Fan Xian’s face changed and he immediately chanted, "It’s hard to fly across the Tianhe River with the breeze since ancient times ~", and a breeze swept away outside.
However, the stone mountain is faster than him, and suddenly a black stone mountain has enveloped Fan Xianqiang’s great pressure. Fan Xianshen was instantly beaten out of the breeze, rolling down the rocks and falling down in the mountains facing Fan Xianchao.
Fan Xian looked back at the huge stone hanging over the sky and cried in horror, "No ~"
With a loud bang, the mountains shook and a khaki mountain was located. In the mountains, four imaginary beasts danced around the peaks.
It was suddenly quiet. No one in the temple or the onlookers who followed it thought that Mr. Thirteen in Haoran Academy was really suppressed. How dare you look at the holy land? !
"Ang ~" Yi Long intones the shadow of Qinglong and flies into the mountain peak. The yellow mountain peak grows at a speed visible to the naked eye, and the vegetation turns into emerald mountain peak. A statue of occupied Qinglong emerges from the mountain peak.
"Roar ~" A tiger roared and a white tiger flew into the mountain peak. A golden light flashed across the mountain peak. The whole mountain peak became indestructible and a majestic white tiger statue appeared.
"Roar ~" A deep turtle roared basaltic shadow flew into a waterfall in the mountain peak, and the mountain peak generated a rumbling ~ majestic water flow, and a calm and heavy basaltic statue appeared on the mountain peak.
"Boo ~" A phoenix crow Suzaku’s virtual shadow flew into the peak, and the magma flowed at the peak of the mountain, and a statue of Suzaku with shaking wings appeared on the peak.
When everyone was shocked by this instant change, a figure suddenly shot a palm at Ning acetylene and launched a streamer to blast and shoot a series of streamers, like a light blade passing through a ghost door and blasting at Fan Xian, leaving a small gap in the streamer, which shows the power and terror.
Ning acetylene hand suddenly appeared a big black umbrella handle big black umbrella wow a dozen cover the top of the head.
Streamer shooting big black umbrella splashing around is as gorgeous and dangerous as a light rain from heaven and earth.
The big black umbrella in Ning acetylene’s hand spun several times, and a ghostly black column splashed out around. From the big black umbrella, it blasted and attacked the main body of the new hall.
The new master’s face was flushed and his body was blooming with milky light, and he was pushed by something congenial column and flew away.
"Give me a break!" Ruling that the secretary roared and rushed to the front of the dark something congenial column, and the new hall master had to escape the impact of something congenial column and get together with the rest of the people.
Chapter three hundred and seventy-seven slay the temple extraordinary
Ning acetylene turned to look at them with cold eyes and said, "You want to kill me!"
Before Ning acetylene, they had been fighting with themselves to stop themselves. When Fan Xian tried to escape, some war powers did not move. It seems that their goal has always been to kill themselves, as they did not guess.
The four people in the temple looked at the big black umbrella in Ningacetylene’s hand, and the pupils shrank, and a twitch in their hearts was really Pluto! !
"Kill ~" the old master drank it with a folded hand.
At the same time, the four talents made moves to kill Li Chaoning acetylene.
Ning acetylene instantly rises to the sky, and the ghost gate booms with a loud noise, or the white or dull light distorts and covers the whole ghost gate, and the ghost gate instantly collapses and disappears.
For a moment, a dark chain fell from the sky like Tianzhu, and the seat of the dark adjudication division was like a painted black dragon, pushing him to rush toward the surface and boom into the ground for many meters.
The dark Tianzhu chain suddenly shrinks, and the ghost of Nyyne generally pulls out a long phantom from the sky. When it comes to the three people, the chain suddenly swings like a painted black dragon wagging its tail.
A crystal barrier rises when the old master pushes his hand, and a golden flower dances around the archbishop of the new master’s staff.
Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang
Ning acetylene reached out to the old master and said, "Yellow Road!"
A vast ancient road suddenly appeared in the ancient road at the main foot of the old church. The yellow sand rolled and the evil wind roared around, and it was gray. The ancient road meandered forward without end.
The old master stepped on the yellow road and looked around cautiously. In the evil wind, the dark ghosts flew away towards the old master.
