Maybe it’s only when you lose it that you can understand the endless flow of every life. Every time you want to forget the world, you will always meet the vicissitudes of life at the end of your rope. Only the memory is hard to give up.
Thirty-three days in the Ziwei Palace, there is a mess at the moment. Twenty-two stars and days will be in full swing in the Ziwei Hall, but there will be one person sitting on each side of the throne. This man is the Ziwei Emperor Zuo Fu, and I don’t know what to think at the moment. The man on the right is the right emperor of Ziwei, the right emperor of Bizi, and the left emperor of Zuofu. On the contrary, he looks angry.
There are seven chairs in the first order, which is naturally the position of Beidou seven yuan and twenty stars, but there are no seats in this hall.
You Bi Di Jun Avenue "Fang Xin Rabbit" and other six-member stars will be killed, which is delayed? Before the emperor left, he specifically said that if something important happened, it would be reported to me and Emperor Zuofu. At this moment, I was so screaming that I would like to explain! "
The seven stars of Beidou and the twenty-two stars of the order all bowed their heads and dared not speak.
There was a silence for a while. Emperor Zuo Fu said, "This matter … is very strange. You and I know about the capture of the demon in Bi Yuewu’s stomach and soil, but the four rabbits stayed in the East for seven nights on business, and the four of them suddenly joined forces?"
You Bi Di Jun asked, "Do any of you know that Bi Yuewu is abnormal in recent days?"
Silent for a long time, one of the three people who stayed in the West for seven nights had a hair on his forehead, but he gave birth to a lonely and one-horned golden face with a protruding nose. It was Kang Jinlong, the star. He sulked and said, "I have been waiting for these four people for more than ten days, but they are rare. Although they are strange, they really don’t know what they are doing."
At this time, a dark-haired woman with beautiful appearance and tall figure appeared beside him. It was Jiao Mujiao who said, "It’s quite strange to have seen these four people three times in January."
Right-handed Emperor Bi snorted "Sneaking is definitely not a good thing!"
Emperor Zuo Fu said, "Three times in January has violated the strict rules of our Ziwei Palace. Why didn’t you come early?" Jiao Mujiao said, "This is indeed a case of being willing to be punished!"
Right Bijun rolled his eyes and exhaled a foul breath. "This matter will be put aside for the time being. Who knows that the four-member star will have news recently?"
Xuanwu star in the north will show one out of seven people. "On the day of Emperor Jun’s birthday, I think these four people often whisper to each other, and their smiles are beyond words. This is also weird." The speaker’s sharp mouth and eyes are sneaking around, which is the virtual mouse in the seven nights in the north.
Zuo Fu Emperor’s surly face has added a lot of anger at the moment. Sure enough, Liu Tu-taek in the South Seven Hostels is very good at sense motive. "Hang it all, Zuo Fu Emperor’s birthday, which one doesn’t like this? What’s weird? I think you are used to speculation and gaining. You have real evidence to speculate at random."
Right-handed Emperor Bi said, "This is really not a crime of saying nothing."
The virtual rat added, "I dare not talk nonsense. As you all know, I have done some stealing in the spirit rat world in my early years. It is human nature that I can’t help smiling when I get my treasure. It’s very difficult to hide it. I saw the look of four people in Fang Xin Rabbit that day. I was as average as stealing something good from everyone."
At this time, Zuo Fu’s emperor coughed lightly, but he interrupted the words of the virtual day mouse. Right Bi’s emperor said, "Virtual day mouse, you go on."
"Do you remember the day when the fire tiger and the water leopard were so angry that they were so excited that they got drunk?"
Right-handed Emperor Bi frowned. On that day, Zuofu Emperor Jun’s birthday party, he also recalled that the virtual rat was telling the truth. He asked, "Then what?"
The virtual sun rat said, "I know so much and then I don’t know."
Zuo fu’s emperor can bear his anger. "It’s ridiculous to say a lot of nonsense!"
It is obvious that Zuofu Dijun’s product is very heavy and he hurried back to Nuo Nuo
At the same time, the seven people bowed their hands to the two emperors in the temple and bowed to the 22-member star in the temple. "The six-member star will be defeated and even the Yuan God has not fled back. It can be seen that the opponent is extremely ferocious. The famous old demon also asked the emperor to play heaven and send heavenly soldiers to encircle and punish me!"
Wolf star has always been fair and generous, and Ziwei Palace has a high prestige. Sure enough, when he said this, everyone said, "Please ask the emperor to play the heavenly palace and send heavenly soldiers to encircle and punish me!"
At the moment, the two emperors in the temple are in trouble. Although they have been in high positions for many years, they have never experienced such an important event. At that time, they dare not make decisions. Although the Jade Emperor is a god, the Chinese Emperor is not rich in everything, so I don’t know if it is right for him to ask for help at this time.
It happened that Emperor Ziwei went to the world again, and I don’t know where to go, and I don’t know how many days it will take to come back.
The two emperors looked at each other right-pil, and the emperor nodded, saying, "You will retire this matter for the time being, and then decide after we discuss it."
Just then, when the door was closed, the soldiers entered the temple and said, "There is a white Venus outside the temple to visit the emperor."
The right-handed Emperor Bi said, "Come in quickly."
The seven yuan and twenty-two stars of Beidou exit from the side door, and the left and right emperors meet each other in two steps. Taibai Venus is dressed in a white cassock, with three locks of white beards hanging in her jaws. Taiyi Yunzhan walks without touching the ground and is flying straight to the wind, which is a real immortal model.
The first volume Don’t say the sixth chapter hell.
When I met Zuo Fu You Bi, two emperors, Taibai Venus, I laughed and said, "Today I have something to ask for."
