The old man smiled. "The attitude is not bad, Miss Line. I didn’t see the wrong person. If you want something, ask her to get it."
"Green sandalwood is here?" My heart is full of joy.
"Miss didn’t come, don’t ask so many cars to see." The old man turned away a little impatiently.
I went to the front of the car door and looked at it. There was a girl with long hair wearing sunglasses, not Li Qingtan. I opened the door and went to the co-pilot to sit in the car door. "Miss, I’m a friend of Li Qingtan to get it …"
"Don’t mention the seat belt!" The girl said lightly
"I’m here to take something with me. What am I doing?" I wonder
"Why so much nonsense?" She was impatient. "Who’s worried about bringing something out?" Jinkeng island blood
"An accident? What is it? "
"Hurry up!"
I pulled Ann up and said, "Why are these two people so strange? Why are they so impatient when they say nothing?"? Is it to test me?
I was thinking that I felt dizzy when my back was pushed by a force, and a car had already galloped up.
This girl drives harder than Zhang Zi, and she is disorganized and especially casual. First, we drove around the Fourth Ring Road for a while, then the Fifth Ring Road hit a traffic jam ahead, and then we went around the Sixth Ring Road. This girl doesn’t seem to have a purpose at all, but more like pulling me for a ride at will.
"Sister, don’t go out of Beijing for a while!" I finally couldn’t help it. "Where the hell are you going? Give me a definite answer!"
"Get you a stone. Where else are you going?" The girl said
"I think you are wandering around for a ride."
Her mouth flashed a smile "for a ride? There are two important meetings in the afternoon, and I have postponed the work for our young lady. Do you have so much time to go out and take a stranger for a ride? "
"You said miss Li Qingtan?" I frowned. "What the hell is she …"
"Is it your turn to ask?" Her tone changed, "You shouldn’t ask, don’t ask such an adult, you don’t know any rules."
My face is hot. "If you can’t say it, you can’t say it. I didn’t force you to talk well." What if you don’t choke? "
The girl smiled, "Come on, we have nothing to say. If it weren’t for working for our lady, you wouldn’t have the chance to take my car."
"I’m honored to say that," I said wryly. "It seems that I have to thank Qingtan."
"It’s so sour …" The girl disdained "Come on, I’m just kidding with you. You’re our lady friend. I should respect you. We’ll be here soon. Don’t bicker."
"Where is the stone?" I asked
"Right there!" She made signal with the lips at the navigation "just that side"
My heart says this is not nonsense? Navigation is a map of Beijing, and you can also see some boundaries between Hebei and Tianjin. Is it possible to hide Wuling Blackstone in Jiangsu? Since people don’t want to talk, I don’t want to ask any more questions. It’s annoying.
Ten minutes later, a brick-pulling van appeared in front of the road, flashing double lights, and a man in his forties squatted by the road to smoke.
The girl pulled over and took a look at me. "Your car is waiting for me to talk to him."
"Not afraid that I will steal the car?" I look at her.
"Do you want to? I can send you a "girl" and open the door at me. The car went to the man. When the man saw her coming, he quickly choked the cigarette and bowed respectfully.
I couldn’t hear them talking about what it meant to see the girl with a cold attitude, so the man took out a black plastic bag from the car hopper and handed it to the girl with both hands.
The girl took it and turned back without looking. The car opened the door and handed the plastic bag to me. "See if this is it?" Check it out! "
I was stunned that Wuling Blackstone was actually sent by a "brick car"?
I quickly opened the plastic bag and saw that it contained a lot of sawdust as a buffer. Two shiny black stones were lying quietly inside. I looked at them intently. Both black stones had curses. His four stone heads were almost treated. I could feel that there was a strong force hidden in them when I tried to adjust my breath gently.
Yes, that’s them!
"Thank you for me, miss." I put away the stone. "Where is she now? Are you okay? "
"You ask me who I ask?" She gave me a look. "But it’s very rare that you took the car for so long and I ran half of Beijing. It’s not easy to resist not calling the protector!"
"You’re from Qingtan, I believe her, and you don’t need to call the dharma protector." I said simply.
The girl nodded. "Well, this sentence is ok. Sit tight and send you back!" "
The car started again and soon left the brick car behind out of sight.
"I’m curious, don’t you feel trouble? First the old gentleman, then you, and finally the truck driver. "I looked at her." Are you so cautious? "
"Eldest brother, you have a black stone in your hand." The girl gave me a look. "Do you know how many people are staring at it now? To tell you the truth, if you hadn’t given your four pieces to Xiao Qiye, you would have been robbed of Zhuge’s boat for thousands of years. You don’t understand this truth? "
"Educated" I smiled. "Are you all Qingtan people?"
"It doesn’t matter whether you are a young lady or not," she said. "Anyway, the young lady’s business is our business. Don’t blame me for not waking you. Don’t be sorry for our young lady. Otherwise, you can figure it out yourself."
"But she didn’t tell me anything?" I wonder

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