【 Chapter 46 E Mountain Garden Blasting 】
Nie Xin just received a miraculous attack in the underground, a place more suitable for ambush. It is certain that this Yin technique will be carried forward, and there are various charms around him. There are ten thousand natural charms to make good use of, one by one, and set traps to kill the game when needed. When needed, Yu Jiang went out to find a suitable target, and Nie Xin and zhang yi were very busy in the mountain.
Almost all kinds of charms are everywhere in the mountain. At the bottom, the ice charm and Xuanyan charm are mixed and arranged. First, the ice charm is triggered and then Xuanyan charm is triggered, so that the lethality of Xuanyan charm can be exerted to the maximum extent, and the function of blocking the enemy by the ice charm will not be affected. In this layer, there are more than ten points on the hillside, and each point has two or three blood-flaming dragon charms. After being released just a few times, several of them have roughly understood the coverage of this charm, and each charm echoes the adjacent position charm, except Nie Xin wants to keep two blood-flaming dragon charms All the goods from other departments are pressed, and on the next floor are all kinds of Qingyun symbols, Millennium symbols, ice symbols, Xuanyan symbols and so on are mixed. This time, the purpose is to make those practitioners who are ready to escape be hindered and adapt to it. No matter what kind of symbols they hit, they may not be too big for a single practitioner to escape or to escape. But when this single person becomes a group, it may be that different disposal methods of everyone will change their flight routes. Whether they collide or not, there will always be a chaos. This kind of physical confusion is absolutely beneficial. The top layer is the carrier symbol, the spiritual symbol, There are not enough spiritual shift symbols around Nie Xin when they are combined with ordinary spells, and there are fewer spells on this layer. It is not too difficult for him to control the combined spells when he was fighting with Jing Yutang, which made Nie Xin taste the sweetness and he will continue to go.
The killer’s lingyan strike was arranged more exquisitely at the bottom of the mountain. They specially moved several huge stones together. Nine lingyan strikes were arranged in a row among several stones. Nie Xin arranged the lingyan strikes with a cold face, which could form a mass of warfare, making it possible to avoid the aftermath of chaos and explosion in future battles and enter the boulder. The practitioners were completely hiding.
Nie Xin left himself an phlogistic strike and gave it to zhang yi and Yu Jiang. When he got this thing, he also abandoned the phlogistic strike. It was not a delicate spell. The level was too low, but when he learned that it was this humble thing that killed the former Nie Xin and those guys, his attitude changed. This phlogistic strike is really something if it can look good.
Yu Jiang is going to startle a group of enemy monks to the ravine and then find a corner to hide himself. This kind of thing is unfamiliar to him, but it is not too difficult to come. Yu Jiang directly drives the flying sword to the top, and the super-fast speed has surrounded the boss, which has attracted many people’s attention. A series of sword lights have soared in the direction of Yu Jiang, and several beams of sword lights have sprung up in many places. At first glance, it is obvious that the other small groups are getting together. Yu Jiang’s mentality is super good. He is an out-and-out genius, and he is thirty years old. There are very few successful people from ancient times to the present, and almost every one of them has finally become a great power. Several of them are recorded in history, and they have broken and gone to the spiritual world. His goal is those people, and this conceit and superiority makes him only a little cautious when facing even a large number of enemies. Six monks have reached the peak of the late foundation. In addition, there are 47 practitioners from all walks of life who are very good. Yu Jiang thinks this number is probably about the same. He walked around again before he shot at Fangshan Depression.
"Hey, the enemy seems to be coming." Looking at the dense sword light, zhang yi gave a scalp numbness and notified Nie Xin in the intercom.
"Know you hide" Nie Xin said, "Don’t wait for you to be injured by accident". The distance between the two people is only about two kilometers, and there is no line in Yunmengze that interferes with the call reception. It should be clear, but the hissing in the line is endless. Nie Xin guessed that this should be the slow leakage of spiritual power by those charged operators, thus causing interference. This guess will lead to some very strange theories, but Nie Xin has no time to study it now.
