It is obvious that the moon is the same as Qin Yu. Most people are struggling to find new people in the complicated world of mortals.
When I looked at Qin Yu in the distance that month, I showed a look of indifference to everything, but she showed a little surprise and doubt for the first time.
Who are you?
Thinking about the moon, she touched her chest because she knew that she would wear a small jade card all the year round, which was the only memory she could keep in those years. But the jade card she wore on her chest was handed over to the fox woman by Mr. Bai, and the jade card was exactly the same, with a flying blue bird carved in the middle and a small "Qin" on the back of the bird.
It turns out that she is Rong Yue, the younger sister who was pushed by Rong Xiang into Yan Lake ten years ago.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-three Desire
This is accompanied by a kind of’ desire’ will that is revealed one by one in the bright moonlight feast, which is hidden by people on weekdays. It is quietly eating away at everyone on the scene, and then there will be desires and desires for new life, which will be gradually eaten away, with the exception.
Some people may retort that’ I have no desire’, but real desire is also divided into different people, and different people have different demands for their own desires. Some people are good at fame and fortune, some people are good at being free and easy, some people are good at prosperity, some people are good at eyes and small profits, some people are good at home and country, some people are brave, some people are weak, some people are good at wisdom, some people are good at faith, some people are desperate, and some people will achieve their goals without doing so. I broke my faith, fought for my life, lost my home, and fought to the death for my lover, while the Jedi survived, while some people, who knew their goals and constantly broke the bottom line, got greedy and constantly tried their best, eroded their fame and fortune, eroded their comrades’ desires and constantly provoked the world of mortals, which was so big to the end, as big as the mountains and seas, as big as the blue sky and the moon, and it was such a wonderful fate. There were always such people in the roulette wheel, who had different personalities. Have different knowledge, different cognition and different feelings, but if you are a person, your mind will be entangled in some things, some people, some experiences, some pasts and some memories, and this entanglement is the desire that torments you all your life.
Who doesn’t have desires in such a big world?
Looking at the feast of Lingchuan House, who will have no desire in this feast?
Qin Yu has his desire. There is a very secret place in his heart, where he deeply loves his secrets, and it is these secrets that torment him almost to the point where he can’t sleep day and night, and his desire is to dig out the truth of that year by himself.
Who killed Qin Gang and his party on Yanhu Island ten years ago?
Who leaked the news of Yun Ze on Yanhu Island ten years ago?
Ten years ago, who controlled the whole event on Yanhu Island?
Ten years ago, who finally took control of Lingjianzong’s near-collapse situation on Yanhu Island?
What happened to Yanhu Island ten years ago will eventually make the whole island sink into the lake and become a relic.
What happened to Yanhu Island ten years ago will eventually make hundreds of thousands of people die at the bottom of the lake with Yanhu Island.
All this is the desire in Qin Yu’s heart, which is the only motivation for him to live these years. He wants revenge and the truth.
Liu Yi also has his desires. In his heart, he has always been particularly interested in two things. One thing is that he did not understand his father Liu Tianqing until now. Liu Tianqing did not understand that he had to marry Lan Xixi himself. In these years, it is not difficult for people with brains to see that they and Lan Xixi are walking in two different ways. The human factors are different from each other in terms of their personality, their way of life or their views on things. What if they are very different? Not necessarily.
Liu Yi and Lan Sunseeker have never even had an impulse, let alone a throbbing heart. So how can two people get together? If it is because of love, he will never admit that he loved Lan Sunseeker, and he will never believe in such illusory remarks about love. He has always doubted that Lan Sunseeker wants to marry himself.
However, Liu Yi has doubts about his engagement with Lan Sunseeker. In the final analysis, he still has to talk about another thing that hides his heart, that is, the Kuroshio incident of Ling Jianzong ten years ago.
Ten years ago, if it hadn’t been for something else, Liu Tianqing’s foot would have followed Qin Gang to help Ling Jianzong, who would have been the patriarch of Diyan Zong instead of Lan Jian, the purple dragon ambassador, and Zou Liang, the royal soul ambassador.
Even though it’s been ten years, Liu Yi seems that Lan Jian and Zou Liang were never able to make them appear such a miserable scene. After all, they were already the best of the whole clan in terms of mind and leadership. Looking at the rivers and lakes in those days, it was also famous.
In Liu Yi’s cognition, Lan Jian and Zou Liang accompanied Qin Gang to Lingjianzong, and Qin Gang took his colleague Lu Yao with them, so their strength is already comparable to that of some Jianghu giants. Although it is ineffective, Jianzong is so super powerful.
And it was this combination of the earth that turned out to be a total defeat. Except for Yan Zonglan Jian, who fled to Yanhu Island, the rest of the people who participated in the Kuroshio incident were a dead man. However, Lan Jian, the only one who lived in this accident, still branded a disabled field. Besides his neck, the whole person was paralyzed. How can this result not be suspected by heaven and man?
However, whenever Liu Yi went to ask Liu Tianqing about Kuroshio, he was trained to go back and understand what happened on Yanhu Island ten years ago. He attached great importance to it, not only because of his marriage, but also because of a historical truth that was deliberately hidden, and this truth stirred his heart from time to time like maggots attached to bones
This is the secret of Liu Yi’s heart and his desire.
Rong Yue also has her desire.
Although Rong Yue has always been indifferent and very cold, there is a dark history in her heart that she has sealed up. Even her people are very eager to forget these memories, which will make her miserable and almost collapse once she recalls them. Recalling the memories of Ling Jianzong, which happened ten years ago.
