Sun Hao nodded his head. Sun Hao had already done his homework and handed his identity nameplate.
Brother on duty took Sun Haodi’s nameplate at random, swept away his knowledge, crossed out the contribution of a thousand clans, and then swept away, startled to find that the contribution of Sun Haodi’s nameplate seemed a bit outrageous, with hundreds of thousands of contributions.
I can’t believe this younger brother opened his eyes involuntarily, and confirmed it carefully again, only to find that he was not mistaken. This young monk really has more than 400,000 contributions.
The brother on duty couldn’t help but look at Sun Hao with great surprise. He found that Sun Hao was smiling and looked at himself indifferently. This brother blushed a little and then returned to normal, but his attitude towards Sun Hao was enthusiastic. He smiled and said, "If you take a fancy to the achievement method or the secret method, you can take the nameplate and cut it off."
Sun Hao took the nameplate with a smile and nodded his thanks. "Thank you, brother. I know." Then he walked into the second floor of the Sutra Pavilion with a smile on his face.
Sun Hao of Caiyunfeng Tibetan Classics Pavilion can read materials at will, but even if he is then the main peak of Qingyun, the maximum limit of borrowing is only the second floor of Tibetan Classics Pavilion.
Sun Haomu is really looking for the advanced achievement methods of ten thousand-wheeled mayfly and Yanlong, so after coming in, Sun Hao went directly to the area where the wood achievement method was located and began to choose the achievement methods.
When Sun Haocai came in and began to look for the achievement method, he suddenly found that the Sutra Pavilion was not big from the outside, but after he came in, it was different. The second floor of the Sutra Pavilion was neatly hidden in rows, and even more than 30 acres of roots were not as simple as the appearance of a building.
Rest assured sigh Sun Hao began to choose wood achievement method.
Qingyun Gate is also very different from Aoki Sect. The biggest difference is that all kinds of techniques in Qingyun Gate are marked with the level of techniques, but Aoki Sect is not marked like this.
For example, Sun Hao saw at the first glance that he had cultivated the wood work of the ephemera. This achievement method Aoki Zong was introduced by Master Qinglao here. There are also a few words in the opening: "The ephemera shakes the tree ridiculous; When Sun Hao arrived, there was no introduction to the level of the achievement method, but this sutra depository finally marked the words "The achievement method is strange and extremely heavy, and it can be listed in the metaphysical level."
The achievement method in the Xuan level is the achievement method level of Mayfly Shaking Wood.
Sun Hao got the Mayfly Shaking Skill from the young veteran. It is a remnant volume, but it can only be practiced in the early stage of foundation construction. However, this skill of Qingyun Gate is not a remnant volume, but complete. That is to say, if Sun Hao chooses this Mayfly Shaking Skill, then Sun Hao can always practice then dzogchen Zhiyuanying without replacing the wood attribute skill.
Sun Hao took a look at the introduction. It takes 10,000 contributions to exchange the wood work of the ephemera, and then a rough look at his skills. Sun Hao found that the contribution required for the wood work of the ephemera is relatively small, so a penny for a penny means that the wood work of the ephemera is not excellent here.
Strictly speaking, Sun Hao’s martial arts of cultivating ephemera and shaking wood have been qualitatively different from the original martial arts of ephemera and shaking wood through Mu Dan and five elements of wheel spirit. It is said that the ten thousand-wheel ephemera is the truly reasonable martial arts level, even far exceeding the so-called Xuan level.
That is to say, if you don’t find a suitable conversion method, it’s a good alternative to shake the wood work.
There are not 30 branches of Mushu Skill in the Sutra Pavilion, and it is a low-grade skill in the big wood. Sun Hao did not hurry to choose, but began to look up the introduction of Mushu Skill one by one.
The level of achievement method from high to low should be heaven, earth, metaphysics and yellow.
Sun Hao’s memory of the word "Heaven and Earth Xuan Huang" is very profound. It is recorded in ancient books that Heaven and Earth Xuan Huang came from the Book of Changes, which has a great reputation in ancient times. It is said that the Book of Changes is the first thing to understand the meaning of the word during the day. The Book of Changes is the way of heaven and earth and the principle of yin and yang change. All of them developed from the root of the Book of Changes. In ancient times, Terran monks did not read the Book of Changes or put the cart before the horse.
Chapter three hundred and twelve Three gets nine [1]
There are many ancient inheritances that have been annihilated in history, and the first book of changes and several inheritances are not complete. Occasionally, there are fragments that are difficult to understand, and many practices may not be suitable for today’s repair world.
However, after ten million years, the influence of Wan Jing’s head is still the same, such as "Heaven and Earth Xuan Huang", which undoubtedly comes from the Book of Changes.
For the wood attribute achievement method, it is Sun Hao’s first choice to pay attention to accumulation, duration and vitality.
