Li Yu drank Lapras’s gas and killed the whole people. The momentum was like a mountain, and the violent hand was full of 100 punches. barbarian king actually shook the blood of both sides and cracked the sea of clouds. Even the emptiness was shocked by large ripples.
There was a loud noise, claiming to be brave and strong. barbarian king’s body shook wildly, and the ground appeared as dense as a spider web, and then it crashed into a huge pit with a hundred feet.
"Who dares to stop me!"
Li Yu’s roar loud, brave, world-renowned, wild, startled, and even stepped on the front of his fist as if he were a hero. The enemy directly crushed it. One punch was faster than the other, and one punch was fiercer than the other. It was more like the nine-day Milky Way scouring and sweeping.
Bang! Barbarian king roar hard after six boxing body exploding to the seventh boxing, after all, is unbearable. When the arms are cracked, the bones are broken out, and the whole person flies out and spurts blood.
"What is this physical body is stronger than me? !”
He doesn’t understand the horror. barbarian king’s body is famous for its strength of flesh and blood, but it was broken in a positive hard shake!
This is simply unimaginable, and he never noticed that his barbarian king blood was absorbed silently.
"God, the king is so strong that even the barbarian king is suppressed?"
"It’s horrible, too. You know, barbarian king fought a hundred punches, and the last seven punches couldn’t resist it. It’s also very powerful."
Many monks are stunned. It’s a physical competition. It’s incredible that the king was so brave and suppressed barbarian king.
This kind of physique is really extraordinary and strong, and it overlooks the kings.
Many people have also seen the strength of Man Wang, and his physical strength is really strong. He can shake a hundred punches with Man Wang, and the sea of clouds in the sky is broken into thousands of pieces. This is something that Yin and Yang saints can’t do.
"People king, my brothers, you fight!"
The two kings are unwilling to fight, but they have been broken before. It is necessary to prove that the two kings have joined hands with the enemy Zhongzhou and joined hands again.
Xia Yiming ahead was also stopped by Yan rewelding for a fierce battle.
"gladiator arm when the car! I want to take this thing, and whoever can stop it can stop it! "
Li Yu’s arrogance and muscles rammed up like thunder exploding. He pulled out the battle flag with one hand, like shaking a mountain ridge. The flag of Longhan smashed high and cut through the sky, and it swept over directly.
The two kings turned out to be crazy, and the shock was swept out by this blow. A crack appeared a hundred feet away, which made the two people look bad.
But Li Yu didn’t stop at all, and the banner in his hand was once again split, and the red gold god, the sunrise, the clouds and the sea, was almost connected together, and it was as thick as a mountain.
He stepped on the vision of ancient Kyushu to suppress all the flags raised, and crack day overwhelmed the crowd. He directly dragged a big waterfall of red gold into the sea of clouds and chopped it down.
"The sun and the moon re-enter the double god Tower!"
The two kings moved together to stabilize Daotu, and once again, they evolved together to merge Daotu into an ancient pagoda to suppress it, but the golden and black mixture turned into a enchanting purple mountain, which was frightening.
People can’t help but whisper that the reappearance of double god’s art turned out to be a sun and moon tower, and the purple light was shining brightly.
The tower of God is as lofty as the sky, towering over the sky, and the sun and the moon have turned into a statue of a purple god with two heads and four arms, one with golden eyes and one with dark eyes.
Boom! In the endless sea of clouds, the red gold waterfall falls into the stupa, violently colliding with each other, and hundreds of thousands of horrible streamers burst out, and the gods are in an earth-shattering stalemate.
But the strange thing is that these gods can fluctuate, and they are all tucked into the ground without a spark of leakage.
"Give me a break!"
The roar of World War I was overwhelming, and Li Yu’s black hair and messy eyes were frightening. The banner of Longhan was pulled out one after another, and it was more brave than the ancient Kyushu.
Every step he takes will shake the world, and there is a terrible and mysterious rhythm that makes many people’s hearts jump out and break.
Bang! Bang! Bang!
One strike, two strikes, three strikes, just like the bang of a drum by a man of God, directly burst the virtual surrounding wind, and the tower of the sun and the moon was crumbling.
Seeing a statue of a platinum king walking out of Kyushu and driving six feathers in a cloud killed the purple gods, raising his hand is a record of the Terran co-owner, and the printing method will break down and burst.
Double king vomiting blood flying two people converging attack was directly torn by a single force, smashed and smashed, and lost again!
"The myth of the two kings joining forces with the enemy has been broken!"
