These qualities do not seem to be the first choice for sailors.
Even knights and wizards sometimes become helpless when facing the huge waves in the depths of the ocean.
Your strength, your magic seems to be worthless to the vast sea.
Even if you are strong, it is difficult to protect the people around you if you don’t reach the level of elite god.
Maybe you can survive in the whirlpool of the ocean yourself, but not everyone has such a strong power to survive from the ocean of anger.
Especially in recent days, many navigators have said that they have seen huge and indescribable things not far from the coastline.
They have the power to suppress and subvert the sea area.
When this kind of talk becomes more and more, many sailors bow down to Etcurie’s sculpture with more and more frequency and piety.
No one can prove whether the gods have heard their prayers and whether they are really watching here.
According to the probability calculated by some non-professional statisticians by collecting inaccurate data, it can be shown that
It seems that those who bow down and pray to Etcurie every time they go out to sea are less likely to encounter nameless giants and rough waves than those who are dishonest.
Therefore, it has become an established rule for sailors to come to pray for peace before going to sea every time.
Although people now look dense, they are actually much less than those who came early.
Explorers, sea animal hunters, researchers and so on will come to pray instead of offshore fishing.
Now almost all the boat workers are not strong enough and courageous enough to go to the distant waves.
The captain of the seagull, Gebulun, is such a group of people. He is a fishing boat less than 20 meters long. Because of disrepair, every time the waves beat, the boat creaks everywhere.
This has also left the Columbia Seagull in a state of lack of manpower all the year round.
It’s hard to get a few sailors to go out to sea at one time, and more than half of them are gone. One of them is still indifferent to life and death, and he has brute strength and brains, which makes him a fool.
But Goblen himself thinks that no one knows the old chap better than himself. He checks the seagull from the inside out every week.
He knew that his old buddy was just stretching and crunching, because he felt the waves hammering.
How could it be that his old buddy broke up at once, as those cowards said? They were not surprised.
Goblen, it seems that the seagull can still serve for at least ten years!
But those cowards didn’t listen to these words and left without looking back.
Pay yourself, but it’s 30% higher than the market price!
Not everyone has the honor to help Seagull.
Now even the captain has five people to help him.
Goblin looked back at his four good helpers, and all three of them were more pious than praying except for the silly smiles.
He nodded with satisfaction. This is the professional attitude that the crew of Seagull should have!
No matter the sea or the coast, the guys are more diligent and cautious than others, which is his sailor’s lack of accomplishment.
Every time the boat encounters a big wave, he doesn’t say that the boys are working harder than anyone else to help him check the boat everywhere. The idiot also smiles and observes for himself where there are fish passing by.
What a great crew!
In addition to constantly asking for a raise, it is simply a critical confidant!
"Be religious, boys!" said Koblenko. I have a hunch that there will be a big harvest today. I hope that the goddess will bless us and let us catch an elephant whale. I will give each of you a dividend and believe me. "
His first mate opened his eyes and glared at the captain. "Captain, be serious! Our ship is not as big as a whale! It is better to talk about giving us a salary increase when we say dividends! "
"ha ~"
Ge Bulun smiled and said, "Everyone is very motivated. They are more serious than my captain. I really didn’t mistake your goddess for blessing us so devoutly!"
Bypass the topic of salary increase
Goblin also looked up and prayed to the goddess in a low voice. "Etcurie, look at these pious boys. They deserve your blessing! Please let us gain something. Please let us face the calm sea. Please let us … Well … "

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