"It should be killed!"
Mixed with anger, a punch slammed into the golden tiger. As soon as the battle broke out, the golden tiger jumped over my head and quickly fell behind me. Suddenly, there was a deafening roar behind me. My face was cold and my heart was unprecedentedly calm. I turned around and punched the whole person in one go. At this time, I seemed to forget the spell and all my mind put this punch.
One punch blasted the golden tiger’s body. I looked stunned. Although I was confident about this punch, I was just confident. It was not so easy to hit the golden tiger’s heart. It was not so simple. The golden tiger’s eyes flashed with sarcasm. Suddenly, its body blinked smaller. If it was tall and powerful just now, it was almost as big as a pug’s fist. Who knows, this change happened.
Without fighting, it will change rapidly, and it will change into a golden tiger. Of course, it will not miss this good opportunity, and its mouth will spit out a blue light mass, which is so fast that I can’t hide from it at such a close distance.
Chapter 4 Who is the boss?
Suddenly, my chest thumped, thumped, and the blue light mass was about to touch my body. When the light mass was about to touch my body, it actually thumped, and there was a slight explosion. A blue smoke filled the air for a moment, and the blue smoke completely dissipated. I was shocked. The golden tiger didn’t seem to realize this, and I was shocked.
One person, one tiger, kept strangely quiet!
"Damn it, it belongs to me. How can I recognize your Lord? I don’t believe it. I don’t believe it!" Zhong Bai almost crazy roar.
The magic divination mirror saved me again, and it was a good baby. At this time, I was more determined to protect the magic divination mirror in my heart.
"Dream on, you’ll never get it because you don’t deserve it!"
I kicked the golden tiger’s head hard with a cold hum. The golden tiger is too small to squat with a fist attack. These feet have become the most advantageous weapon. How can the golden tiger be so easily hit? The body twisted and escaped the fatal foot. My face continued to kick the golden tiger’s head as usual, and several attacks were easily avoided by the golden tiger, but my face became more and more ugly.
It’s absolutely difficult to defeat the flexible Golden Tiger with one punch and one foot attack, but it depends on seeing the martial arts moves except the spell method. Maybe Zhong Kui Gate is good at it, not the fist and fist, but the spell method. Thought of this, I’ve been calm and my heart has been messed up. A long attack is definitely a torture for me, a novice with no combat experience. I can’t help but attach my physical strength. Who knows, I still get the result with success.
"The magic divination mirror can infect the spell power, but it can’t stop me from killing you. Let me teach you what real physical power is."
The voice was full of golden light, and suddenly a man rushed out from Jin Guangzhong, and my face changed greatly. This man was too fast, and I couldn’t see his true face. In an instant, I made a quick response, twisted my body and accelerated it. If it was a little slower, I couldn’t hide from this attack.
Even so, I still didn’t hide in the past, because this person was too fast for people to react. A moment of pain in the chest seemed to be cut by something sharp. In general, the cold in the freezer went into the wound along the cut clothes, and the pain suddenly intensified.
I retreated a dozen paces, which happened to be just the right time to retreat to the opening, clutching my chest, and the blood slowly flowed out along the gap between my fingers. A cold sweat broke out on my forehead, and I looked down at my chest and saw that it had been marked with a long mouth. Fortunately, the blood had stopped, otherwise it would definitely bleed to death in a short time.
"The magic divination mirror must be hidden in your chest. I can feel it. Haha, I will be able to throw it on your chest and get the magic divination mirror to become the head of Zhong Kui Gate." Zhong Bai proved to be Zhong Bai. He became a human figure. Maybe he would do it if the golden tiger spell method was out of reach.
"You are dreaming!"
I gnashed my teeth and said that although there are many chests, for me now, the pain can make me more calm. The pain always wakes me up and urges me not to make the mistake just now. The wound blood stopped flowing. I slowly loosened my chest, covered my hands and palms with blood. When I clenched my fist, the residual blood slowly dripped on the white ground.
Suddenly, I don’t know where there was a violent explosion, and the ice room was shaking with the explosion, as if it were the power generated by the bomb explosion. Zhong Bai’s face changed greatly, and his eyes panicked and looked at my left. He seemed to think of something terrible, and he suddenly screamed at me. He was going to make a sudden attack. I always paid attention to Zhong Bai’s every move, although he couldn’t keep up with his speed, but the distance between the two was better, which buffered Zhong Bai’s speed.
Suffering from chest pain, I almost tried my best to blow my fist forward, which drove my body forward and raised the power of my fist. Who knows, there was an accident. When Zhong Bai was about to reach me, he changed his direction and went around from one side. My face turned around quickly and I was shocked to see a scene in the line of sight. Zhong Bai actually got into the passage and disappeared.