Zhang yi Zi has already prepared his hiding place for himself, which is similar to that of individual tunnels, but there is an isolated spiritual cloak outside to cover it with stones and sand, which is almost the same. Seeing Yu Zi flying first and coming to zhang yi, he waved and made a signal, and then he quickly got into his hiding hole. Yu Zi smiled and then he got into another hiding hole.
Nie Xin did not hesitate to set up an instant in the ravine when a group of evil monks were landing to take Yu crimson out. First, hundreds of ice symbols were used to launch clouds of ice bursts, and the whole ravine was full of thick cold. Those high-ranking monks frowned and Zhou Ling could naturally isolate the cold. If it weren’t for the spells, their feet would explode. However, those practitioners with relatively low levels would fall down, causing the ice spikes to be weak and slow to form. The mind’s eye is fine, but such a thick cold makes most evil practitioners shudder. Even without the ice charm, the action within the burst range is affected and slightly stiff.
But this is nothing compared with what happened afterwards. When the orange flames burst, there was always a moment when the evil monks were still in a crater, not Yunmengze, but when the first batch of Xuanyan symbols mixed with a small amount of Yanlong symbols exploded, some evil monks laughed at who was doing such a poor ambush trap. But this is only after the second batch of spells burst, and then the third batch, the fourth batch, and the fifth batch … More and more, more and more crazy. If the whole mountain is a bowl and every Xuanyan charm is a drop of water, the bowl will be full almost instantly and the liquid will overflow uncontrollably.
This eyeful of orange fire and the anxious smell from the nose prompted a group of monks to jump into the sky blindly and want to escape from the mountain, but as soon as they rose, the blood-red dragon jumped on them, or because the fire around them was full of explosions and bombardments, and because it was too complicated to perceive the psionic turbulence, the monks almost didn’t notice the blood-red dragon symbol when it hit the front.
Nie Xin calmly paid attention to the place where nine phlogistic blows were buried in that boulder, but he needed to manually stimulate it here. When the explosion continued, he silently waited to see who would hook it. When Nie Xin felt that three or four people had entered the attack range of phlogistic blows at the same time, he did not hesitate to activate the nine phlogistic blows, and the nine flame columns were strewn at random, sealing off the whole place. Who hit it and what kind of consequences it caused? Now, judging from it, Nie Xin had expected that the attack result should be very good.
The explosion continues, and the power of XuanYanFu continues to collide, pile up and squeeze. Blending the whole mountain into a sea of fire, a small hell has been difficult to figure out exactly which batch of Xuanyan spells exploded. Before that, zhang yi even thought that at this time, he might be able to release the flying star sword to repair the single evil, but now he did release the flying star sword and shuttle back and forth in the sea of fire, but he was holding his head and shrinking in the hole to try to keep himself sane and not to be dizzy by the continuous bombardment wave. He even helped Nie Xin to arrange the spell man, but now he thinks Nie Xin.
However, Nie Xin, zhang yi Zi and Yu Jiang were excited by this remarkable achievement. Just one Yu Jiang has been able to confirm that more than a dozen enemies have disappeared. No matter how many spells they have made, no matter how many spells they have lost, their blow may be enough to change the situation here in Wushan Garden. Nie Xin will turn tens of millions of spells into a strategic weapon to defeat the situation. This is a mid-pneumatic practitioner but a terrible guy. When people realize his value, no one will treat him as a terrible guy.