There is only one method named Muxin Stone Fetus Nourishing Qi in the Sutra Pavilion, which is also highly praised in the introduction. It is said that this method can be used to cultivate the spirit of the earth without stopping. This method can also cultivate the child of dzogchen Zhiyuanying, then the cultivation requirements of this method are very strict. The basic entry requirements are that the monks of both earth and wood should be excellent, and Shuang Ling root must be excellent to practice.
Although it’s good, it’s not suitable for Sun Hao to drift across.
Among more than 30 achievement methods, the Xuan-level achievement method is the mainstream level achievement method, and there are less than ten. Considering that the level of the ephemera shaking wood skill is definitely not lower than the general level achievement method after its own addition, Sun Hao will choose the key points and put the level achievement method.
The prefecture-level achievement method department, the middle-level achievement method department, the middle-level achievement method department, the middle-level achievement method department and the four-level achievement method department are called Fengmu Fengchun. A look at the introduction requires 100,000 contributions, and cultivation requires wind attributes, which are not suitable for decisive drifting.
The three parts are the ode to the trees entering the valley, the vigor of the trees, and the determination of the roots. These three methods have their own characteristics, but the biggest problem is that there are many restrictions when these three methods are converted to the wood attribute method after successful cultivation.
Sun Hao thought about it a little, but he also came to practice for nothing. Both of them attach importance to the accumulation of wood attributes and ignore the low-level achievement method. Because the attribute should be developed at a low level, it is natural to switch to most wood achievement methods.
So, whether to choose a prefecture-level medium wood attribute achievement method to practice or simply continue to practice the follow-up achievement method of ephemera shaking wood? Sun Hao pondered for a while and felt that these two choices were not very good.
Wanted to think Corleone simply put aside the choice of wood attribute achievement method and turned to the fire attribute achievement method area to find the past.
In hot water, this is the cultivation method for dual-attribute monks.
After seeing Sun Hao, I couldn’t help but move my heart. Now I have a fire spirit, a root and a wood. The dual attribute achievement method is also a choice. But when I get an introduction to this achievement method, Sun Haocao will quickly get rid of this idea as soon as I read it. This achievement method is actually a double cultivation method for male and female monks, a cultivation of dry wood and a cultivation of fire. It is Sun Hao who sees a black sweat and sometimes really can’t enter the country according to the name of the achievement method.
I watched several fire attribute achievement methods one after another. Sun Hao suddenly found that these achievement methods may not be able to keep up with the practice of Yanlong Triple Method. Strictly speaking, Yanlong Triple Method is the basic method of Yanlong Nine-fold Method. According to Yanlong Triple Method, Yanlong Nine-fold can be introduced directly to Yuanying.
Sun Hao was a little disappointed at this time by this Qingyun Gate Sutra Pavilion. Sun Hao had a little expectation that he could find the follow-up achievement method of Yanlong Triple Method at Qingyun Gate, but the expectation was beautiful and the reality was cruel. There was not even Yanlong Triple Method in the second floor of Qingyun Gate.
After carefully reading the introduction of each fire attribute achievement method, Sun Haonai shook his head. He came here with hope, but the result was not ideal. Not only did he not choose the advanced achievement method of Yanlong Triassic method, but he did not even choose the particularly suitable wood attribute achievement method.
Borrowed the Mayfly Shaking Wood Skill, and then borrowed the Fire Attribute Skill, and then changed it.
Sun Hao hesitated for a moment and turned around and walked to the first floor of the Sutra Pavilion. Sun Hao found that the second floor of the Sutra Pavilion had a feature that he could practice to the then perfect pointing to Yuan Ying.
So, is it possible that the first floor of the sutra depository has a higher level but can cultivate to the alchemy stage? Since we’re here, it’s okay to go to the first floor and have a look.
The first floor of the sutra depository is much wider than the second floor. As far as the naked eye can see, rows of shelves are endless, even covering an area of several hundred acres.
Sun Hao smiled and said that he had so much to hide that he didn’t know how much he could read in two years.
While sighing Sun Hao in my heart, I was in no hurry to go to the fire attribute achievement method area. Godsworn Tsukiji had a god’s knowledge frame, and there were also obvious differences in various attribute hiding. Sun Hao easily found the fire attribute achievement method area.
Let’s take a look at the achievement method level. Sure enough, as Sun Hao expected, there are also day-level achievement methods here. Of course, the highest level is only day-level, and Sun Hao has discovered the Yanlong Triple Method in the area of day-level achievement methods.
Qingyunmen’s brief introduction and evaluation on the positioning of Yanlong Triassic method. This achievement is unique in the alchemy, but the achievement method Triassic can only cultivate the foundation in the early stage. It is a pity that Zongmen’s evaluation of this achievement method is that it is not low or not.
See this brief introduction Sun Hao heart also don’t regret that finally Sun Hao got accurate information, Qingyun Gate didn’t have the follow-up achievement method of Yanlong Triassic method. It seems that we can choose another fire attribute achievement method.
However, when Sun Hao put back the introduction of Yanlong Triassic method, Sun Hao suddenly found that there was a page of yellow paper next to the introduction of Yanlong Triassic method, and there were several cursive words of Yanlong Nine-fold conjecture.
