Lan Yunpeng gently jumped from the back of the Phoenix to Julianne to step on this beautiful land. Although the mainland of Sderot has a highly developed culture, there are no modern facilities here. It seems that he has crossed just visiting to distant medieval temples, castles and stone-built houses. I don’t know how many wind, frost, snow and rain he has experienced.
The whole city gives people a fresh and simple atmosphere, and the temple in the distance sings holiness from time to time to wash the soul, which is very comfortable.
Being one of the three beauties of Terran in Sderot, and at the same time being the youngest swordsman in history, Julianne, the military leader of the Holy Alliance, is the focus wherever he goes, but this is the exception.
Of course, people know this beautiful woman, and there is worship in her eyes, but they don’t pounce like other people, but bow down slightly and do their own thing
Thank goodness.
"Thank God!" Lan Yunpeng was relieved when Julianne asked Phoenix to land here and ask him to go shopping. Isn’t Julianne afraid of being watched? She has more fans than being a red star! Now I know that the folk customs of the holy city are really different from other places.
Julianne has been here before, and the residents of the holy city are the most devout believers. They are more abstinent than others in worldly things.
The scenery here is very this beautiful city. Although it can’t catch up with the prosperity of Glory City, there are also many market vendors.
"Let’s go there first." Although if she but turned her head and smiled, there were cast a hundred spells Julianne didn’t say anything, she obviously wanted Lan Yunpeng to go shopping with her. This requirement is understandable. No matter how amazing the strength of the beautiful head of this army is, no matter how respected her identity is, it is one of the greatest hobbies for other girls in Julianne to go shopping at this age, but she can’t.
"Let’s go! It’s better to have some different snacks. "This is a fantasy of eating goods.
Julianne’s face is full of smiles and looks at the purple fighting swordsman next to her. There are fewer crazy fans here. I don’t know how long it has been suppressed. Julianne can finally breathe fresh air freely.
Walking hand in hand in the street is also the holy city. If you change a city, you will definitely be watched for ten miles.
It is said to be shopping, but ordinary girls are different. Julianne has been shrouded in dazzling aura since she was 15 years old. What she has done is earth-shattering events, but the bargain for shopping belongs to the rookie level. Fortunately, the salary of the head of the beautiful army is very rich, which doesn’t mean anything to her status, strength and money. There is no shortage of shopping just to taste the shopping feeling.
Lan Yunpeng smiled and accompanied her. The only depression was that Julianne was wearing a ring. Why did she have to help her? Even if her ring is full of things, why can’t she even put it in her ring?
"I saw this thing first"
"So what? I’ve already paid my boss gold coins."
"How can you be so unreasonable?"
"Anyway, I’ve bought it. I don’t care if you want it!"
It’s not unusual for two women to hear a burst of noise. They both took a fancy to one thing at the same time and then rushed to buy this kind of thing. Lan Yunpeng, both in previous lives and now in the mainland of Sderot, has seen many small quarrels and is not interested. However, Julianne has never seen Lan Yunpeng squeezed in with great interest.
There were not many onlookers, but it was a surprise that there was a group of paladins. The armed forces directly under the church were small in scale, but the fighting capacity was amazing. Compared with the Griffin legion,
Paladins are made up of the most devout believers, serving the Lord God, the God of Creation, representing the glory of the church. Even the royal families and nobles of all countries do not sell their faces, but now the leader knight is full of anxiety and his forehead is full of beans and sweat.
Isn’t this a little nervous? It’s just two women arguing about shopping.
Wait, this sound is familiar!
Lan Yunpeng turned his head and then just opened his mouth wide. No way! The woman on the left is dressed in beautiful fashion. From the appearance, she is about thirty-seven years old. However, Lan Yunpeng knows that the royal elder sister is hiding violent energy in her body. There are several masters in the mainland of Sderot-Mary St ..
At this time, the wizard of the wind wore a necklace in the newly released fashion, and people were flushed.
