"Why don’t you take a good vacation to accompany your little wife to the company?"
"To help you solve problems" Pichai smiled and took out a USB flash drive and plugged it directly into his brain. "Look, this software view installation package has 215MB, which is extremely fast to start and its functions are not lost to Piasa and ACDsee."
Chen Bo tried to compare the starting speed of one or three softwares and the running speed of view, and the other two softwares have the functions of image editing and processing, which can be said to have yet to be improved, and the UI design has a rough original style, which seems to be half finished or more like a student graduating.
"Not bad. Where did you get it? You won’t send it yourself! "
"Of course not. This is a small workshop in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It was developed without a promotion network, and it was only in Italy that I found out. Moreover, they paid 1 euro in PayPal account by netizens to get the positive verification code," Pichai explained.
"Bosnia and Herzegovina? Enough bias "
Bosnia and Herzegovina claims that Bosnia and Herzegovina is a member of the former Yugoslav Federation, but its capital is certainly no stranger to Sarajevo, the fuse of World War I, and Archduke Ferdinand of the Austro-Hungarian Empire was assassinated. Italy is across the sea, with Croatia in the north and Serbia and Montenegro in the south, all of which belong to the Balkans.
The disintegration of Yugoslavia made the chicken feathers fight all over the place, and they were all of Slavic descent in the same strain as Lao Mao.
Chen Bo’s impression is that the Balkan Peninsula is a place where outstanding football players are left, but he really didn’t expect to make friends with it again.
"Who says it’s not, but this software is really excellent. Let’s take a look at it. I think some technologies can also be embedded in browser design."
"But it’s not enough to invite their workshop to visit Silicon Valley and talk about this problem by the way" for such a small project, it is not necessary to fly directly to Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Chapter one or two Compare new york to Tokyo.
"It doesn’t seem so cold here." The bustling streets of new york are wrapped like silkworm babies. "When I came, I also checked that the latitude here should be similar to Yanjing."
"Don’t worry, didn’t you see the cloudy day? The horse is going to snow!" Chen Bo took her by the shoulder and pointed to the gloomy heaven. It’s a northerner who knows the truth.
"How beautiful the snow is! Especially on New Year’s Eve, "Xin jumped like a child and finished working hard without working hours."
After Christmas, McDonough Music will hold a roadshow in front of the market in new york. The last Hong Kong Island, Tokyo and London have all toured. After this roadshow, they will officially land on Nasdaq. Generally, new city companies will carry out this necessary public activity to tell investors about the company’s operation and answer questions from investment institutions. Otherwise, no one knows why you are financing directly in the market. If no one subscribes, it will fall below the issue price that day.
New york’s New Year’s Eve event is much more grand than Christmas. Times Square set up the stage early. It is really not a good choice to want to watch the performance on the spot and celebrate the New Year’s Eve with others. You have to go there at three or four in the afternoon to occupy a seat, so you can never leave the fixed area. After all, the security of the public meeting is still very strict.
What other New Year’s Eve party does he have in Central Park, dynamic New Year’s Eve bike, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum and many New Year’s Eve dances? Chen Bo and Xin chose to go to Prospect Park in Brooklyn, where there are not only various performances, but also much more freedom than Times Square.
With the uniform countdown to the tsunami, dazzling fireworks rose to the sky to form the words "Happy New Year 24". The new year finally arrived. Young men and women kissed passionately with brilliant fireworks. Of course, they were an ordinary couple in this huge crowd
"Wow, it’s snowing!" After the fireworks show, pieces of snowflakes and snow fall in the dark night, which is especially luxurious for southerners. It is the kind of Lingnan people who can’t see snow all year round. "Wouldn’t it be great if it were Tokyo?"
"What must be Tokyo?" Chen Bo wondered
"Do you remember? I will take Japanese because I still remember the lines in that TV play. I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I was when I was in front of you. "Xin Chen-bo stood with her head up in front of her, and she was very affectionate."
This is probably the first Japanese TV drama introduced in China, and it is also broadcast by CCTV. It is also the originator of youth idol drama, but it is very popular in the early 1990 s. How can Chen Bo not be impressed?
"If I am lonely in the middle of the night, will you come running?" Two people silent street with heavy snow straight new york than Tokyo Xin said the classic lines in the TV play.
Southern girl, do you like northerners to be straightforward?
"Bah, where are you straightforward?" Xin criticise eyes is full of Chun Qing early moved by this melody simple folk songs.
"I this is simple and honest hey hey" Chen Bo touch the back of the head heartlessly laughed.
It’s late at night in new york, and the snow is getting heavier and heavier. Two fiery souls are in harmony with each other in the city.
The Christmas holiday is finally over, and life is still going on. The whole city has resumed its busy scene in the past, which best represents New York and Wall Street. Crazy crude oil futures have reached new highs and recovered, and Nasdaq has opened its mouth.
Xin hung up her long hair and wore a simple and decent waist suit. The standard meeting room of Four Seasons Hotel described to the investment institutions that Mai Dong is like a profit, and the technical means revolved around the business strategy of the music industry.
And Chen Bo is sitting at Rockefeller Center B≈ ap; P Foundation new york Investment Office and Chris, a stubborn American, blow water.
Rockefeller Center sounds quite tall. In fact, it has not been much longer with this prominent family. Together with the Empire State Building, it was acquired by Mitsubishi, a mighty Japanese consortium. Sony also bought Columbia Samsung Film Company in that era of yen pride. The Japanese people shouted out the slogan of buying the world crazily.
The story that happened later, everyone knew that the Japanese economy had gone backwards for ten years, and the Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building had once again returned to the hands of Americans. The history was always strikingly similar. Who would have thought that after ten years, there would be Chinese waving money and buying lavishly in new york City, so they would repeat the same mistakes or make their own way?

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