What is this? Sun Hao picked up this conjecture curiously.
I have read a few words about Sun Haobai. This should be a great monk’s feeling and guess when he saw that the celestial level achievement method was incomplete. "I think this three-fold method is completely natural and has unfinished work. If this is the case, it means that the three-fold and nine-fold method is used to think about this method, and it is suspected that it is auxiliary rather than final, and it is also three-fold, three-three, nine-fold method, which can reach the goal of Yuan Ying Avenue."
Seeing this conjecture, Sun Hao couldn’t help thinking.
Brother Almighty guessed that Sun Hao understood that the three-fold method of Yanlong should be a complete method without subsequent achievement, while the auxiliary method is also a three-fold auxiliary method.
Chapter three hundred and thirteen Three gets nine [2]
Seeing this, Sun Hao had to doubt and cheer him up. Sun Hao practiced the method of "stacking fire and burning three times". If Sun Hao didn’t guess wrong, both the stacking fire and burning three times were from an ancient abode of fairies and immortals. However, Yu Kunlong regarded the stacking fire and burning three times as an instantaneous rise to practice the secret method, and he himself entered the top of the Jade Kunlong method first.
Now, if this conjecture of Brother Mighty is correct, that is to say, Sun Hao himself already has a complete method of nine folds of Yan Long. This is an accident. I am glad that Sun Hao has been holding this conjecture for a long time, but his face is not abnormal, but he wants to go back and test whether it is really the practice of nine folds of Yan Long.
Three, three, three, three, three, nine. Sun Hao has been thinking about this sentence in his heart and is ashamed. Empiricism kills people. He was really misled by Yu Kunlong. It would be strange if Sun Hao hadn’t guessed that Sun Hao could think of this crop.
Sun Haoke is 99% sure that this great guess is correct. After building the foundation, Sun Hao made a fire and three fires. The small flames are no longer weak and seem to be a little excited. At that time, Sun Hao didn’t pay much attention to it. In retrospect, I am afraid that the fire and three fires are really the practice of Yan Long’s nine-fold cultivation, not some temporary ascension.
Once again, Sun Hao felt that empiricism really killed people.
Immortal Sun Hao put back the nine-fold conjecture of Yan Long, took a deep breath and pretended to look around the fire attribute area for a long time. I saw a lot of introduction to the achievement method. Of course, I didn’t choose the fire attribute achievement method in the end, but Shi Shiran seemed to face the wood attribute achievement method area with unhappiness.
Now that you have the nine-fold method of Yan Long, you don’t have to choose the fire attribute achievement method.
At this time, Sun Hao feels good. This time, he has reached the goal of the sutra depository. The fire attribute achievement method has landed, and the wood attribute achievement method is not good. There is also a fly that shakes the wood work, waiting for himself.
Indeed, there are some achievement methods in the wood attribute achievement method area, but as Sun Hao guessed, most of these achievement methods are incomplete, and there are very few achievement methods that can be cultivated in the then stage. Most of them can be cultivated in the late or middle stage of the foundation, and some of them can only be cultivated in the gas refining dzogchen. Even if the level is high, the practicality is greatly reduced.
Sun Hao has already laid the foundation, and the lowest expectation in his mind is that he can practice the elixir period and switch to most of the achievement methods. Naturally, the higher the achievement level, the better.
There are three advanced achievement methods suitable for Sun Hao’s expectation.
Sun Hao is really glad that he was not killed by empiricism and did not choose the achievement method on the second floor hastily.
Sun Hao, the three achievement methods are all celestial. At this moment, it is also understood that Qingyun Gate puts the Sutra Pavilion achievement method, which is estimated to be the highest, that is, the celestial level exceeds this level. Qingyun Gate may have it, but it must be obtained through special channels or simply on the third floor of the Sutra Pavilion.
A brief introduction to the skill of building a wood carving dragon praised the skill of building a wood. The ancient ancestors said that there was a cloud in the ancient book of songs in Shenmu. "There is no cream, rice and millet buried in Blackwater in the southwest sea, and there are nine hills and waters around it. It is called Taotangqiu, and there are uncles, Qiu Mengying, hills with green leaves and purple stems. Xuanhua Huang’s real name is called Jianmu."
The naming of this achievement method is remarkable. Sun Hao is also impressed by the introduction of the achievement method. This passage makes Sun Hao finally let go of this wonderful achievement. It is said in the introduction that this achievement method was obtained in the early stage of the ancient abode of fairies and immortals, but this achievement method is magnificent and can’t be transferred to the elective.
That is to say, this method is good, but when you need to change to other methods after practicing in the early stage of then, you will encounter big problems.
Sun Hao has been converted to a little scared. At this time, even if this wood carving dragon skill is good, Sun Hao will not list him as the first choice.
The second achievement method is once again a double-attribute monk’s practice achievement method called Shui Mu Tsinghua. At first glance, it is a high-end practice achievement method of Shui Mu’s double-attribute monk, but it is not suitable for Sun Hao to drift across.

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