Later, Yu Jiang was surprised to find that there was actually the peak monk in the late period of the foundation in the boulder pile who had just escaped the explosion bombardment. When the explosion gradually stopped, when the flame power accumulated in the valley gradually spread out, and when the enemy Yu Jiang became clear again in the mental scanning, Yu Jiang confirmed that the monk should be a fierce name and a "evil axe", and he was so angry that he binged and drank. Obviously, a fiery spiritual force burst from his body to blow away almost all the surrounding hot air. And that huge axe, which has become an important part of his practice, has been thrown into his hand, and then he cut it toward the mountain. When the axe fell to the ground, everyone felt as if the whole earth trembled. As the axe fell, it just formed a scale. Xuanyan Fuwei could be blown away and no longer pose a threat. In the mountains and mountains, he gasped in shock. Many people have never seen it before, and they will never have a chance to see it. What is even more surprising is that Cang Shen’s eyes are closed and his eyes are constantly bleeding. Perhaps Lingyan hit the flame column directly.
"Who is it? ! Who is it? ?” Cang Shen drank furiously, but Nie Xin wouldn’t jump out to answer such a question unless his IQ was instantly reduced to 10%. Fortunately, evil practitioners supported each other, blew away the surrounding flames and whined about the wounds. Others groaned bitterly. Some people’s hands and feet were directly blown off in a violent explosion, which was extremely painful even for tenacious practitioners.
"Wow, hahaha, I didn’t expect you to be today!" Jiang doesn’t believe that the typical arrogance is coming with some sarcasm. The power from Wushan Garden has reached the ravine.
【 Chapter 47 Clearance 】
Jiang doesn’t believe that he flew to the mountain. Fang couldn’t believe his eyes. The whole mountain is full of flames. It’s smoky and charred everywhere. It’s been bombarded by explosions. The land and Yunmengze have been shrouded in clouds. It’s typical that the atmosphere of the fairy family is out of place. They have been in Wushan Garden for several days. The surrounding landform is as confident as the heart. But now the whole mountain is completely different from what he remembered. Almost the whole surface has been stripped of a layer. It is really difficult to control the battle of the fix-true, and it is normal to cause some damage, but such damage is too unexpected. The general method and array are absolutely so powerful.
There are a lot of corpses lying around, and some people are lying down trying to get up. Obviously, they are not seriously injured. Some people are lucky, but they are not seriously injured. They are also waving weapons at random and looking nervously in all directions. The yogi is also a human being. There are also various emotions that can make a group of people who are not weak and evil so miserable. This guy is really powerful.
Jiang did not believe his eyes and immediately locked in the "evil axe". Cangshen was the leader of the evil practitioners who besieged Wushan Garden and also the deepest one. His peak repair in the late period of building the foundation was not Bai Rao. How peak should I say? Jokingly, when he burps while eating, his brain is so white that he may directly enter the then stage. The lack of "evil axe" is just a little bit of luck and a little epiphany, but his accumulation of cultivation has long gone beyond the scope of the foundation stage. Jiang does not believe that he cooperated with another other disciples, which only restrained the depth from letting him play his explosive role. Otherwise, where would there be such casualties in Wushan Garden? Jiang unbelief has played too many games with Cang Shen these days, and everyone is angry. Now Jiang unbelief can’t say how happy he is to see Cang Shen suddenly hit hard.
He glanced out of the corner of his eye and saw a guy walking through the mountains with a blue sword light, dressed clean and obviously ready for the big bang. The young man chose to lie down or hold a weapon to support the guy who was seriously injured. He chose to pick the hand behind them with a sword, and one end was sharp, and the river did not believe it. Ha ha smiled and rushed to the right path behind him. The monks shouted, "You are entangled in the dark and I will kill people."
Jiang unbelief is also the late repair of the foundation, which is far from the depth of the sky, but it is not too big. How to say it, he is also a respected elder figure. He is so confident that bullying the injured is still so big. The monks looked at each other, but immediately three or four monks went straight to Jiang unbelief, and they could tell this kind of thing because he is nothing but a "crazy sword", and there are also many guys in the right way who don’t take manners seriously.
Jiang doesn’t believe that it will be difficult for those evil practitioners to make a face-to-face appearance. More importantly, he set an example for the right way. What is the most beneficial to the current war situation? It seems that the whole evil practitioners are moving towards this side, and the mountain garden immediately floats with a layer of faint green clouds. Seeing that the situation is favorable, the monks who stayed in the mountain garden couldn’t help it. They didn’t open the shield before because they were reluctant to … Support the mountain garden. The protective cover needs 6,400 Lingshi, but now they can’t care about it. Just throw some Lingshi into the circle and immediately set up a sword to fight against it. Protect the sect’s young players with the protective cover.