I froze. What’s going on? It’s not impossible for Zhong Bai to kill me, but this time he gave up and left the ice room. What the hell is going on? Wait, is it related to the explosion just now?
The shaking has never stopped, but it has weakened a lot compared with the first one. Although it is slightly shaking, it does not have much impact on Chinese people. I can easily stabilize my body from shaking.
"Zhong Baile is big before melting blood array" is the gloating sound of Qi Ling.
"Elder Qi Ling, are you awake?" I was surprised to say that I didn’t expect the mysterious spirit to wake up at this time.
"Well, I woke up when those old guys helped you stimulate your physical strength," Qi Ling said softly.
"Elder Qi Ling, what did you mean by that sentence just now? What is the melting blood array?" When there is no implication, I quickly asked this question.
Qi Ling hesitated for a moment and said gently, "Melting blood array and melting everything in the melting day is the most vicious and powerful array in the science of uniting."
What’s so horrible? Then what’s Zhong Bai doing with this array? Is it going to destroy the whole world?
"This large array layout method has long been lost in the practice world. I didn’t expect Zhong Bai to master the layout method." The inspiration sighed.
"What is the blood of the predecessors? Does Zhong Bai want to destroy the whole world?" I asked in horror
Spirit shook his head and said, "Destroy the world? Hum, Zhong Bai’s strength is far from perfect. If he were the first person in the science of uniting, I’m afraid he wouldn’t be able to arrange a melting blood array that could destroy the world. I guess what he did was to improve his strength and melt everything. Zhong Bai should want to melt something and arrange such a large array. "
I’m relieved to hear this answer. It’s true that the margin of the world is not to say that destruction means destruction. Besides, the cost of destruction is beyond people’s affordability. Although Zhong Bai is crazy, he has not reached the point of mutual destruction with the world.
"Melting blood array can also increase strength?" I was surprised to say that there are quite a few hidden secrets in nursing homes.
"I don’t know exactly. There has never been a blood melting array before. I have never seen this array before." Qi Ling hesitated and suddenly said, "Someone must be destroying the melting array outside. Don’t you want to know? Let’s go out and have a look. After all, seeing is believing!"
I looked around. At this time, I didn’t forget to promise those old people that the temperature of the ice room was gradually rising, and the layers of thick ice outside the mummy were melting rapidly. The ground was full of water. After a while, all the ice melted and the water actually reached the depth of the leg bend. I looked at the floating water around with a sad face. The mummies were floating like duckweed.
"Although I don’t know your name or your identity, I promise you that Zhong Bai will get the punishment he deserves. Have a good trip."
For a moment, I got into the passage. At this time, there was a sound in my head and I sighed heavily and said, "Aren’t you going to take their bodies out?"
"Their identity must be not simple. I suspect that outsiders are practitioners. If outsiders recognize these mummies, they will be in trouble. What do you think outsiders will think? I’m afraid they will recognize the murderer. It’s the best choice to leave their bodies here."
After saying this quietly, I bowed my head and walked in the passage without asking. After a while, I returned to the white room, and there was no one in the four passages to surpass the extreme chill. The high temperature offset the cold, and all the ice melted. Maybe it will never be cold here after that.
After a while, I walked to the door. Who knows that when I just crossed the threshold, my face changed and I wanted to take back my right foot. However, this time it was already late. I exclaimed that a method came out of the door to resist the attraction. The whole person was sucked out of the door and fell to the ground. When I came to my senses, the surrounding environment changed completely.
It’s not a nursing home, but a blood-red world. At the end of the line of sight, there is a virtual root that can’t be seen. I look indecisive and look around. Why did I come to this place?
"Elder Qi Ling, what is this place?" You must know what’s going on after you’ve been informed for so long that I can’t figure it out so that I can ask for help from the mysterious spirit.
"Just now, when I was going to wake you up, I didn’t expect a terrorist force to suppress me. It seems to be … It seems to be …" I can hear the panic in the tone of the spirit, as if I saw the most terrible thing in the world, and I couldn’t control my fear.
"What seems to be it?" My tone is dignified, too, as if I had been infected by the spirit.
"What the hell is the force of heaven and earth? How can the force of heaven and earth appear here? Is it true that Zhong Baizhen has been arranged to melt the blood array of heaven and earth?"
The spirit is confused. When I heard this, my face changed greatly. After the explanation of the spirit, I also understood that the melting blood array was terrible. But what does this force of heaven and earth mean? But the meaning of the listening spirit seems to be the same as that of Zhong Bai’s arrangement of melting blood array
"Didn’t I just say that melting blood array can melt heaven and earth? After melting heaven and earth, the force of heaven and earth will be generated. But how is it possible that this world has no roots to decorate melting heaven and earth, not even Zhong Kui, the grandmaster of Zhong Kui Gate?"
