"What now?" Jade bodhi old zu looked at Jade Duxiu.
"Secretly take away the seal of the day. At this time, the fiend’s ancestors stared at Daqin, but they were afraid to be tempted and fearful. When the opening angle revolted, it would be too late for us to make moves again." Jade Duxiu turned around in the air. "Let’s go and wait in the mountains."
"Met Third Grandma" In the palace, Third Lady is still as beautiful as flowers. The guards have knelt down and respectfully bowed down. This is my mother.
Chapter 2196 Mrs. Swallow the Day into the Mountain
For all the maids, I turned a blind eye to the third lady and went straight into the bedroom, but I saw the eunuchs waiting respectfully there long ago. When I saw the third lady coming in, I hurriedly knelt down and said, "I have seen the queen mother."
"Get up. Have you ever done the things entrusted to you?" Third Lady looked at the waiter unhurriedly.
"Look at the empress." The waiter rummaged through the parcel behind him and took out a scarlet wooden box. The old housekeeper respectfully raised it above her head and walked slowly forward to pick it up and gently handed it to the third wife. "Madam!"
"pa!" The third lady reached out and slowly hit the wooden box. A real dragon roared, and the purple real dragon came to my face but disappeared in an instant.
Without the day, the seal will become a root, and duckweed can’t turn over the wind and waves.
"Hu Guanjia" Sanfu gave a humanitarian.
See a vermilion wooden box in the hands of Hu Guanjia. The color of the wooden box is vermilion. The whole wooden box is flashing. Dodge light sees Hu Guanjia playing the wooden box and looks at the wooden box in a blink of an eye. "This … this … this is exactly the same."
"Take it home." Mr. Hu stuffed the seal into his bosom.
"Is a little long" shi respectfully turned away.
"Prepare the carriage" Third Lady unhurriedly stuffed the seal into the sleeve.
Butler Hu ordered the carriage to be ready to meet the third lady in a short time, and the carriage galloped all the way, and soon it was out of the imperial city and came to a certain foot of the mountain.
"You wait for the palace to go in person." Third Lady ordered one to walk along the mountain road towards the mountain.
"The guests have come to the bodhi old zu, so I’m going to meet an old friend." Yu Duxiu came to a castle on the mountainside and looked at the graceful figure at the foot of the mountain with a sigh. "Time and tide wait for no man."
At this time, the third lady is really young, because she is nourished by the fairy fetus, but Yu Duxiu knows that the vitality of the third lady has stopped growing and will go downhill soon.
"Are you the little Taoist?" The third lady came to the top of the mountain and looked at the long and slim man in the distance, wearing a blue cassock and suddenly one leng.
"Met Madam" Jade Duxiu smiled gently, making people feel like spring breeze.
"I didn’t expect that you and I would meet again." Third Lady sighed gently.
Jade Duxiu said with a smile, "Is it so easy for you and me to entangle, but please ask your wife to sit down?"
The third lady sat opposite the Jade Show. At this time, all kinds of cakes, melons, fruits, tea and cakes have been set on the table. The cakes are refined from the Heavenly Palace, and the melons and fruits are contributed by the elves from ten continents and three islands. Tea is the drink of Liquan, which can prolong life.
"This is what you want." The third lady silently took out a scarlet wooden box in her sleeve and took a look at it. Then the wooden box Zhongtian seal was induced to know that it was really true.
"Thank you, Madam." Jade Duxiu glanced at the wooden box and didn’t reach for it.
Third Lady pushed the wooden box to Jade Duxiu’s side and took a sip of tea. "I’d like to thank you if your palace hadn’t died by the side of the road or was put in the cold by General Cao!"
Yu Duxiu was noncommittal. "Has your wife ever thought about what will happen to China after this seal is given to me?"
"What will China do to me? Over the years, the splendor palace has enjoyed enough, "said the third lady with a facial expression.
"Really?" Jade Duxiu looked at the third lady. "Daqin Tianchao II died, and now it’s just a matter of days. The capital is already very dangerous. Experts from all walks of life may kill her at any time. Since she is tired of splendor, why don’t you follow me into the mountains to practice?"
"Practice?" Third Lady’s face was hesitant when she heard this.
"Madam has been holding the Palace Chaogang for a long time, and China has secretly planted something. I don’t know how many dark wins can endure you, but your grandson is not necessarily." Jade Duxiu took a sip of tea.
"It’s not bad to practice in the mountains." Third Lady smiled wryly. "I wonder if I can join the housekeeper who has been loyal to me all these years?"
"Go with me!" Jade Duxiu smiled and waved his sleeve to see that the mountain housekeeper was instantly taken up by Jade Duxiu, but all the melons and cakes in the field disappeared when the wind rolled up.
Jade Duxiu took everyone to the barren hills. This place is located on the edge of Terran State and close to Kunlun. There are Taoist monks in this activity.
All a dizzy old housekeeper quickly shouted "miss! Miss can! "
"Hu housekeeper palace! Don’t shout! " Sanfu humanity
"You want me to practice here?" Third Lady looked at Jade Duxiu.
"Look at my means." Jade Duxiu smiled, and the palm of her hand stretched out and the Kun transformation was reversed. Seeing that the mountains and rivers in Long Mai were just three or five breathing kungfu, several palaces carved with dragons and carved with phoenixes appeared in the mountains in perfect order.
"You practice here," Yu Duxiu said.
"This is the immortal means really unusual." Third Lady was amazed.
A group of people walked into the palace and looked at a pattern of Yin and Yang Tai Chi hanging in the center of the hall. "Since it is a practice, can there be sects?"
"You belong to the same vein of Taoism, and you respect the Buddha’s practice of measuring people’s true scripture." Jade Duxiu’s palm stretched out and the true heaven appeared in his hand. "This scripture is a valuable treasure. Don’t expose it to outsiders and get into trouble! The true chapter in the scripture must not reveal a word. "
See jade Duxiu look solemn third lady looked respectfully took the seal carefully into your arms.
Jade Duxiu gently sighed, "I mobilized Long Mai to arrange a large array here, and since then you have lived in seclusion. If you can’t fix Zhunxian, you still don’t want to go out."
"It is said that it is very difficult to prove the accurate fairy tale fruit, so can’t I die of old age in this barren mountain?" Third Lady looked at Yu Duxiu. "What’s worse, if I look for you in the future?"

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