’t blame Shu Mao for being in a hurry
"Red pill your brother? Why do you want to be an impostor? "
"Tu Ying’s adult, I’m sorry. I didn’t tell you the truth. My brother died in that incident. I’ve been pretending to be my brother. My brother’s wish is to endure in the exam …"
"Really? This is your explanation? I know that these people who came to Muye to participate in the assessment of forbearance were threatened by forbearance. If there is no reasonable explanation, then you can’t take this person back! " Shu Mao directly quarreled with the shadow of the soil.
"That’s right. If we die in the selection of Konoha, many outstanding people will bear it. What will others think of us? We deliberately arranged for people to go in and slaughter those who endured? It’s not impossible to say that it’s hard to hear and cause war! You are all ready to break the family’s promise. Don’t you detonate the war? " Gang Shou’s words are getting sharper and sharper!
"I I really don’t know!" The shadow of the earth is now one head and two big ones!
"Onogi I also want to know what! Do you have such a plan? " It’s a good thing LeiYing didn’t get mad on the spot.
"TuYing adult you want to make trouble the whole assessment plan is obviously wrong? Don’t tell me if you have such a motive, and don’t tell me if you know that it’s a violation of the assessment rules to let someone who is already a patient take the assessment. If you don’t give me a statement, then I don’t want my department to take the assessment with you! " Shui Ying is not a vegetarian either.
Feng Ying kept his head down and didn’t know what to think!
"What do you say, Lord Feng Ying?"
"ah? Me, it’s very simple. Kill that person and continue the assessment. If he is found at the assessment site, he will continue to kill those who violate the assessment rules. What is it like to meet a ninja in the assessment? " What is revealed in Feng Ying’s words is Sen Han’s murder.
Tuying was silent. When he heard the wind shadow, several of his shadows were silent.
"Well, since the trial has been made, it’s too simple. Please don’t move!"
When Shu Mao pinched a seal, he saw a flaming bird in the air. The bird flew to the impostor in lightning speed. I don’t know if it was the illusion of everyone or what it was. Everyone saw that the man had grown up and wanted to say something. It was a pity that these were all in vain.
The bird hit him instantly, and then the man finally put his hand on end. I don’t know what, but he pointed in the direction of the wind shadow, and then the man fell down.
Everyone in the field knows that Shu Mao is very strong, but they would never have thought that Shu Mao actually wiped out a forbearance with a snap of his fingers! Even several big names in the building and ninjas from all major countries who came to watch the game showed unexpected dignified expression.
"Can you hide from his move just now?" Two ninjas are discussing something with each other in a corner.
"I’m not sure. I feel that this is not another force!"
"That waste was still dead. That’s how orochimaru’s adult works. Fortunately, I didn’t replace that person, otherwise it would be me now! I can’t escape that trick! "
The sound slowly disappeared, and neither of them noticed what they were saying. A monitor recorded all their conversations without touching the ground, even their samples.

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