"Who the hell are you? What’s the purpose? "
The coachman didn’t answer and asked, "You must be Lin Guobin!"
Lin Guobin surprised way "how do you know? Nobody knows me except Zhou Lei! You are a soldier! "
"It doesn’t matter who I am! The important thing is that you can’t go there today. This is where you died! You really shouldn’t come! Jinan water is too deep and you can’t swim. What are you doing? "
Lin Guobin said with interest, "I can’t swim, can’t I row a boat? Now that you know my name, know me! "
"Whampoa military academy nine students rank major! You didn’t get along very well. Now you have to be a school after graduating from Huangpu! "
"Ha ha ha! Always like working, not being an official! Tell me, what do you want? "
"I told you! Let you die! "
Lin Guobin quickly pulled out his gun and pants, rubbed his insurance gun, aimed at a group of party-state elites in one go!
But as soon as he pulled the trigger, his opponent manually moved one or three cold lights and roared much faster than him! The trigger was pulled but there was no bullet fired. It turned out that a flying knife flew directly into his gun bore and the bullet root could not be fired! Lin Guobin didn’t move for a long time and finally said, "What a sharp knife!" It fell limply! There was a flying knife in his left and right chest, which deeply pierced his heart and lungs and died!
Bearer slowly took off his hat and revealed a face almost the same as Lin Guobin’s. He looked at Lin Guobin and said, "What are you looking for to look like the old man? If it’s outrageous, someone else will be sent, and you won’t die! It’s a shame for me to fly like you! You should have died long ago! " Say that finish, he brought Lin Guobin’s suitcase and searched him all over, then put everything he found in his suitcase and left in a hurry! After he left, five or six people came out of the alley and packed Lin Guobin’s body in a big sack and carried it away!
The 554 army has entered the thief.
In the dead of night, No.79, Luoyang Road, Kuomintang Military Regiment, Jinan, this is an old European-style building with a church in front. Later, after the war, foreigners moved away from the National Government, which benefited Jinan Military Regiment.
The military system is a real military institution. The guards here are all soldiers and they are specially trained. Soldiers are usually transferred from the gendarmerie.
In the evening, there were few people in the office building. Lieutenant Colonel Zhou Leiguo used to be a senior agent of the National Bureau of Statistics. Later, he went to Jinan as the head of the military system because of work needs. His family is not a wife and children in Jinan. It is absolutely impossible for a military commander in Zhejiang to have a lover. His private house is in the building opposite the military system. You can clearly see everything across the window. This is also a precaution for him.
Almost all the remaining people have a place to live, but none of them have a place to live, so Fu Xueying and Fu Yiyi’s daughter have been specially trained by the Secret Service, and she is the last one on the fourth floor of the highest floor of the military system to live next to the block house.
At that time, when the hands of the clock pointed to twelve o’clock in the middle of the night, Fu Xueying was already asleep, but Zhou Lei still went out with him for a long time. This kind of thing is not surprising to people, and no one cares. Some people even want to listen to this fascinating sound!
Suddenly, a figure in front of the gate of Juntong leaped lightly into the yard and landed. Before the two guards could react, they were knocked down by people with a left fist and a right foot.
Follow the wall to the front of the main building. There is a room at the entrance of the main building, which is the duty room. Two people are drinking and chatting. Wang Kechang, you said that Fu Xueying’s skin was too fucking white and tender to squeeze water! How beautiful it would be if we really enjoyed it once! Can you introduce a bridge to get her to bed? Brother, please drink! "
"You can pull down you! I want to live a few more days, although I’m not a big official, but that’s the commander of the war zone, Sir Fu Yi’s daughter. I dare not take a trip to Shantou! Don’t make a fool of yourself when things aren’t done by then! That bitch is good at kung fu! Long is not necessarily a rival! "
"True or false? Fu Yi’s daughter, forget it! I also want to live a few more days! Come or drink happily! " The two of them also punched!