Rong Tianyu’s massacre Rong Yueshi didn’t have a deep memory, because she was too young and too young to be a baby at that time. How could she remember what happened at that time? On the contrary, her sister Rong Xiang firmly branded this memory and became Rong Xiang’s revenge determination.
But for Rong Yue, the most exciting memory for her is that she saw herself being thrown into the cold Yan Lake by Rong Xiang’s love, saw her sister being stabbed in the chest by an old man, witnessed the arrival of Dewei in the scale cave that day, and then personally felt that the icy and biting lake flooded her world.
Ten years have passed in the blink of an eye. In the past ten years, Rong Yue has never given up looking for Rong Xiang. In her cognition, her sister is not dead. Rong Xiang must have hid in a corner of the world and waited for herself to find the only living family. This has become an obsession, a desire and a hope in Rong Yue’s heart.
For Rong Yue, she is also a desire theory.
This is accompanied by the bright moonlight feast, in which everyone’s heart desire is magnified and then the moonlight is wanton.
The original tranquility and peace were broken by Xu Wu, because he suddenly learned something, something that made everyone in the mercenary club sleepless in recent days. Someone Ling Chuan saw the fox woman who had escaped from the exchange before.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-four Room
Once again, the fox woman was caught by the mercenaries. When the mercenaries surrounded the three floors outside the courtyard where the fox woman was hiding, the banquet in Lingchuan House was just now, and when the fox woman was caught, it was several hours later.
"It’s not quite right ….."
But after seeing Xu Wu frowning and thinking for a while, he left himself alone and paced slowly in situ, and his mouth was full of whispers.
Glancing coldly at this moment, Xu Wu, a group of people who are still squandering their time in Lingchuan Prefecture, not only doubts what it is, after all, for him, this group of people is like two people from the world, and when the strange group is a complete stranger and the eyes are so delicate, the bottom of the situation tells himself that the fox woman has been caught back, which not only makes him suspicious at heart. If he were the fox woman at this moment, he would do whatever it takes to hide his whereabouts and then wait for an opportunity to escape completely while the situation in Lingchuan is in chaos. From this place, he never thought that it was a fox woman who looked so silly and hid in an old hut. When the door guests arrested the fox woman again, the other party didn’t even resist, so the door guests would bring her back to the exchange again, which made him more suspicious.
"What, you’re upset?"
Perhaps this is the so-called brotherhood. When Xu Wugang here was confused by the fox girl, there were Changsun Zhuo and Xu Xiaowu who were bureaucratic. Xu Tong immediately realized that his third brother was in a state of mind at the moment, and the mercenary would quickly pull himself out and then quickly came to Xu Wu’s side. He and Xiao asked.
"Eldest brother, how did you come here? Grandson’s adult may not be over yet."
In my heart, the silly eldest brother Xu Wu not only looked at Xu Tong, but also said softly
"It doesn’t matter if the grandson’s adult is there to flatter each other, but you worry about seeing your frown. I think you must have met something that makes you feel awkward. Tell the truth to the eldest brother if something has happened."
Xu Tong gently put the glass in his hand on the table in front of him, then grabbed Xu Wu’s hand and stared at Xu Wu’s eyes with certainty and asked
"The fox girl has been caught back, and now people are in the exchange."
Looking at Xu Tong’s eyes, Xu Wu told his eldest brother that the fox woman was caught by mercenaries again.
"Xu Xin, this stinky little girl still thinks that we don’t have enough things?"
On hearing that the fox girl was arrested, Xu Tong suddenly faced himself with such a restless brother and brother. At this time, he could do nothing but complain a few words.
"Eldest brother, don’t jump to conclusions. In my opinion, I’m afraid it’s not as simple as we think. We might as well make a bold guess. If it’s not the second brother’s, what if the second brother doesn’t know about it at this time?"
Xu Wu quickly lowered his voice, and then looked at the phoenix tree meaningfully, and patted Xu Tong on the back of his hand.
"You mean …"
Xu Tong said that there was a trace of surprise and anger in his eyes here, and then he suddenly looked up at the bustling two people, Xu Xiaowu and Chang Sunzhuo, not far away.
"It’s hard to say that the momentum of all parties in the eye hasn’t really jumped out. You and I doubt that it’s untenable. After all, the eyes of Lingchuan are full of troubles, and pedestrians and tourists are occupying the vast majority of the population base of Lingchuan City. But the eyes of the king are about to end, except for the finishing. After this game, the cage competition will be held, and the situation in Lingchuan will be more complicated and changeable at that time. Do you remember what Mr. Bai told us? I’m worried that something big will happen in Lingchuan. I guess when it happens, these two events will be held in Lingchuan. At that time, Lingchuan’s defense is the weakest. City people will put their minds into the event. By that time, ordinary people will never put their minds into Lingchuan’s situation, which just gives those who are willing to do it an opportunity to control this event. I think it’s very likely that it’s this fox woman who has been caught back by us one after another. I believe my intuition and judgment that fox woman will be the key to this mess in Lingchuan. Now what we can do is to do nothing according to what M. Leblanc warned. When the incident is over, the eldest brother mercenary will see that it will be difficult for us to stick to it any longer. At this time, we must work hard to come up with a countermeasure and come up with a countermeasure that can ensure that we can live after the situation in Lingchuan is over. "
Xu Wu said his eyes locked Xu Tong. At this time, in addition to the anxiety, there was a little urgency and resistance in his eyes.

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