Yu Jiang had a very good time, and in a blink of an eye, six or seven other practitioners fell his sword. It is systematic for Shu Shan’s younger brother to be unreasonable, and it is only in line with his original goal to come here and kill these evil practices.
Jiang doesn’t believe it, but he falls directly beside Yu Jiang, laughs and pats Yu Jiang’s shoulder and says, "What did you do?"
Yu Jiang was frightened to disgrace. A few years ago, he met a visiting friend in his sect. Jiang did not believe that this was one of our own. Jiang did not believe that he was one of our own, but it was also during the construction period that Jiang did not believe that he was so close to patting his shoulder as if he were an ordinary friend. This made him feel afraid. Jiang did not believe that it was well repaired, and he studied kendo posture and so on.
Yu Jiang did not dare to hold a big hand and bow down in accordance with the etiquette of the young players. He said to Jiang that "Cai Shu Yu Jiang has seen Jiang Lao, and he did not dare to take credit for this. It is because the other two partners and I have this layout, and I am responsible for luring the enemy to decorate this situation. Someone else"
"oh? Where are people? " Jiang is not interested. Only three reinforcements have come? But these three men are really strong enough to kill a dozen and hurt Cang Shen. This kind of reinforcements is hard to get.
"They … can’t fix it. I asked them to hide and don’t get hurt in this situation." Yu Jiang hurriedly explained.
"Lower than you?" Jiang does not believe that he frowned and his words made Yu Jiang feel embarrassed. Jiang does not believe that it is the elder monk who has done profound work. He may not be at ease with Yu Jiang, but Yu Jiang’s two partners are even lower. Jiang doesn’t believe it. Why did this kind of repair come here?
"This ….. but they can create such a situation, so I don’t want to disappoint their predecessors." Yu Jiang unconsciously argued with two partners who met soon. If Nie Xin and zhang yi are monks, enlarge them in proportion to their present abilities, where can we make such a complicated situation? I guess we can kill it all the way.
Jiang don’t believe it, thinking about it, he nodded his head and said, "In that case, after the war, the evil spirits around him are coming here, and our people are coming here. You should pay more attention to your partner and solve it quickly here. Help me kill Cang Shen together."
Jiang don’t believe so commanded it crimson immediately nodded and said "yes".
They want to slaughter the evil monks who are in chaos, but how can they get it so easily? And those evil monks who quickly recovered quickly gathered around Cangshen and moved towards the outside. The evil monks were close to the direction of support, and they fought and fought Cangshen. After the injury, they were so angry that they were more ruthless and were responsible for entangled Cangshen. Those monks also knew the truth of fighting against Cangshen and trying to prevent Cangshen from killing the right path. The monks stepped back with his offensive, but they didn’t mean to annihilate Cangshen here.
Cang Shen waved a huge tomahawk, and the more he fought, the more arrogant he became. Gradually, the monks who temporarily entangled him were a little overwhelmed. Jiang did not believe it and sighed. "Cang Shen, I have killed your grandfather enough. Dare to fight?"
Cang Shen a listen to nu scold a way: "Jiang don’t believe you this old man will let you die here today." He flatly waved an axe to force the two monks back and his body flashed towards Jiang don’t believe here.
Jiang doesn’t believe in laughing, but he is afraid. He turns the sword in his hand into a three-foot-long ordinary sword, which is actually six feet long and two inches thick. The blade is full of inches wide. Jiang doesn’t believe that there is no difference between this giant sword in his hand and the sword just now. He pulls out a sword flower and rushes to meet the sky.
I heard a dull sound like a bronze bell ringing! Two heavy weapons with handles can have such ferocity when they collide with each other and immediately push the surrounding air as if a storm appeared in the battlefield.