The figure looked at these two guys, and they were beautiful! Ignored the two of them to the bottom of the window, jumped from the body and reached the balcony on the second floor, jumped to the fourth floor window, took out a glass cutter window glass and drew a circle, then took out a sucker to suck the surface, pulled out the glass with one arm, and a round hole appeared, reached in, scratched the window, hit the window sash, grabbed the window frame and jumped in gently! I went back and took the window to see the environment in the house. The moon is very bright tonight, and the room is full of moonlight. It is clear!
This room is a confidential room with confidential documents in it. The man got the safe in less than two minutes and took several confidential documents from it!
I left the confidential room and entered the next room. This room is Chang Zhoulei’s office!
555 mysterious visitors
He came to Zhou Lei’s safe, which was the highest-tech safe at that time. The triple code made in Germany was the outermost one, and all the safes had functions.
It seems that it won’t be difficult to beat the first password lock in more than ten seconds, and the second password lock is a code. If you press the right number, you can play it, but you don’t know what the password is.
Only to see the visitor’s miniature hand barrel take a look at the side of the cipher device, and then a piece of very thin and transparent paper with oily coverage was brought for a while and carefully observed. Only then did the hand strike six numbers "Ka"-the second lock!
The third lock is a three-digit, three-hole combination lock, which is not very good, but it is much better than the second lock just now, but when someone squats down and puts his ear close to the safe while listening to the number, he hits the last lock in three minutes!
The password lock is full of the most important confidential documents and top secret documents! Someone took all the documents with a miniature camera and put them back in their original place intact!
When the safe was restored, the bearer left Zhou Lei’s office sadly. Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly stopped and squatted down and looked at the door. There was a toothpick falling under the door. He quickly picked it up and took a photo of the door frame. He sneered and put the toothpick back under the door and then turned away!
The next morning, No.79 Military Company was just busy for a day when suddenly a man in a hat and suit came to the door and walked directly to the courtyard!
"live! What are you doing? " The two boys at the gate stopped him from coming. "Didn’t you two get fat enough last night?"
"Ah?" Somebody’s got a pair of eyes. Just reach out and pull out your gun! But the movement was too slow, and in a blink of an eye, their pistols were in people’s hands and the bullets had topped them. "Don’t move, I often go off!" " These two babies really dare not move!
"Two waste snacks! It’ s a shame to get the military system with this skill! " Come and sneer at a way
The two children quickly asked, "What are you doing there, sir?" The bearer sneered again, "You will know later!" Walk into the gate of Juntong and return the gun to them. These two little hooks are gone! Only to see a loose hand and a bullet fall to the ground! These two kids are thorough!
Into the hall and was stopped by the doorman "? Register! "
People came to the window and lit up their own documents to watch the door carefully. Suddenly, they were scared to return the documents. "Hello, Sir! Help yourself! "
The bearer gave him a contemptuous look and walked slowly towards the building! I came to Zhou Lei’s office and knocked on the door. "Please come in!" Through the door and push Zhou Lei looked up at "who are you looking for? Have a business trip? "
When the bearer didn’t answer, the knock on the door rang again. Zhou Lei said, "Come in!" When the door opened, a female officer in uniform stood at attention and saluted with the rank of major. "Report chief, I have something for you!" " People took one look and were immediately attracted by this pretty woman!
The quality of 556 is too poor
"But" the female officer took one look at the mysterious man.
"oh! Wait a minute! If there is anything wrong with your friend, just say it! "
The mysterious man looked at the female officer and smiled. "If I didn’t guess wrong, you must be Major Fu Xueying, the daughter of General Fu Yi!"