"The king of men has broken his head!"
"Two in one never meets a king!"
People have witnessed the rise of a new myth, which is really shocking. It will be the scariest of all kings to climb the fame of the two kings and join hands with the enemy!
To the unity of the two kings, there is indeed an enemy’s prestige, and even the eastern wilderness Jiang Taixu will be divided and attacked
But now, the ancient Chinese defeated barbarian king first, and then the two kings swept the enemy!
Two in one, never meet the king!
This is a pity and a sigh. It will become a new generation milestone for the kings of Zhongzhou to alert the latecomers.
But at this time, there are still people who dare to move forward and dare to fight!
"I’ll fight you forever!"
Wang Chongxiao drinks that the black wall behind him blooms, and countless magic weapons vibrate, and then the clang is heard and automatically pulled out.
Purple war spear, latosolic red sword, golden seal, and black Zhan Ji magic weapon, such as Lin Exclusive, made everyone tremble with fear.
So many magic weapons are pulled out from the wall of hades together, which makes the virtual jitter turn into a dazzling light of Wang Yang, which makes the stars and the moon dim.
"come on! Today I have defeated all kings! Heaven respects the king! "
Li Yu’s fighting spirit rushed to the sky and shook it like a statue of the god of light. Kim Joo-sung’s holy spirit shone brightly, and the white blood rushed to the sky and raised the flag. He swept forward to cover up the heavens and the earth and blocked the magic.
His head is hanging from the ancient monument and his foot is on the Kyushu king’s body. He fought in all directions to draw the sky!
Boom! Li Yu’s fighting power is terrible. He has undergone the transformation of gluttonous mouth and king’s blood, and has been strengthened many times. The body is brave and brave to the extreme, and the magic weapon has broken the weapon in the wall of God with his bare hands.
Cut it!
There was a broken sound, and the king of silver and white people pushed across a pair of cold eyes, and with a questionable majesty, he suddenly hit the winner.
Measuring the sky and pointing to the sky, printing the shadow of Gu Hua’s ruler, which is heavier than the mountain in Li Yu’s handshake, was directly whipped. Every time it fell, Wang Chongxiao split backwards. He opened his mouth to say something, but there was no chance.
In the end, Li Yu’s muscles rammed up like a thunderbolt, and his arm strength was so great that it was shocking. He swung the sky and bent the black iron Zhan Ge as if it were going to break.
"Too evil!"
Wang Chong-xiao is like a god’s wall shaking behind the fallen leaves in a strong wind, as if it were about to collapse.
The blow against him quickly flew out, and his face was surprised that the other side’s fighting power was too strong to his expectation.
"Hades also lost!"
The arrival of the monks is suffocating. Is it necessary to create a myth to see the king sweep across the square and defeat the enemy in a row?
Enemy kings zhongzhou invincible king!
In the confrontation ahead, the two imperial heirs looked back and were greatly shocked, and they struck Li Yu with their hands together.
"Neither can you!"
Li Yu mobilized Long Mai to be surrounded by the dragon spirit. He waved the banner and condensed the dragon flag. Like a spear, he cut the sky and cleared the dark clouds. The poor sky was like a waterfall, and thousands of roads were white and hung down.
Before the war, the heirs of the three dynasties struck a fierce blow, and even the marrow of the dream god was shocked. After hiding from the idol, they dared not approach it.
Li Yu’s posture became five lines in five avenues, and the treasure wheel flew out of the Taoist palace and swept directly to the divine light of the Emperor Yan and rewelding in China, wiping out all the wonders.
He is approaching Xia Yiming’s emperor Daolong gas confrontation, and Yang Buqing’s ancient Hualong gas confrontation is just a big Xia Long gas confrontation. This is an alternative contest between the two dynasties!
The two men never let the dragon spirit smash the sky and the sky, which made all the saints stand on end. It’s not like a four-pole secret exchange, which made the peers look at the dust and feel bitter in their hearts.
After the final showdown, Li Yu Yuan deified the soldiers and fought Xia Yiming. He was caught off guard and his mind suddenly fell into the wind and was punched out.
At this time, no one can stop him from flying straight out, and the dragon is tens of millions of direct kings, and nine seals have suppressed the gods, and the geomantic terrain is trapped and locked in the marrow of the gods.
"When this thing enters my hand, people can stop it!"
The dragon took off with the little dragon and fell into the hands of Li Yu.
He stood in Kyushu like Ren Huang, and looked forward to seeing him for nine days.

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