Not to mention being able to blast an alchemist at will like Zhu Guang.
He didn’t study the array much, but it has always been a strong array.
Like the most underworld array to the highest day underworld array, Jiuqu Huangsha array, Zhou Tianxing fighting array and Jiugong hexagrams array.
These arrays are complementary and have a thread to follow.
The foundation of the Dungeon Array was slowly realized until Zhou Tianxing’s final Star River Map was refined into a scroll map.
The basic array is from simple to complex and then summarized into nine-fold green que-based nine-palace hexagram array
This array is also the essence of Xuan Nv Empress’s part of daoist magic for nine days.
At this time, he combined Zhou Tianxing’s fighting array with Jiugong’s divination array with two magic weapons.
Is his array way the strongest means.
For one thing, two magic weapons are magic weapons, which is a big drag.
Secondly, whether he is the best at it or not is the array method becoming the top of the array.
For three years, although there is no such rich family resources as Lingqing, it is the old devil who defeats the devil.
Previously, due to a temporary defeat in the immortal array, I have made up my mind to break the array of Lingqing to the death.
Put life and death aside, then there is nothing to be afraid of
His mind has been constantly contemplating the changes in the array.
Lv Dongbin and others are driving the four palaces in one world, and Tie Guai Li and others are in harmony.
My eyes flashed and I shouted, "It’s now!"
Say suddenly provoked claws magic dragon powerful force broke out a gap in the safflower world.
Then he suddenly pushed the five demons, such as the essence demon, out of the magic dragon body with hundreds of claws and fell into the gap.
Then he moved the claw magic dragon body magic gas.
At that time, several kinds of magic gas stirred magic dragon with claws like a pot.
Layers of pus are stacked on top of each other, and the pus is fried and emits scarlet pus, which is also dark and magical.
Blink of an eye becomes a pus tumor, and the large tumor is still expanding.
The combination of divinatory symbols and palaces completely forms a complete world.
Heaven and earth work together to crush it
But at the same time, the tumor caused by magic dragon’s defeat of the demon also exploded
The collision of two powerful forces cracked the whole array like glass.
Poor magic gas fills this crack and destroys it wantonly.
Good fairy body is proficient in hexagrams array at this time their own hands to stabilize the large array.
However, the defeat of the devil is not in vain.
Regardless of his legacy, the palace was not completely unified and its power was greatly reduced.
At the moment when Guagong closed, because Lingqing was unfamiliar when he was in operation, Zhonggong became independent.
Defeating the magic means eyeing this opportunity to send the five demons, such as the fine magic, to the palace.
It’s not the first day that the six-day demon king has known each other, and it’s not the first day to fatten up his own demon king with such bad people as them.
It’s impossible to say a miss.
It is said that they miss most of the time, but if they succeed once, they will get enough money to miss a hundred times.
So they keep growing.
At the same time, death experience is also very rich.
Seeing the defeated magic and giving their lives to send them out, the five demons, such as the fine magic, have no accident or hesitation.
Looking at the front door, there is only one humble altar in the middle palace.
Without hesitation, he jumped.
The first is the spirit demon and the fierce demon. If you talk about fighting alone, these two demons are the most important.
The spirit demon is immortal, and the body rib gives birth to two arms and four magic weapons in four hands.
Jump to the heights and kill Lingqing.
The fierce demon is not to be outdone. Although he is not as strong as the spirit demon, his momentum is not weak at all.
A strong magic gas enveloped him, and his body was covered with scarlet eyes.
As if a black fog with two red candles lit came to Lingqing.
After all, both of them should be able to capture and kill the large array and break it at once.
It is natural that Lingqing dares to sit in the palace, not only because he is the main array person.
Don’t talk about the powerful defense of Jiuchong Qingque, and don’t talk about the empty movement of the stars on Sunday.
He is not afraid of all attacks just by hanging the Qing que’s immortal sword
Seeing that the two demons were killed, they calmly directed the egg-born Sunday removal method to separate the fine demons, the evil demons and the wounded demons.
Then raise my hand and send a thunder to shake Qing que’s immortal sword.
In an instant, the road seems to be empty and unreal, and the sword shines like the morning fog, the sun shines and the rainbow shines.
But this rainbow light is deadly

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