Those generals who clamored for never surrendering, look at me. I’ll see if you can’t help but cry, "Long live God, what will happen!"
Snow, one or more generals actually drew their swords and committed suicide on the spot.
Everyone looked at the bodies of the generals and was silent until Hal Zach slowly said, "You all go back to Tongdian to restrain your own people from belonging to the temple and don’t want the sunrise to be chaotic."
A red sun rises gradually on the horizon, and the earth is dark. The two sides add up to not 200,000 troops, and the banners are stacked one after another.
Chapter four hundred and twenty-three Disaster don’t know it.
Silent earth seems to wake up and see a group of troops slowly moving forward in the military camp. The first person is Chu Yi, and Baal Sboro is next to him.
Barr Sboro rode calmly, so he went straight to the front group of Tatars along with Chu Yi and others.
Tens of thousands of Tatars have known that Baal Sboro has decided to be trapped in a tight encirclement, but they are all stupid enough to realize that if they don’t surrender, their lives may be almost slim.
Now everyone is relieved to say what to surrender. Although many people are very unwilling, it is always better for Bidiu to die.
After cutting out a few hardcore copies, the Tatar army also unified its thinking
By Hal Zack, Mato and other Tatar high-level chiefs and generals personally led the army to surrender to the Great.
When the distance between the two sides was almost ten feet, Chu Yi and others stopped slowly, and you could clearly see the top leaders of the Tatars such as Halzak across the street.
Hundreds of high-level Tatars have gathered here, so it can be said that even if the Tatars want to change their minds at this moment, they will shoot these Tatars with a rain of arrows, and the Tatar army will collapse without a fight.
After all, these high-level Tatars have almost gathered a group of Tatars, who are the heads of various tribes. If these people die, don’t look at the tens of thousands of Tatars without these backbone roots.
Chu Yi looked calmly at Hal Zach and others slowly and then walked towards them.
Before the trip, the top leaders of the Tatars in Halzak bowed to Chu Yi and others, and saw Halzak fall to the ground with his hands in his hands, saying, "Eternal life proves that we are willing to descend to heaven. Please ask the general manager for permission!"
Chu Yi looked at Hal Zach and others, and then he saw Lin Ping take over Chu Yi’s surrender. He looked at it and said, "Yes!"
Hal Zack and others long breath a sigh of relief, at the same time, as the foot soldiers before the Tatars also slowly handed over their weapons and walked into the border camp honestly according to the military orders.
Watching those Tatars surrender honestly didn’t make any mess. It wasn’t Chu Yi who secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Even Baal, Sboro, Terharr, Zach and others breathed a sigh of relief.
They are really worried about what will happen suddenly when they surrender. If so, they don’t know how to explain it even if Chu Yi orders them to shoot them all.
Tens of thousands of Tatars surrendered, and it was not for a while. It was a full afternoon when the last Tatar foot soldiers entered the camp, and Chu Yi had returned to Taiyuan City.
All the generals in Taiyuan city gathered together, one by one with a red face and excitement.
100,000 Tatars were unheard of in the Central Plains for a hundred years. Even in those days, Mao and Cheng Zu did not have World War I and did not have 100,000 foreign fighters.
It can be said that with this place, some people will leave their names in history and be remembered by future generations.
Chu Yi tapped on the console table, and his face showed some awe. He said slowly, "You didn’t propose a toast to hundreds of Tatars in this first world war."
When the generals heard this, they suddenly got up and raised their glasses to Chu Yigong and said, "I’ll wait for the general manager!"
A glass of wine into the belly Chu Yi motioned for everyone to sit down and look at a crowd saying, "Three months ago, King Ning rebelled in the south of the Yangtze River, and at the same time, the Tatars invaded the Central Plains with 200,000 troops. Dayan Khan led 100,000 fighters to confront Governor Yang in Datong and Xuanfu. Now, King Ning’s chaos has been decided, and there is nothing in Baal Sboro. However, Dayan Khan’s 100,000 fighters still threaten my safety in Dabian town. Teach me!"