Right-handed Emperor Bi smiled and said, "Is there still Brother Chang Gung who can’t do anything at the end of this day?"
After the three of them took their seats, Taibai Venus said, "This matter is urgent and old, and it is needless to say. Recently, I heard that a demon monkey has sprung up in Dongsheng Shenzhou to win over a group of demons, and there are many Taiyi Jin Xian among thousands of people."
The two emperors gasped at the sound of it, and there was no lack of Taiyi Jin Xian! If there are three or five worlds, it will not be underestimated to get to heaven.
Taibai Venus added, "You both know that if something happens to the monster, the first thing is to harness the world. This time, the Jade Emperor named me Wen Qu and Wu Qu, and the two stars went to me to know that the Chinese Emperor was not in the sky recently, so I asked the two brothers to allow it."
Zuo Fu’s Emperor suddenly remembered something and asked, "I wonder if Brother Chang Geng knows that there is a demon cow among the monsters in Dongsheng Shenzhou Group."
Taibai Venus "Yi" smiled. "Zuo Fu’s Emperor really works miracles. According to the land, there is indeed a demon cow who is also the leader of the demon group."
Zuo Fu’s Emperor hates to say, "It seems that there is a mistake, but this group of goblins is absolutely unacceptable."
Taibai Venus exclaimed, "This … has the Jade Emperor said so?"
Emperor Zuo Fu said, "Brother Chang Gung was naturally not an outsider in those days. You must never talk about others outside the Ziwei Palace."
Taibai Venus looked dignified and asked, "There are great events that make the emperor value it so much."
Emperor Zuo Fu said, "To tell you the truth, this demon monkey and this demon cow tried to stop me from working in the Ziwei Palace. I sent troops to encircle it a few days ago, but I didn’t expect it … They were so magical that they killed six members of the Stars and Celestial Generals in one fell swoop." "Ah!" Taibai Venus was shocked. "How … how could such a bold goblin dare to kill the heavenly generals?" Emperor Zuo Fu shook his head and said, "It’s also because I neglected to underestimate my enemy for a while, but now it’s the case. Can these two goblins still make peace after committing such a big crime?"
Taibai Venus heard nothing for a long time and slowly said, "Can this crime be forgiven?"
Right Bijun sighed, "Alas, that’s why I’m puzzled. It’s reasonable to tell Heaven that the emperor didn’t return to us, so how dare we go beyond the etiquette?"
Taibai Jinxing said, "Don’t worry, you must always think of a plan."
Emperor Zuo Fu said, "How can I find the emperor if he is closed for more than a few months and a hundred years?"
Taibai Venus laughed. "Zhongtian Ziwei Arctic Emperor is in charge of all the stars. I think he already knows about it, but his delay will have a meaning."
Zuo Fu Emperor Jun and You Bi Emperor Jun looked at each other and saluted together. "Please also ask Brother Chang Gung for advice!"
Taibai Venus hurried up, "How dare I stand idly by when I am a star with deep roots in Ziwei Palace? In my opinion, Ziwei Emperor wants to look down on this matter if he doesn’t come out."
Zuo Fu Emperor showed disbelief and said, "Six members of the Stars and Celestials will be serious about this matter."
Taibai Venus said, "At first glance, it’s really unforgivable to offend Tianwei by losing troops in Ziwei Palace. However, the secret of the stars is not that the stars will depend on themselves, but that the stars and souls are still in Ziwei Palace. There is a little loss, but this demon monkey is quite powerful. If you send heavenly soldiers to encircle and fight, you will lose more than 60 heavenly generals. I really admire Li Changgeng for his foresight!"
The two emperors were attracted by the words of Taibai Venus and nodded their heads.
Taibai Venus added, "On the other hand, if these two monsters can be recruited into heaven, it’s okay for him to be obedient, and heaven has added a lot of help to him. If he is disobedient, hey hey, how to punish these two wild at heart monsters with the deep-rooted Ziwei Palace is not easy?"
Zuo Fu, the Emperor, just heard that it was important, but he was about to give a high-five to praise this passage.
Listening to Taibai Venus added, "There is another possibility, that is, if these two monsters don’t woo, you two should also be able to imagine that those who don’t woo will be treated as rebellious demons and killed! At that time, naturally, we will not make contributions to Ziwei Palace, and there are many people waiting for meritorious service in Heaven! "
It’s said that Zuo Fu’s Emperor Jun Youbi admired Yu Leng Leng and gave birth to a little fear. This white Venus is really amazing. No wonder you can walk around in heaven. When it comes to the three clean and four imperial capitals, you have to give some points. It really is thoughtful and eloquent.
They got up again and made a deep bow, saying, "Wen Jun’s words are better than reading for ten years. I’m stupid. Thanks to Brother Chang Gung, I’ll be honored another day."
Taibai Venus laughed. "You and my brother need to be polite. If you disagree, please ask Wen Qu and Wu Qu. Don’t miss the jade emperor’s delivery in the palace."
Zuo Fu You Bi was said by Taibai Venus that his heart naturally disagreed again.
However, in a few days, the seventy-two caves in Huaguoshan were re-divided into various types, and it was clear that there was another complicated demon. As a result, the seventy-two caves became thirty-six caves, and there were more than a thousand goblins in each hole.
Wu realized that each cave was strictly graded and got along well, and sure enough, the same kind of people were connected to many troubles. Marshal Ma Liu captured hundreds of raw mountains in Zaoshan and copied the monastic records, which could be distributed to their respective teachers in a few days.
Jiuling Yuansheng, Golden Winged Dapeng and others have become quite familiar with drinking and chatting every day. These people used to be the hegemons, so they started to learn from each other. It is expected that they will benefit from each other.

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