Behind him, the huge fiend’s virtual shadow also made a crazy move to devour the souls of these cultivators.
"There is no need for Tongjun to make such a big splash?"
Bu Pingfan knows that the virtual shadow behind him is the virtual shadow of the fiend, which is conjured up by the fairy-killing system. It is to raise the skill level of "transfiguration" to devour the souls of these immortals.
"It is more convenient for the owner to swallow like this!"
Ji Xian Tong explained a little that one horse devoured the souls of these immortals crazily.
Cloth ordinary thoroughly shook his head and rushed on for a large number of harvests.
In an instant, there was a river of blood here, and there were bodies of immortals everywhere.
"Greed, lust, murder …"
A column of evil information is constantly displayed in the ordinary binocular analysis chip.
Bu Pingfan is even crazier, killing him without any psychological burden, because all these cultivators deserve to die. He made a resource sharing area for cultivating immortals, but in the end, these cultivators kept killing and robbing those drugs, lingshi, magic weapons and implements …
Bu Pingfan has no reason not to kill these immortals. At the same time, he also wants to give an account to Guan Mengfei. This woman is too wronged to be hunted down and finally harms her family.
The fighting has been going on, and Bu Pingfan doesn’t know how many immortals are killed. It is vaguely felt that the virtual shadow behind him is a little bit strong and slowly becomes real.
The whole January Sect changed beyond recognition. All the buildings were destroyed and the nearby mountains were bombed.
Bu Pingfan has used hot weapons several times, all of which are very overbearing weapons. Any shot can directly destroy these mountain shells.
In this way, he tortured and killed until the next morning, because some cultivators escaped very quickly, and it took a long time to kill them.
The next morning, he had already killed the department of the people who died in January, but the part that didn’t kill them but let them walk away was far behind them.
"The Iraqi Immortal Resource Sharing Zone is still an old place. Welcome to join at any time."
A clear and short sentence moved those cultivators to tears. This part of the cultivators came to be at the bottom of the January Sect, and they did not have good achievement methods to meet the practice, and they did not have Dan medicine to ascend.
Now, tell us about the sharing area of cultivating immortals. Of course, they know that this sharing area is the paradise for cultivating immortals, and that is the treasure of cultivating immortals.
Bu Pingfan returned to January Sect along the road. At this time, January Sect was in tatters. He didn’t want this Sect to take off directly, condense an explosive force and finally instill his feet.
"Destroy it! Fix true boundary don’t need to cultivate immortal door "
His feet are generate, and the fire is falling from high school, and his feet are on the ground
The whole earth trembled, and everything in the world was frightened. Finally, the mountain exploded, and the earth and stone splashed, and all the buildings were trapped in those cracks and destroyed by dust.
"Little too proud!"
Suddenly, there was a muffled thunder in high school. Take a closer look at it. It was January, when the patriarch Cheng’ an was a former patriarch. Cheng Kun’s father was very kind and could not see anything wrong.
"Are you? Also, you died in the chaos, but you didn’t expect to appear until the whole January Sect was almost extinct? Why did you arrive in Ann? "
Cloth ordinary destroyed the whole January Sect with one foot, and those collapses continued, but he was a little surprised to see that there was still one person alive.
He didn’t care about this figure in the battle for a while, and this Cheng ‘an is very well hidden and not so easy to be detected.
"Did you kill the old lady and grandson?"
When Cheng An asked this question, it seemed that there were no ups and downs.
"I don’t know your son’s name? What’s your grandson’s name? "
Bu Pingfan didn’t deny or directly admit that he knew that he was killed in Iraq. Many people don’t know who the old man said died in his hands.
"Cheng Kun, Cheng Yu"
Cheng An’s answer was very simple, as if the two men died when they died. He didn’t have any money.
I heard Cheng Kun Chengyu cloth filter quickly in my ordinary mind and finally remembered a man named Yu Chengyu from Cheng Kun. He had no impression.
"Killing Cheng Kun Yu Chengyu has no impression."
Bu Pingfan told the truth. For Cheng Kun, he knew that this man had forced Guan Mengfei’s family into a dilemma and rescued it from an island.
"Be careful, this Johnson is very scary. He hides all his emotions very well. He is the most secretive elder of January Sect, and he is very powerful and insidious."
At this time, Guan Mengfei broke free from the ordinary arms of the cloth, and it was less than a millimeter away from the ordinary side of the cloth.
Her injury has been cured by Bufanli and her physical repair has been consolidated.
"well! Nothing! "
Cloth ordinary step out to the front of the old man to make his confrontation posture.
"Cheng Yu means that when the owner’s adult just came to South Island, there were several waves of power duels, and a young master was killed by [high wind ants] to cultivate immortals."
Explanations of Killing Immortals in Bu Pingfan’s Mind
Chapter three hundred and twenty-two Almost taxiing
He said that if he killed the immortal himself, he would definitely remember.
"The old man BuMou remember your children and grandchildren are BuMou kill you want them to revenge? Come on … Come on. "
Cloth ordinary very nai directly pointing to Cheng ‘an provocative mouth.
He can walk sideways now, because he has reached a new high, and this session can be completely destroyed with a pinch.
Cheng’ an heard the ordinary words of cloth, and a trace of sadness appeared in his eyes, but he quickly concealed it.
"What’s the matter? Didn’t you shout just now? Are you embarrassed now? "
Cheng Anlai also concealed his emotions very well, but Bu Pingfan’s repeated provocations completely angered him.
"Good hubris! Let the old man send you to take good care of my son and grandson today. "
With a bang, the robe outside broke free and blew up, revealing a silver armor, and there was a faint glimpse of silver flashing and domineering outside.
"Repair has broken through the god? Another example? I’m still an ant in front of me. "
From Cheng ‘an’s unpredictable silver armor to ordinary cloth or a contemptuous color
Bu Pingfan didn’t emerge the equipment of killing immortals at the root, and instantly rose his breath to the middle of the fit, which crushed Cheng ‘an by air pressure alone.
After seeing the ordinary cloth exposed its true strength, Cheng An’s face changed and it almost looked distorted.
"Impossible you are fit Johnson? How can you be a fit monster just because you have just started out? "
Cheng An was terrified, and the exposure of silver armor was dim. He had an idea now.
"To escape theory such as all want to escape …"
In the face of the mid-term realm of integration, Cheng An is faced with a small ant humble and insignificant.
Cloth ordinary bursts into a body like a left arrow flying through the virtual.
His body is a little scary. Instead of golden light, it becomes natural. Without harsh light, his figure is taken far away by speed, like a shuttle in Changhong’s virtual space.
Cheng An turned and fled without hesitation.
"Ha ha! Still want to escape? What about deterrence? Where did you go? "
The ordinary sound of cloth is cold and fast, and it appears in front of Cheng ‘an to stop the way.
"You are fit medium-term state cultivate immortality? Doesn’t that adult know? "
Cheng An tries to talk convection in front of ordinary people.
It should be noted that ordinary cloth doesn’t care whether he comes or not. He just punches Gangfeng and swings it at Cheng ‘an’s chest with one punch.

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