They haven’t seen this opportunity to be alone for four or five days, and the situation is out of control.
The general is not a good man and a woman. Seeing the little beauty, he has no pity on his arms and directly punishes people in the bath bucket.
"Will I have children?"
Anle asked
Zhao Cuo walked to the bedroom with white tender hands.
He turned to look at the little witch’s still flushed face, and no one could see how she had been treated. It was indeed possible to be pregnant.
"It depends on you. I can’t help it, but I can cheer you up later."
Little grandpa smiled and touched her little head.
After two people quietly walked into the hall.
The smell of dinner has come.
"Sister Lan"
Zhao thief walked through the screen and saw the Queen Mother Zhao.
She was sitting at the table and gave him a Gherardini look, and looked at Chen Hou from time to time.
Two adults’ eyes collide and the moment of handover seems to make the gas dull. General Zhao can’t calm me down.
"Cough! It’s the first time you’ve met. Let me introduce you. "
Zhao wrong forced calmly walked to the two of them.
He pretended that Chu had never happened.
We can’t let them argue at this time.
"We are the Empress Dowager of the Great Danger Dynasty. How old are you? You are the eldest sister."
General Zhao first talked about the devil wears Prada, and he was very disciplined when he spoke. After listening to it, he was also picky.
The little witch is only a few years old. How old is she? This is a compliment to her beautiful appearance.
Staring at someone’s belly as soon as you come in, someone hasn’t responded yet
"And this one."
Zhao thief smiled and gestured to Xiao Chen.
"this is my confidante Huainan country. Once Tianjiao lived in this palace and built it, it was a great talent country."
"But you’re tired of going out and running around. Let’s have a meal."
According to the queen mother said slowly
Zhao wrong at that time also not sure what her attitude is.
He walked to the side of the bad woman and sat comfortably, followed by his other side.
"Last night, after World War I, you didn’t often go to the front line. Just stare at the soldiers and occupy Huainan’s border before winter."
The Queen Mother Dayu gave him a big chicken leg, and the tone was still mild, which made the little grandfather feel relieved.
At this time, Anle also followed suit and put pig hands in his bowl.
Zhao thief is as calm as a cucumber
"Don’t worry, it’s not a problem to take Huainan before winter."
"The general fought well and dared not look down on the palace, did he?"
After the magic, his voice suddenly became cold. He looked at Zhao wrong, and his eyes became cold, making people feel that the soul wanted her to watch and freeze.
Zhao was wrong, but she didn’t hide from her eyes, but she couldn’t take her eyes off.
He doesn’t believe that bad women really blame themselves.
"The palace can’t stop you?"
According to the queen mother’s frozen noodles, the corners of her mouth are reminded again.
Her face was as cold as frost and snow in the hot sun.
Blink of an eye, she’s smiling and changing her face. Little grandpa can’t react to see her again.
"You do your best, but the palace can’t give you a reward before the triumph, so I will give you a reward by stealth."
The empress dowager empress walked behind the thief Zhao and gently held the young man’s head in his arms and pressed his head.
General Zhao feels that the whole person is in a warm and fragrant nephrite.
The gentleness of a bad woman is always the most touching.
"What award are you going to give me?"
He had expectations in his heart.

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