"Husband, this is a rich area, and it will definitely be looted by pirates. Otherwise, we will take our daughter out of here first?"
Antonio hesitated for a moment, but shook his head gently. "Now people are panicking outside, and the public security is out of order. It is not necessarily safer than here."
"Ding-dong!" Just then the doorbell rang.
The scene outside the screen automatically emerged, but it startled two people.
"Sea … pirates!" Wife exclaimed
Outside impressively are two deputy armed pirates.
"How … what should I do?" The wife hugged her daughter and looked flustered.
"Don’t panic! Don’t panic! " Antonio’s forehead was covered with cold sweat, and his heart was dark.
Touched the waist energy pistol heart slightly encore to look at the outside that armed to the teeth two pirates just got up the courage to dissipate immediately.
Compared with the armor defense of the other side, can this waist be regarded as a laser pointer to shake the other side’s eyes?
"Ding-dong, Ding-dong, Ding-dong ~" There was no response for a long time. The pirates outside seemed impatient and even rang the doorbell.
One pirate seemed a little angry and was about to smash the door with a gun, but another pirate stopped him 2.
"I went to the door! You hide in the closet first! " Antonio said grind way
"Don’t! Too dangerous! "
"Don’t worry, according to what they say, you shouldn’t kill people casually. Besides, have you ever seen pirates who rob and ring the doorbell?" Antonio forced himself to calm comfort way
I can’t go out now. Who knows what will happen if I annoy the other side?
"Crunch ~" The gate hit Antonio and poked his head carefully.
"Guys, this is all the money in the family to invite two brothers to tea." Antonio took out a bag of energy crystals and tinkled and made an intoxicating noise.
"hey! You are a little smart! " The pirate who just tried to smash the door habitually reached out to pick it up when his eyes lit up.
"Cough!" Another pirate with a scar on his slightly older face coughed, which made his outstretched hand stiff and eventually took it back.
"Antonio, right?" The pirate looked at the information of Antonio that had been connected to the database terminal of the city hall.
"Bassanio Interstellar Transportation Company’s owner’s name, the remaining current assets of 3.76 million imperial letters should be your wife and children. I said it should be right?" At the same time, he gave a smile that he thought was very friendly.
Of course, the ferocious scar on Antonio’s face is different from the "devil smile"
"You … you …" Antonio clenched his fist in horror.
How did the other party find out? What the hell do they want? Threaten me with my wife and children?
"hey! Can you really hide yourself with a life detector? " Another pirate tapped his tactical helmet.
"Don’t be afraid, we won’t hurt you. According to the pirate king’s adult, the stepped rate table is protected, and the assets are less than 5%.
And assets over one million but less than 50,000 need to pay 1% to protect the old, the weak, women and children. We need to charge 3.76 million yuan for protection this time. Is it cash or transfer? "
"Uh …"
Even Antonio’s many years’ experience in crisscrossing the north and south has made him stunned for a long time.
However, the other party did not threaten his wife and children, which made Antonio feel at ease a lot.
"cash?" Antonio handed the bag of hard currency in his hand again.

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