"War, war!"
Dozens of generals roared one by one
To tell the truth, it is different for a group of troops to rebuild the confidence of hundreds of thousands of generals.
Especially after several wars, the new Ding Army has become an elite, and these confident and combative generals, even if they are allowed to lead the Tatars, no one will frown.
If this is put into words, I dare not say that hundreds of Tatar fighters are afraid. Few dare to take the initiative to fight the first world war.
It seems that people are generally glad to hear the war now, and even some great generals and soldiers in the Taizu and Chengzu periods have such confidence.
Don’t look at Chu Yi’s energy to deal with Baal Sboro, a Tatar army, but this doesn’t mean that Chu Yi is not clear about Datong and Xuanfu’s information.
The information of the Royal Guards and the East Factory can be said to be a continuous stream of information about the war between Yang Yiqing and Dayan Khan in Datong and Xuanfu.
Dayan Khan is worthy of leading the Tatars to crush hundreds of fighters of Wala strongman, and to suppress hundreds of thousands of troops in the border town.
Yang Yiqing’s military talent is not bad. Otherwise, it is impossible for Governor Chu Yi of several trilateral countries to hand over the border town to Yang Yiqing for guarding.
Yang Yiqing didn’t live up to expectations, integrating hundreds of troops in border towns and adding hundreds of troops in Beijing camp. It can be said that more than 200,000 troops stopped Dayan Khan intensely. He didn’t say that this ability alone is not comparable to that of ordinary people, even those who can compete in military aspects in the DPRK, China, and Japan.
Don’t look at the fact that Dayan Khan has 100,000 soldiers and horses, while Yang Yiqing has more than 200,000 people. You should know that the defense line that Yang Yiqing is responsible for is not as simple as one or two cities, but spans dozens of cities across nine sides.
Tatars can choose a border town at will, and attack by force in the breach of the city. However, Yang Yiqing managed to attack all the troops in his hands, which is not realistic even for the Chinese army to fight the Tatars.
It is possible that thousands of troops defending ideal city will face the impact of thousands of Tatars. It is said that Yang Yiqing can stabilize the border town defense with hundreds of fighters in Dayan Khan, which shows Yang Yiqing’s ability
A few people with the highest status in the middle range of the hall looked at Chu Yigong and said, "Please also ask the general manager to make the order to wait for the north to face Dayan Khan. I am a big menace."
As Cheng Xiangwu well-documented Lu Dazhu, Xu Tianzuo, Sun Qiu and other generals have well-documented one by one with high fighting spirit.
Chu Yi smiled slightly, and said, "It’s very gratifying for you to know if you have this heart."
"At the end, I will wait for the oath to report to the emperor!"
Chu Yi pondered, his eyes fell, and Cheng Xiangwu looked right. "Cheng Xiangwu!"
"At the end!"
Cheng Xiangwu suddenly got up and bowed respectfully to Chu Yi. His eyes were full of excitement and he looked at Chu Yi.
Chu Yi said, "Cheng Xiangwu ordered you to lead 30,000 troops out of Taiyuan and go straight into the grassland to severely disturb the morale of the grassland. Can you do that?"
Cheng Xiangwu said, "The last general is destined to live up to the expectations of the general manager!"
Lu Dazhu and others watched Cheng Xiangwu get the military orders. Naturally, they looked at Chu Yi with anticipation.
Chu Yi looked at Lu Dazhu and Sun Qiuer’s humanity. "Lu Dazhu Sun Qiudu ordered you to lead fifty thousand troops out of Taiyuan and harass Da Yanhan behind him."
Lu Dazhu and Sun Qiuqi got up and threw themselves at Chu Yi.
Finally, Chu Yi’s eyes fell on Cheng Jie’s body and said, "Cheng Jie ordered you to be stationed in Taiyuan City with ten thousand troops led by General Taiyuan Garrison."

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