Lan Yunpeng’s head is full of beans, sweat and bitter words. If the wind magicians from all over the world know that the gods in their idols generally have such a day, God knows how their dreams will be shattered. Look at the picture of the culprit necklace. It is really beautiful and exquisite. It is no wonder that they like it, but it is not a common ornament, which is not worth a few dollars to make such a big fire.
Both of them gradually quarreled with each other. Mary Xiumei frowned slightly, and a majestic spirit surged out like the tide. Lan Yunpeng was startled. The holy magic teacher had stayed at Bauhinia College a while ago, and it was a coincidence that he was quite congenial. The control of magical elements on the fighting skills of the two men gave him a lot of advice. Lan Yunpeng was impressed that Mary Shengmo was amiable. How could he buy things like ordinary people?
Puzzled, however, his own strength was unable to stop him. He was anxious and suddenly felt a terrible momentum, so powerful that it was frightening. It was not Julianne, but a completely strange momentum, like a spirit.
Boom It’s as if two huge waves collided together, and the clouds gathered around them and turned into a vortex. Fortunately, there was no loss on the ground, and the two of them compressed the affected area by coincidence.
It’s the beauty who said that the care teacher quarreled! A wise head makes a close mouth, which is the best interpretation here. Now Lan Yunpeng’s strength is actually wrong. Looking around, she is a woman with green hair. Pointy ears indicate that she is of Elf descent, but her eyes color shows that she is still an angel descendant. This is not surprising. It is normal for all ethnic groups in Sderot to get along harmoniously and intermarry.
From the outside, she is also in her thirties, but Lan Yunpeng knows that this is not true. She has released terrible pressure and can have such momentum. She may be a master of the holy order, but her strength may be exaggerated when she reaches that level, but life will indeed become very long and she can remain young for most of the time.
No wonder you dare to rob the holy care division. No wonder Mary will attack her. It turned out that Julianne, a master of the same level, was right. Although Phoenix has an age requirement for its master, experts from all over the world have also arrived for such an event.
Fortunately, it is the holy city. If something like this happens in another place, it will definitely make people faint. Two holy care teachers have bought a necklace worth two gold coins and are eager to fight.
However, even the paladin knights are very troublesome. The church alone is indeed detached, but it is not easy to provoke the conflict between Mary’s holy care teacher and Aya’s holy care teacher. Who dares to interfere with the leader knights? If they fight, the whole holy city will be unimaginable. The only way is to invite the Saint Temple or the Pope, but it will not hydrolyze the thirst!
What should I do?
It’s a small matter, but the two holy wizards are really angry. The situation in Julianne is similar. Mary and Aya are also celebrities who are attracting attention. It’s impossible to go shopping in other places. It’s hard to enjoy shopping here. Someone actually grabs something they like.
It’s tolerable!
The wind element rioted, and the thunder element went up into the sky, and the battle was very explosive.
"Calm down, two!" At this time, it is impossible for the Templar to stop the fight. The elements have formed a force field, and their strength is close to each other.
The bystanders left, and only the shopkeeper stared blankly. This necklace is worth two gold coins. Will it really hurt the spirit of the two holy care teachers? If misfortune really happens, the holy city will face a catastrophe, which will also be the most inexplicable battle between the top players in Sderot for thousands of years.
"It’s just a trivial matter for the two sisters, please don’t hurt the harmony." With the sweet sound, a charming and beautiful shadow walked into the dangerous area and ran away. All the magical elements brushed her body like a breeze, as if she didn’t feel it.
"It’s me." Julianne turned to Yingying and made a ceremony. "Sister Aya, you are getting more and more beautiful every time you say goodbye."
Well, Julianne will kiss up to you, but everyone likes to hear good things, especially women who are praised for their beautiful appearance. There is a smile on her face. "Hu said, who doesn’t know that you are the most beautiful woman in the mainland?"

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