The former is speculation, but the intersection of epee and axe makes Jiang not believe that he can feel the loss of Cang Shen this time. It’s not small that he has no one to plunder the array. The auxiliary situation is not the same as Cang Shen.
Cang Shen was shocked, angry and violent, and fought with Jiang Unbelief, but he has been famous for a long time. How can he really ignore his peers and can’t do it? Although he fought hard, Jiang Unbelief has always been the edge of the formation of evil practitioners, and he has fought and retreated several times. He simply abandoned Jiang Unbelief and helped the evil practitioners in distress. Jiang Unbelief, after all, is far from the strength of Cang Shen, but it is also acceptable to encounter this situation.
From both sides before and after the big bang, a large number of forces were invested, all of which exceeded half of the forces here. The monks had a heart-felt heart and high morale, and the evil monks achieved brilliant results. Although they finally met in a place where they were not surrounded by quilts, they lost one third of the power to besiege Wushan Garden just this night. The most painful thing for Cang Shen is that six monks were killed and more than a dozen people were injured in this night. This earth-shattering explosion not only made Cang Shen lose an eye, but also really broke the evil monks. After decades of deliberate layout and siege of Wushan Garden, the evil practitioners were in chaos, and a group of believers set out for Yishan Villa and Shallow Yuntai. It was an unstoppable force for the people in the right path to meet and start.
Jiang did not believe and a large number of monks chased Cang Shen and his party for more than two hundred miles before returning to Wuyan Garden. Before the change, the boring atmosphere and laughter were surrounded by everyone. The most obvious question was that Yu Jiang and his two partners.
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【 Chapter 40th Make 】
The appearance of Wushan Garden in zhang yi shocked the elders of the Zhang family. This future home is mainly damaged. They can’t afford to be good here. The situation seems to have changed. zhang yi’s practice path has made great contributions, but zhang yi still refuses to take credit for arranging spells to kill the game. Of course, he has contributed, but Nie Xin is the key figure in designing so many spells for such a big scene.
When Jiang Unbelief and his party returned to Wushan Garden, they saw a group of practitioners gathered together, and among them were Nie Xin and zhang yi, the two guys with the lowest level of cultivation. They politely responded to everyone’s appreciation and gratitude, but Nie Xin’s brow was still vaguely anxious and worried.
"It is this Nie Xin who arranged to kill the bureau like that?" Jiang don’t believe pulling room cleaning dust YouZi incredibly asked.
"Yes … that guy’s spell is absolutely unique." Fang Dichen ha ha smiled and the situation has changed greatly. This young man contributed a lot. It’s a trivial matter how many people were killed in that big explosion, but it’s the most important thing to destroy Cang Shen and his helper’s fighting spirit. Nie Xin’s practice is low, but no one dares to look down on him. Can they kill so many yogis with this practice?
Jiang not letter hesitated a "according to the principle that we should give this little guy a good reward? Do you still have pneumatic gadgets? "
Fang Dichen glanced at Jiang Unbelief with disdain and said, "Look at your stingy family. It’s not always a pneumatic period. He’s only been practicing as a student for two years, and it’s a great person to see his performance in the future … In the pneumatic period, you’re too mean to take out your hand to compensate others for the lack of flowers … The little guy is really generous. Thousands of spells, his mother, I don’t have a whole roll of bloody dragon charms." Fang Dichen still burst out swearing. Nie Xin’s design to kill the bureau is full of heroism, but there is also a shortcoming that If you know some array principles, it will be much more economical to kill the game instead of relying solely on the quantity and quality of spells as it is now. But if people here in Wushan Garden are in debt, they must make up their flowers, right? Otherwise, I can’t get through it myself.
"Bah!" Jiang said unbelievably, "Who is stingy? Let’s see who gives the gift enough weight later. Am I that stingy? It’s not that I don’t have his magic skill in my hand … I do. I dare to practice it for him. "

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