When he spoke, his mind moved and the world tree emerged. He gently put the stone table on his palm and smiled. "Sister, although you can take it, you have to give it back to me when the disaster comes. I want it to face the underworld."
Fish Youqing seems surprised that Sue should be so accommodating and give him a faint look. When the world tree is about to close, she nods "good".
After that, she got up slightly and turned to walk outside the enemy peak. Before she left, she suddenly stopped and didn’t answer, "If I can come back, I will tell you a big secret!"
Su Ying still wants to talk, but Yu Youqing has disappeared completely.
Chapter nine hundred The secrets of the primitive mainland
After Yu Youqing left, Su Ying returned to the main hall again.
His mind moved, and the world tree reappeared in front of him. At this time, the world tree absorbed half of its body and grew up again, which really surprised Su Ying.
You know, the world tree has gone from a fragment to the present situation, and I don’t know how many other fragments have been merged. Every fragment is almost a hundred miles or a hundred feet in size. Unfortunately, the world tree has not fully grown up until now.
However, it is a great surprise for Su Ying-shih that she has absorbed half of her body and grown up again.
"What’s the world tree and the underworld? I don’t believe that there must be other reasons why the demon blood can irrigate the world tree and make it grow rapidly. "
Su Ying should look at the world tree in front of him carefully. This treasure has been completely integrated with him. The world tree is Su Ying and Su Ying is the world tree.
If the tree of the world does not die, even if Su Ying-yuan’s god collapses and becomes empty, the world can continue to be reborn.
However, it is obvious that the function of the world tree is not like this, and there should be other magical powers that Su Ying did not discover.
He practiced for a few more days and then walked out of the 100 thousand mountains to travel around the primitive continent.
Su Ying first went to the Western Regions and gave all the scriptures he knew to those Buddhist monks. Some eminent monks learned that Su Ying was greatly indebted to them, and they got complete scriptures. Many of them were not white before, and they almost immediately realized that they were going straight.
Then Su Ying went to Jijia again, and the Lord of Jijia was still closed. At this time, they also sensed the movement of the magic temple in osawa Town in the western regions and directly sealed the whole Jijia land.
Then Su Ying went to Zhongzhou’s summer home. At this time, Zhongzhou was still almost eaten away by the summer home. The Lord of Xia also closed him. He saw the Xia Dynasty song once, and the other party had reached the sixth heaven.
Tai Xuan Men visited the Sun God Palace, the Moon God Palace and the Demon Temple one by one, hoping that these forces could unite to fight against the invasion of the demon world and hell.
It’s a pity that many holy places are filled with holy soldiers, who are prepared to close their lives and stay away from the primitive continent by virtue of the power of holy soldiers, and do not participate in resisting the great robbery of the underworld.
Su Ying-nai returned to 100 thousand mountains again. I didn’t expect that as soon as he fell, he saw white clothes like snow fish. Young Qing’s positive and negative hands seemed to wait for him to come back
Seeing Su Ying’s fish, Youqing raised his hand and threw the world tree directly to Su Ying to "return it to you".
Put away the tree of the world. Su Ying revealed a smile at her mouth. "My sister told me a secret when she came back safely. I have been looking forward to it for a long time."
Su Ying made a gesture of invitation. Fish Youqing sat with him for a while before she said lightly, "Even if I don’t come back, I will tell you this secret."
Su Ying was one leng, but nodded and smiled. "Sister, just say yes."
"Do you know that the precious tree in your hand is the world tree?"
Seeing that Su Ying nodded, Yu Youqing added, "I think it has been integrated with you. If it is not so hard, I will take it away."
Su Ying felt a quiver, wondering whether this statement of Fish Youqing was true or not. This woman is inscrutable. According to Su Ying, it should be an immortal old monster. This kind of person is above the emperor. Even if the star emperor, the devil emperor and Gu Tianxing’s father add up to four emperors, they are not rivals.
If she wants to rob the world tree, Su Ying really has no choice.
"I’m kidding."
Fish Youqing rarely reveals a shallow smile and then says, "The world tree is good for me and I don’t have your luck, even if I get it, I can refine it."
Su Ying was secretly relieved and then asked with a smile, "Does Sister know that the world tree has magical powers after all?"
"I once read that in the ancient books of Magic Sect, I was too fond of the world. It was said that in the chaotic age, the first living creature in heaven and earth was famous. When he saw that heaven and earth were turbid, he broke off one of his teeth and turned his axe into anger and opened the sky."
"Since then, there have been 3,000 chaotic fiends disturbing heaven and earth and interfering with the operation of heaven, so the plate will split his axe into two parts and turn it into a mainland axe handle, which will turn it into a world tree to suppress 3,000 chaotic fiends."
"It is said that the world tree has a strong restraint on all demons in heaven and earth. At the beginning, the world tree was able to grow wildly because it absorbed 2,999 chaotic fiends’ JingXie, so that it could connect people and gods forever."
"Two thousand nine hundred and ninety-nine? What about the last one? Is it the ancestor of the underworld? " Su Ying asked.
Fish young qing surprised to see his one eye surprised way "I didn’t think you also know the ancestor fiend? Yes, it is indeed the ancestor fiend. "
Paused fish Youqing leisurely way "ancestor fiend is the most powerful of the three thousand chaotic fiends, and his strength is comparable to the creation of the inferno in the future. He did not hesitate to burn his own god and personally built an axe to directly split the world tree, otherwise the demon world and the demon hell will always be suppressed in their respective boundaries."
"So that’s it." Su Ying knew clearly and was a little heavy. His heart suddenly moved and asked, "Can my sister’s axe that cut down the world tree be returned to the underworld?"
"Nature" Fish Youqing nodded slightly and said, "All the magical powers of the axe are derived from this, which is an artifact of heaven."
"Heaven artifact? What level of magic weapon is this? " Sue should be curious and asked.
"It’s not a magic weapon. If you don’t understand, you will naturally know." Fish Youqing shook his head slightly and obviously didn’t intend to answer this question.
Su Ying also didn’t intend to cross-examine him. He got up and Fish Youqing poured tea and laughed. "That sister wants to tell me the secret? This isn’t it? "
"Nature is not"
She shook her head again and paused. "I want to tell you that the secret is from the primitive mainland."
Sue should move in the heart can’t help but hand way "please elder sister told"
Fish Youqing gave him a long look and said, "I have one more condition. You have to promise me."
"Another condition?" Su Ying rolled her eyes, adjusted her sleeves, sat for a moment and smiled, "Sister, but I can do it naturally and I won’t refuse."
Fish Youqing well then said, "I’m afraid the whole primitive continent has this secret. If I don’t say it again, no one will know it."
"I’ve just said that we will crack down on 3,000 chaotic fiends. He will split the axe in his hand into two parts, and the handle of the axe will turn into a world tree while the head of the axe will turn into a continent."
Here Yu Youqing did not immediately continue to explain, but quietly looked at Su Ying.
See Sue should face first one leng then fundus shock than murmured "elder sister means the original mainland is the axe head"
Chapter nine hundred and nineteen World Texture
Shi Tingsu should look at the sea of clouds in the distance and listen to the fish’s words. He was stunned for a moment.
It seems that he didn’t understand until now that the Soviet Union insisted on keeping the primitive continent for himself in the Hall of the Soul and said that the primitive continent had a big secret.
"The primitive continent is the origin of the 3,000-year boundary. It took hundreds of millions of years from the beginning of chaos to the present to form the 3,000-year world. Look"

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