"Dark things roll for me ~" The old master roars all over the place, and the white fire is blooming all over the sky, sweeping out all around. The external power is poor, and the white sacred flame is particularly powerful in the yellow road. Just after the white fire is ignited, it is swept away by the evil wind, and the thick flames float from the evil wind and soon dissipate the ancient yellow road.
A ghost has come to the front of the old master. The old master’s face changes, and a palm hits a huge white handprint, and he crashes out and rushes towards the ghost, but it breaks through the black ghost. The huge white handprint rushes into the evil wind and yellow sand without any ripples.
The ghost instantly penetrated the body of the old master, who felt that his blood was stagnant and his mind was wandering as if he had forgotten something.
The master of the old hall suddenly returned to absolute being and shouted, and continued to display his skill.
The outside world pointed at the archbishop and said, "Ghost Gate!"
The archbishop twisted a huge dark stone door, and the ghost door crashed and hit thousands of chains, which rushed out like a torrent of chains and flew towards the archbishop. The chains were all over the sky.
The archbishop’s face changed dramatically, and he quickly hid the golden flowers next to him, generating like thousands of golden lights and rushing out of the sky. Bang bang ~ Chains and golden flowers hit together, and the golden lights were blown up one day.
Going ~ the chain trembled and covered with a layer of black smoke and darkness, but the illusory golden flower instantly passed through the false chain without any resistance.
The archbishop’s face changed so much that he hurriedly fled to the distance.
The new master rushed to Ningyne and shouted "Field-Holy Mountain!"
A white sky blooms into a semicircle, and the area covered with white light suddenly disappears, so do Ningyne and the new master.
A new hall full of light, a towering white mountain overlooking the face, the sacred mountain with a misty white light will set it off as sacred.
The new master of the holy mountain overlooks the resounding sound of Ningyne. "I measure the name of God and declare you guilty!"
A pillar of light from the holy mountain rose into the sky, and the sky turned into a huge stone cross. Chains flew from the stone cross to the ning acetylene lock.
Ning acetylene said lightly "field? Flashy thing! Avatar life and death robbery! "
Eyes suddenly turned black, pupils stared at the new hall master of the holy mountain, and two black eyes instantly illuminated the new hall master.
"Ah ~" The new master screamed and died. The whole person quickly grew old, with white hair, wrinkled skin, dim eyes and trembling body. He fell to his knees at the top of the holy mountain and fell to his death.
Ning acetylene’s eyes recovered to the original state, and the new master’s death field was distorted and dissipated. Ning acetylene also returned to the outside world again, and the old body of the new master fell toward the surface.
"Come to death!" As soon as Ning acetylene appeared in his ear, there was a roar, and a black shadow flew from a distance, and cold light pierced the void.
Ning acetylene rushed to Tang Qiang with a wave of his hand ~ The gouhun chain hit the blade and the gouhun chain rolled back and ruled that the company seat also drifted back and forth again and again.
Ning acetylene figure flashed in front of the ruling company seat, and the palm of his hand was haunted by gray-black something congenial.
Ruling that the boss punched out a roar ~ a lion roar and a black lion fist emerged.
Knock, palm and fist intersect, ruling that the division seat flies backwards again, and Ning acetylene follows like a shadow and shoots with the heady chain.
Ruling our seat hurriedly cut out the Tang with a sword ~ a ripple swept out and slammed into our seat’s chest, ruling our seat with a stuffy hum and a steady fall.
As soon as the ruling company seat was stable, ghosts appeared in front of him. A palm print came out and a bang came out. The ruling company seat’s chest palm strength penetrated through the body. The eyes of the ruling company seat suddenly widened and bloodshot, and they flew out instantly, clicking and forming a layer of gray-black Xuan Bing.
"~" Ruled that the company’s seat roared and Xuan Bing slammed and smashed. Poof ~ A snowflake bloomed on the chest, and the black heady chain was ferocious and the iron hook pierced the chest.
Ruling that the seat of the company was suddenly dull and trembling.
Ning acetylene hands shake the heady chain and recover the ferocious hook. A dark soul cries out and struggles violently, but no one can escape the heady chain lock.

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