"Could it be that you feel wrong?" I was careful to say that I felt it quietly. Indeed, there is a strange energy in this world. The vast breath is daunting, but the number is very small. On the surface, it seems that it is not as terrible as the spirit said. Even the strength of heaven and earth seems to be insufficient to destroy the whole world.
"Not absolutely not heaven and earth force … ah!" In the middle of Qi Ling’s words, suddenly there was no movement. My face changed and I quickly asked, "What’s wrong with Qi Ling?"
No response!
I was even more worried. After several calls, there was still no response. At this time, there were strong fluctuations from a distance. Looking around, I could see the shape and gas doing tangible distortion and violent energy, even though I could clearly feel what happened in the distance.
I hesitated and rushed in that direction. With the acceleration of my pace, the force of heaven and earth actually increased. I felt all this. I frowned. Now the force density of heaven and earth has reached a limit. The breath is powerful and terrible. I can clearly feel this change. I am worried. Is it true that Zhong Baizhen has arranged a melting blood array of heaven and earth? If so, I am afraid that the world may really be destroyed.
Thought of here, I shook my head. My predecessors have already said that the strength of Zhong Bai can’t be arranged. Is it shocking that the emergence of heaven and earth might be an unknown accident? Hope is an accident.
I shook my head and now I think that if I have to get to that place, maybe I can get the answer I want. Then I accelerated the pace, and the place was getting closer and closer, and I walked about half the distance. Suddenly I stopped and stared at the front with unbelievable eyes!
No, not the master!
Master slowly turned around and he saw me, but his expression seemed to be facing a stranger for a moment. I recalled that Yan Luowang once said that although the master was dead, he stayed in memento mori. At the beginning, he saw a memento mori in the hell, and now this is probably memento mori.
Thought of here, my heart is more than lost. I hope that Master Bai can be resurrected. Unfortunately, Master Bai has left me forever. What I can see is that Master memento mori’s death cannot change the fact. What I can do now is to find out the killer of Master Bai and avenge him.
Taking a deep breath, I came to memento mori and looked at the familiar face. Memories of the past emerged in my mind, which was so beautiful and warm, but everything was deeply buried with the death of the master. Occasionally, jumping out would only add to the pain.
"It’s very important for you to listen to what the master said later, because he depends on the prosperity of Zhong Kui Gate!"
Memento mori actually spoke, but after careful consideration of the meaning in the words, I was disappointed again, just like what happened in hell. Now there is nothing to think about, and I want to speak before I die. Take a deep breath. I know that if I leave the myth a little, I may miss the master’s explanation, and maybe there are clues to find out the truth of death.
Chapter 41 Powerful giant engine
"There is a huge secret hidden in the magic divination mirror. I found your grandmaster memento mori when I chased the master of the method. Your grandmaster said that the magic divination mirror was not originally a Zhong Kui door baby. It is divided into two parts: the magic divination mirror came from hell and the divination mirror came from two different places in Paradise Lost. It is incredible that two different magic weapons have been combined together, and it has also formed a new magic weapon. Don’t underestimate this magic weapon. Your grandmaster has studied a life and death, but he has not yet worked out the mystery. How can you get in touch with it for a few days to figure out the hidden secret and the hidden secret?
When the master exploded the key of memento mori, it disappeared. I ran to the position where the master had just stood and shook my head. Although I knew it was memento mori, I couldn’t help but feel sad when I saw that familiar face.
My eyes are slightly red. memento mori disappears once again. Although there are just a few words in front of me, I also got very important news. Although memento mori disappeared when the key came, I believe that it won’t be long before I find out what secrets are hidden in the mirror. All doubts in my heart will be solved if I find the remaining memento mori.
I am very familiar with the four words "enchanted hell, divination, mirror and paradise lost". Now, nouns appear in novels. I am not a closed person. Of course, these four words will not feel strange to me. Although these four words mean nothing, I am still not sure whether the four words in Master’s mouth are the same as what I know.
Westerners like to say heaven and hell after death, but China people think that people will go to hell after death. Compared with the west, Paradise Lost is also a product of the story. The word Paradise Lost has no roots in oriental mythology. After careful consideration, the master said that hell and Paradise Lost should be forbidden areas in the field of cultivation. Perhaps only in this way can these two treasures be derived.
Touching a chest gently, the magic divination mirror was hidden in the middle. I thought that the magic divination mirror was a powerful baby in Zhong Kui Gate. I never dreamed that such an amazing secret was hidden. After that, I have to take good care of this baby. I can’t just make the magic divination mirror slightly different like today, but it was discovered by Zhong Bai. Fortunately, the melting blood array was attacked. Otherwise, it is really possible that Zhong Bai threw his chest and took away the magic divination mirror.

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