Female police officer one leng beautiful eyes zheng "how do you know? Know me? "
The mysterious man nodded. "I have no reason not to know Juntong Flower! I used to be your father’s old department! "
Fu Xueying said in a word! Where does this follow? The mysterious man looked back at Zhou Lei’s hand bag, and he wanted to hit Zhou Lei’s pistol for an instant, so he topped his head. "What do you want? Who sent you? "
Bearer ha ha. "Open military commander military bureau detective director was so timid! It’s not like you sent a perimeter! " Said and threw the bag to him. "I don’t have a gun! What do you see here? "
Zhou Lei wondered, "How many meanings?" He packed the bag slowly for fear of abnormal appearance, but he was dumbfounded when he looked at it. It contained confidential documents of the whole military system!
He couldn’t help but be surprised. "Then tell me!"
To humanity, "is this how you do things in Jinan? The quality of personnel is too poor! The security guard didn’t do a good job either! Otherwise, I won’t get it easily! "
Zhou Lei looked at him and said, "People don’t talk straight. Who are you? Wait, let me guess-Lin Guobin! "
"Ha ha ha!" Goofy plays Lin Guobin and laughs. "It’s a joke to meet for the first time, but to be honest, your security guard is not in place! Actually, I took the confidential documents in this building! "
"Ha ha ha! Director Lin, you’ve just arrived at your brother’s place on an acre of land, and this skill really makes Zhou Mopei fall in love! Didn’t you say genius arrived? How? "
Goofy smiled and laughed. "I just want to see how our military hardware is!" I didn’t expect this! Just a joke! "
Fu Xueying took a look at Goofy and smiled. "Major Lin is really amazing. It really makes us sit up and take things away from the information room of our center."
Gao Fei is a standard military salute to Zhou Lei. "Please take more photos when Lin first arrives!"
"To say to say director Lin is no ordinary person. Although my rank is higher than yours, your background is hard enough! And you’ve never missed your execution! I specifically asked you out of the Military Bureau! A tiger general! "
Goofy shook his head. "I’m flattered. Lin Guobin is just lucky! I hope that we will work together in the future and hand over the party and state to us! "
Zhou Lei nodded "director Lin is absolutely right! The party and state value us so much that we will definitely do well! "
Fu Xueying laughed. "Look at this."
"By the way, Director Lin has just arrived. How can I do my best? Let’s go, Zuixianlou, and give me a good meal. If it’s out of date, we won’t have this chance! Ahahahaha! "
557 has a good impression.
Zuixianju restaurant Zhou Lei Gao Fei Fu Xueying three people sit down.
"aye! I said, director Lin, you just arrived here and gave your brother a Mawei! Raid the military system. No one else has the guts except your brother Lin! Come to the brothers to respect you! "
Gao Fei made a toast. "I was sent by Dean Dai to help Zhou Xiong do a good job in Jinan military integration and contribute to the party and country. I dare not neglect my meager strength!" To tell the truth, there are many senior spies like us in the Communist Army. If they came last night, the consequences would be unimaginable! Dude! "
Zhou Lei laughed. "Brother Lin, you are a specially trained senior agent of the Military Bureau! There are no such masters as you in the Communist Army! But my brother is right. We should guard against one! It seems that Dean Dai still attaches great importance to Jinan military integration! You think about Wei Lihuang Fan Hanjie and Zheng Dongguo Liao Yaoxiang, who just finished the Liaoshen campaign. They were all party and state generals who were actually defeated by the communists! What a shame! It’s a joke that so many troops can’t beat half the troops and the communists go out! So I invited you two to say that only after the three of us twisted into a rope can we better complete the arduous task of handing over the party and state to us! I think both of you are party and state elites and will do well! Come on, let’s forget it. Let’s drink to Brother Lin’s welcome! Brother Lin is new here, and I’ll arrange for him to have a good time after a tiring journey! Taste the taste of Jinan women! "
Fu Xueying’s eyebrows are wrinkly. Few men don’t like romantic places, but Goofy shakes his head and says, "Eh, man Zhou, sometimes it’s just a bad woman’s belly! I can do anything except women in Lin Guobin! "

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