The big green worm listened carefully to Chivalrous Man A’s experience.
"The first thing is that if you don’t like things, you will feel sad, just like a seat. The natural illusion of things outside your heart is not like walking on the ground." The knight-errant expressed his face.
"Yi Da Qinglong, every time you get the baby, you are very happy. It seems that you have not achieved’ no happiness’?" Bug Daqing is seriously out of order
"Well, you don’t know that … when I got the baby, it was already released from my heart, but you laity have been thinking about those babies." Chivalrous man A is serious.
"Oh, is that so?" Big caterpillar unknowingly folded way
"Brother Long, as expected, I am destined to be a Buddha. The Zen machine is very deep and thought-provoking." After listening to this, the Ghost King Bodhisattva nodded his head in praise.
"Psst …" Fang Ning, who was secretly reading a novel, suddenly heard this sentence and hurriedly taught a pen "Don’t give me any more gossip to fool people into making a mess."
Uncle Tong is full of tunnels. "What’s wrong? How can I sell the secret at a high price if I don’t say so? The housekeeper is still auctioning over there, and I have to show unusual teaching quality. "
Fang Ning was right.
And some guy who are eavesdropping in that distance suddenly realize after hearing this sentence.
So that’s it. No wonder Xia Jia is so greedy but never bothered by greed. He has reached this high level of "picking up and releasing" …
They immediately cheered up and wanted to hear more. Unfortunately, the keys were full of divine sounds.
At this time, they have forgotten a simple truth that everything has pits …
It wasn’t long before the first auction, the hammer ghost family represented 300 super-high quality evil spirits and changed to this quota.
This is expected because Fang Ning told Zheng Guanjia to pay attention to the priority acquisition of those high-qualified evil spirits
At that time, Mr. Zheng thought that the venerable man wanted economic means to stimulate those extraordinary people to catch evil spirits and prevent them from sitting in the dark and doing great harm to the world
Many times, there may be an evil ghost hidden in a community, and it will not go out, but it will harass such a small area and make people sleepless and panic.
Therefore, when the ghost clan representatives offered to exchange 300 highly qualified evil spirits, Zheng Daodang agreed to come.
Zheng Dao will come and report when the transaction is completed here.
"Ok, let them come and listen together." The knight-errant armor light way
"Er, will it interfere with your honour?" Zheng worry way
"It’s just a matter of one mind and two minds."
At this time, a fat, dense and daunting monster has floated up.
Fang Ning didn’t look at this guy. When these ghosts got together, he was quite startled. What a cow’s head and horse’s face can appear all kinds of strange looks
I didn’t show up in broad daylight before I lost money, otherwise how many people could live with peace of mind?
Knight A glanced at the fat ghost lightly and said, "Sit down and listen together."
The fat ghost sits honestly and listens.
Chivalrous man A talked for an hour to finish the three tricks.
The big caterpillar bobbed its head in a fog, and the bodhisattva was scared. I was really worried that Dan medicine had hit Shui Piao.
It’s borrowed, but it’s to be returned.
After listening, the ghost king bodhisattva cut, "Daqing, how do you feel now?"
"It feels good," said Bug Daqing. "Don’t worry, Bug Dad, I’m sure I can rush away my strength and the peak of the lake level. I can also do it. I’ll die once when I come."
The Ghost King Bodhisattva became more and more worried. He thought about it and gnashed his teeth. "Alas, it seems that you can’t be vulgar and ashamed. There are many heresies."
Fang Ning listened to the interesting students’ novels and observed them carefully.
Then I saw the ghost king and Bodhisattva chanting incantations, and I saw a series of showers, and the big green worms appeared.
"Hey, bug dad, why did you suddenly water me?" Worm daqing wonder way
"Ha ha, this is pure heart and dust removal. Bodhisattva nectar can temporarily make the living beings pure and want nothing. Do you still want to eat now?" The ghost king bodhisattva smiles to say
"Oh, I don’t seem to want to eat much. How can this be?"
Insect Daqing suddenly panicked and flew around, and flew to the square sea.
"Alas, it seems that self-defeating really can’t encourage the seedlings." The Bodhisattva shook her head and sighed, and then said to Daqing, "Don’t panic, it will return to normal in a month or two."
Worm Daqing smell speech was stuck when a blue-and-white whale appeared on the sea, which seemed to come for air.
It will eat whales with its head down and its mouth wide open
"Hey, you little bug, how can you open your mouth so big and scary?" Blue and white whales hurriedly dodge their mouths and spit.
"Well, whales can talk." Worm Daqing took back her huge mouth and was embarrassed. "Then I won’t eat whales later."
"It seems that you are still a good bug. Look at you. You just seemed very flustered. What happened?" Blue and white whales asked curiously.
"Oh, my appetite was greatly reduced by a bad guy’s spell. I just wanted to see if I could eat a lot of rice at once …" The big green worm was depressed.
"Hehe, it’s easy to eat more. I’ll give you something to be sure of your stomach." The blue-and-white whale said while a ventral fin threw a black thing over.
"What is this?" The big green worm hurriedly put away the silver Yuhuan leg.
"This is a special seasoning I found from the bottom of the sea. Whenever I can’t eat those shrimps, I can eat many tons of small fish and shrimps with a little appetite in the sea water," the blue and white whale kindly explained.
"Thank you, whale," Big Green Worm thanked him.
"Well, just eat more and grow faster, and then stop eating whales," said the big blue and white whale, and then swam slowly into the sea.
The ghost king and bodhisattva floated up to the big green worm and said, "Well, don’t eat whales again. I said it won’t be long before you get well. If you go up the ladder for a long time, the effect will drop."
"Hum, go." The big green worm is very dissatisfied with the insect father and bodhisattva, and dares to affect its appetite. The old father dare not use this spell to deal with it …

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