It was sunny just now. Why is it cloudy and thundering in Wan Li now?
And the most important thing is that dark clouds suddenly appeared in the sky and enveloped Li Fu.
At this moment, a golden thunder suddenly struck Li Fu’s courtyard.
An ancient tree in the shining courtyard was knocked down.
After the thunder of Li valve veins was shot down, there was a burst of enlightenment in my heart.
"We will be away from Da Sui for three days. After three days, all Li Fa’s veins will remain in Da Sui, which will be severely punished by thunder and lightning."
Tang gaozu looked at the flashing light in the courtyard and said in silence.
After he spoke, Li Fa’s face didn’t change. They obviously received the same information as Li Yuan.
Li Shimin looked self-effacing. "It’s incredible, father. Let’s go. We have no room to negotiate with him with such ability."
What happened in the eyes really made Li Shimin feel that the scholar was unable to tell the truth when he met a soldier.
Li Shimin is an excellent political animal. He thinks that many things are exchange of interests and can be negotiated.
Therefore, after receiving the imperial edict from heaven, Li Shimin’s first thought in his heart was that if he could say that God would let him take back this decision.
But when the thunder came just now, all these thoughts in his heart were chopped clean.
It’s natural to say what you want with such ostentation and extravagance, and how can you negotiate with them?
Tang gaozu also has some boring taste.
He once yearned for the Sui emperor, but the thunder just now made him think too much.
Accompanied by the message from the thunder, Li valve middleman received it like Shifeixuan and saw the thunder.
Now hear tang gaozu and Li Shimin ShiFeiXuan some puzzling.
Aren’t these Li valve people very reluctant to leave the Central Plains just now? Why did you decide to leave the Central Plains now and Li Yuan also said that Li Fa had three days?
Shifeixuan wondered in his heart
She looked at Li valve and they looked at the day outside.
Suddenly thunder and lightning really happened with that guy!
Shi Feixuan realized in his heart
It may be very good that Ci Hang Jing Zhai has such an ending.
The thought of what I always said before made me feel guilty.
The former representative of heaven, the representative of heaven and life, can’t jump out to deny her, but now she seems to see the will of heaven.
Li Fu’s dark clouds have not dispersed. Li Fa people packed up in the shortest time and then went to the grassland.
When they left Li Fu, the dark clouds followed them.
Shifeixuan is an imperial edict. After staying and watching for a few days, she realized that the dark clouds were magical, and she realized that the sky was unfathomable.
Shifeixuan should leave after coming to imperial edict.
However, the thunder in Li Fu’s courtyard still has a residual potential, which makes Shifeixuan feel something else in her heart. She specially left it for understanding.
Shi Feixuan once thought that the Great Heaven Emperor of the Central Committee had a strong qualification different from Wan’s Xianwudao, and his mind was put on Yangshen Avenue.
It’s Shi Feixuan. After all, it’s hard to get started even if you face Yang Shen Avenue directly.
Realizing the thunder in Li’s courtyard made Shi Feixuan feel that he would enter Yangshen Avenue.
She had a hunch that if she could seize the light in her heart, she would be able to get into Yangshen Avenue.
Li Fa Tianwei was forced to go to Turkey.
After the downfall of Wagang, the Ten-Route Anti-Wang also showed signs of decline, and some anti-Wang even had the idea of being embraced.
The Sui Emperor was unfathomable, and Sui Jun was strong enough to fight hard, not only to get the sky, but also to die.
If you take the initiative to surrender, you may still be able to save your life.
Before Ci Hang Jing Zhai, nuns often shouted the slogan of choosing the emperor for the next generation, but the Sui Emperor did not kill them all.
The pressure of rebellion is getting bigger and bigger, and before the day is real, some anti-kings can’t resist the pressure and express their thoughts of defection.
Xiao Huanghou discussed with Tian after receiving some ideas against Wang’s defection.
"What should we do with these surrendered rebels?"

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